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Travel Photography
Regional photography and fun roadtrips.

Personal Photography
Friends & Family in various settings.

RSA Conference (April 2001)
John travels to San Francisco for a security conference and takes some photos of the scenery. (
The Story)
Short Chicago Trip (June '01)
John visits Chicago for a board meeting.

A Rocky Mountain "Hi" (2001)
Bored, and slowly going insane in Virginia, Raman spends a week in Colorado starting with Labor Day weekend.

An American in Paris (2001)
Raman flies off to Paris on a whim...

A Tree Grows in China (2001)
Ray sees Red and visits China.

Moving to the Quad Cities '99
John takes a job with John Deere and moves the clan to Moline, Illinois. They find a house in Iowa and get settled in their new life on the Mississippi.
Michigan '98 (Aug 1998)
John and Jarrett drive across America yet again with Ellie to see little Mitch and help set up Grandpa's new computer.

Camping in Pecos, NM (1997)
John, Jarrett and our dog Sweetie enjoy camping in the mountains of New Mexico.
San Francisco (Jan 1997)
John & Jarrett head out to MacWorld expo and see the sights in San Francisco.
Denver Weekend (Labor Day 1996)
John & Raman travel to Denver to visit Erin and climb a 14-er and sample Taste of Denver.

Hiking Taos (Aug 1996)
John, Raman and Jarrett hike the ski basin at Taos.

Big California Weekend (Aug 96)
John visits Catalina Island. John, Jarrett & Ray hit the Southern California theme parks.

Pajarito Mountain (July 1996)
John & Raman climb the Los Alamos Ski basin one Sunday afternoon.

Los Alamos Festival (June 96)
Photos of the 1996 Los Alamos Festival.

New Mexico III (April 96)
Photos of Santa Fe the area & friends.

Earth 2 Con (April 96)
Raman takes John to the Earth 2 convention. Earth 2 was a TV series filmed in New Mexico and prematurely cancelled by NBC. At the convention, John and Raman snap photos and hang with the celebs.

San Francisco (Jan 1996)
John does the MacWorld convention in San Francisco. Pictures of the city and convention.

Michigan Christmas (1995)
John flies back to Michigan where he and Raman head to the parent's house in Petoskey for Christmas. We meet up with Ray and take in some skiing in Harbor Springs.

Santa Fe, NM (Oct 1995)
John & Raman tour Santa Fe and take lots of pictures. Also try the
The Taos Loop (Oct 1995)
A trip from John's apartment in Los Alamos up to Taos for the day. We visit the pueblo and see lots of great scenery. Also try the
Hiking New Mexico (Oct 1995)
A hiking trip in Bandelier, Sandia and up Mount Baldy. Also try the
NM Ghost Towns & Graveyards (1995)
Ghost towns and graveyards around Northern New Mexico. We start in Chimayo and head to Galisteo and around the Turquoise Trail. Also try the
1995 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
John and Raman take a trip down to Albuquerque for the 1995 Balloon Fiesta. Also try the
The LA Trip (Feb 1995)
John goes to Los Angeles via Tucson to meet up with Garrett. Then they escape LA and head to Las Vegas.Also read the
APS Meeting & Photo Safari (April 1994)
The gang does DC! John flies out for an APS meeting and meets up with Raman and Spike and they photograph the town. Pictures of the monuments, the Mall, the museums, Georgetown,Arlington & more! See also the
travelogue and story.
San Francisco (Nov 1993)
John and his roommate Scott fly to San Francisco for the IEEE meeting. Read the
The Trip to Houghton (Jan 1993)
John and Raman drive up to Houghton for the 1993 MTU Winter Carnival. Read the
The Mexico Roadtrip (Summer 1992)
John & his friends Shannon, Cary and Tim head South of the Border for a dip in the Sea of Cortez. Read the
Tim & John's Adventure (Nov 1991)
Tim flies back for Thanksgiving in Michigan with John. Along the way they catch a swordfight and see some of Chicago. Read the
Pictures of Northern Michigan
Shots of Petoskey and home, overlooking Crooked Lake.

Pictures of Chicago
Taken on
Tim and John's Adventure.

Holidays in Michigan (2001)
John returns to Michigan with the dogs for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and 90" of snow. (
Friends & Family (2000/2001)
A couple years worth of photos of friends and family.

St. Louis Family Fun (2001)
John, Cheryl, Tom and the kids get together for a vacation weekend, with visits to the Arch and Six Flags.

Outing on Cheat Mtn (2001)
Raman and the staff of Explore Learning take a roadtrip to West Virginia for a team building exercise. Don't drink the moonshine!

Webby Awards (2001)
Raman flies to California... Explore Learning is up for a Webby again.

Friends & Family (1999)
John returns home for Mom's big birthday bash. Jarrett flips pizzas. Ellie lays around. Mitchell starts driving, and he's not even 2 years old!

DNP in the House (1998)
Pete & Judy & Debbie visit Santa Fe.

Friends & Family (1998)
Friends & Family visit. Seasons change. Ellie the dog. Jarrett plays baseball. Jarrett gets braces. Jarrett starts High School. John sods the lawn.

Friends & Family (1997)
Photos of Santa Fe the area & friends. John dresses up. Jarrett jumps things.

Christmas 1997 (1997)
John and Jarrett drive across America for a homestyle Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
1997 PPSA Member Kids (1997)
Photos are sent as babies are born and grow up.The Linington's, Leigh's, Jennifer Markowitz and Mitchell Corey. Older photos below.
Moving Santa Fe Style (1997)
John & Cheryl move lock, stock and pets to new houses in March. John makes a big change from being a single Los Alamos geek to a single dad in Santa Fe with his own business.
Christmas Home (Dec 1996)
John & Raman sneeze their way back to Northern Michgan for an introspective Christmas with the folks.
The Aspen Trip (Dec 1996)
John & Jarrett drive North on snow covered roads to enjoy a vacation weekend in Aspen.
Parents Visit (Fall 1996)
John's parents come to enjoy New Mexico and the 1996 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
The Boy J (Fall 1996)
Pictures of Jarrett being himself, shooting pumpkins and being cool.
Y.A.F.L. (Santa Fe Falcons/1996)
Jarrett's football team, the Falcons.

New Mexico IV (Late 1996)
Some scenery and pix of family & friends.

Big Brothers Llama Hike (1996)
Pictures of the Santa Fe Big Brothers Big Sisters Llama hike in the mountains.

Santa Fe Big Brothers (1996)
Pictures of the Santa Fe Big Brothers Big Sisters from Summer 1996. A trip to the ballpark and a fishing trip.

New Mexico II (Late 1995)
Pictures of Los Alamos and the area are mixed with shots of John's co-workers and a visit to the NM State Fair.

Washington, DC (Fall 1994)
John flies out the Washington, DC for a big political meeting and some training. He meets up with Paul Rutt and Paul Dorsey and his friends Devin & Eric.Read the
The Corey Wedding (Sep 1994)
John's baby sister, Kathy, gets married to Chad. Here's the wedding album. Read the
New Years Eve Disco Party (Dec 1993)
Raman throws his annual New Year's Eve party and this year the theme is Disco. Read the
DNP Meeting New Mexico (Oct 1992)
Raman flies out to New Mexico for a visit and the fall DNP meeting in Santa Fe. They meet up with Paul and Pete and hit the strip club before seeing the local sites, ruins, balloon fiesta and hot springs. Then John's brakes go out. Read the
APS Meeting in DC (April 1992)
John meets up with Raman and friends in DC for the Spring APS meeting. They ride the metro, eat chinese and visit museums. Read the
New Mexico I
Miscellaneous pictures of John's life in New Mexico.Friends, skiing and an ariel shot of Los Alamos.

PPSA Members
Ray, Paul, Pete, Steve, Shigeru, Raman ....

Shots of Friends and Family #1
Kathy, the gang at the Peanut Barrel on a Friday, a party at my old 42nd Street apartment in Los Alamos with my grad school friends, John visits the San Diego Zoo.

More Shots of Friends
My apartment in Austin, with Allen and the Worm in Tijauana, Ann Arbor, MSU, etc....

Future PPSA Members
The spawn of PPSA members. What cute kids! Someday they will rule the world....Newer photos above.

Growing Up John
Pictures of me as a kid.

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