The Aspen Trip - 12/96
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John & Jarrett head North to Aspen for Jarrett's 13th birthday. They enjoy snowboarding and skiing and endure bitter cold and a trecherous trip home.

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Jarrett misses school and John takes a rare day off so they can drive North to Aspen early Friday morning.

They travel North out of Espanola and follow 285 into Colorado.

New Mexico is lacking snow this December, but there is no shortage of snow in the Colorado mountains. John drives North on 17. Since Independence Pass is closed, they are forced through a winding pass past Beaver Creek and Vail.

Even though Vail would have been closer, in retrospect. John and Jarrett had reservations at the Inn at Aspen and they were looking forward to Boarderfest. John figured he could take a shortcut back and save them some time anyhow.

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