The Move is On '99
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John & Jarrett & Ellie the Dog move from Santa Fe to the Quad Cities.
here for John's article on the move.

Pick up and move back to the Midwest from beautiful Santa Fe? No Way!
Yes... Way... Two weeks after I first discussed the prospect of interviewing with John Deere in Moline, Illinois, I was packing up the Jeep and driving 20 hours cross-country with Jarrett and Ellie.

John and Jarrett pack up and lock up the house and hit the road. Kansas is hot and the trip takes about 20 hours.

Ellie claims the bed by the door.

"No. It isn't Mother Theresa... it's Ellie!"

John sets up his computer and runs his business out of the Holiday Inn hotel room. At least there's A/C!

We step outside of our hotel into the dripping humidity to let Ellie do what she has to do. We do this about three times a day...

John and Jarrett fly back to Santa Fe to oversee the move. Meanwhile Ellie stays at the Vet. John returns to Iowa, while Jarrett stays in Santa Fe and camps.

Just where are the Quad Cities?

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