Home for Christmas - 12/96
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John & Raman trek to the cold nether-regions of Northern Michigan for a restful Christmas with the family.

Needless to say, things are never as simple as they first seem. Everything costs too much, which is typical for Christmas, and the New Mexico flu catches everyone off guard.

Come with us on a surreal trip North into a Winter Wonderland.

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John convinces Raman to accompany him on a trip to his parent's house for the holidays. Providing him with a free plane ticket is a good enough incentive. John is tired from work and needs this kind of nice vacation from LANL.

The cheapest tickets lead them to Chicago, where John rents a mid-sized car for the week. The wipers don't work so well, and it is Christmas Eve. No place is open to serve the boys dinner as John speeds North.

They take 94 over to 131 and face slick roads and wet snow. By Cadillac, John is convinced he has a little cold.

There is an erie peace in the air. No other cars are on the roads and with a running start, they arrive at the parent's house around midnight.

Christmas morning John sleeps in. He has the flu. Even the barking of Kathy's collies is muted by the fluid in his ears and the high pitched whining of his sinuses. Everyone else is healthy, and after a fist full of Tavist-D he greets the family for breakfast.

Outside, the trees are covered with a thick wet snow. (I won't attempt the expected analogy to the phlem in John's throat at this point.) It is a pretty gray Christmas, but if you have to have the flu it sure is great to have Mom around to make you chicken soup.

John sleeps while Raman helps Mom with her computer.

Later on, while in a zombie-like state from all the cold medicine, John and Raman venture outside to snap a few pictures.

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