J's Big California 1996 - 1/4

John flies out to California, where he meets up with Ray Swartz and his little brother (at the time) Jarrett. August 1996. Click on an arrow above to see more photos of the trip.

John decides he needs some time off from work and arranges to meet Ray in California. It is August 10th and here is Chris, Laura and Ray on a boat to Catalina Island. The day started off overcast, but by the time we arrived at the island the sun had come out and the weather was warm.

Is this is? Yep. Lover's Cove is where we decide to spend a few hours snorkeling. Of course Ray makes John carry a big-ass wetsuit. After trying the wetsuit and almost passing out from lack of circulation, John decides the water is quite warm enough to just swim in a bathing suit.

It really is a nice day. No concerns about work. Just relax and enjoy the sun. Meanwhile, the Western U.S. is having a big power outage... but when you are embraced by the ocean watching a school of fish swim by, who cares?

Time to stop relaxing and start getting serious about fun! John meets up with his Little Bro, Jarrett, on Sunday and along with Ray they spend the day at Universal Studios.

Jarrett can really get on John's nerves at times! Lucky for everyone that Universal has a method of dealing with 12-year olds.

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