San Francisco - 1/97
Alcatraz Revisited
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John gets paid to fly out to San Francisco for the MacWorld Expo in January '97 and takes Jarrett along. It takes two days to see the expo and the rest of the time they enjoy San Francisco.

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The Stanford Court Hotel

Jarrett is happy to be out of school for a couple days in early January as he and John fly out to San Francisco. John is being paid by work to attend the MacWorld Expo and they get put up in the Stanford Court hotel for the first two nights. The expo is at the Moscone Center, which you see on the map below if you want to blow it up.

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The hotel is pretty cool, but not what was expected. It is nice for businessmen going to conferences, and it is a landmark, but it doesn't offer the sort of ammenities Jarrett and I expected. There was no pool, and room service was expensive. The first night I walked a couple blocks down to Chinatown for take-out and the second night we picked up pizza down at Fisherman's warf.



Jarrett checks out the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was early enough the first night to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and see some of the countryside. When you cross the bridge there is a drive that leads up the mountain to the left that gives a nice overlook of the city. Of course, since they were lucky enough to get an upgrade to a convertible Mustang, they had to see more of the seashore.

The road behind the overlook leads to a nature preserve on the ocean and if you wind up the right road it takes you past a military base and some old abandoned barracks.

Here you can see Jarrett behind the wheel showing off.


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