Mike Turns 39 - Aug '01
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Mike Ege turns 39. This seems like an event worth celebrating, so we all head out from work to the Stockade in Davenport to buy him drinks. Once he starts drinking, he doesn't notice someone taking incriminating photos! Don't tell his wife now!

The gang from work decides to take Hutch's suggestion and head to the Stockade.
We hear they have free brats during happy hour - and Mike needs to be home by 9:00, so we only have a couple hours to embarass him.

John (taking the picture), Hutch, Jon, Mike, Chris and Kathy sit around the table as the first round of drinks arrives.

Mike has a couple and decides to try his luck at pool.
He and Kathy challenge Lisa and Ann - and Mike wins!

Ann and Lisa are convinced by Kathy to join in the birthday festivities,
even though they were trying to avoid the funny drunk people.

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