Moving Santa Fe Style
or, My First Visit to the Chiropractor
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John & Cheryl move lock, stock and pets to new houses in March. John makes a big change from being a single Los Alamos geek to a single dad in Santa Fe with his own business.

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The dreaded moving van!

Let's face it: Moving isn't fun. I swore after the last move, which was small by comparison, that I would never do it myself again. Moving is a real pain in the ass! But... I had decided to make some big changes in my life and this was a part of it.

At the same time, Cheryl was looking to move to a bigger place and I hoped a less muddy yard - from her place on Franklin Street in Santa Fe.

Cheryl was set to move first. Jarrett and I were still looking for the right house to rent. So we helped her pack up and tried to find a moving van on short notice. That is not a simple task at the end of the month (any month) in Santa Fe!


Jarrett and Mom clean out his old room on Franklin Street.

Cleaning the old Kitchen on Franklin Street.

Cheryl had to work (she is a Firefighter) and that meant that the kids and I (Jarrett will claim he did all the moving, but my back will tell you otherwise!) started the moving process on a Friday and with Cheryl's help finished on Sunday.

If you thought moving as a single guy was easy, think again! Furniture, a 35" TV, computers, books, clothes... it took a slow process of two weeks to fully move me out of my apartment in Santa Fe. Of course my place was on the second floor! But with Jarrett and Cheryl's help everything was out and cleaned on time. And the first thing I did in March after moving was to buy more crap to fill up my new house!


John snaps a Polaroid as he and Jarrett pack up his Los Alamos Apartment.

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