DNP in the House '98

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John is visited by PPSA Members from out East as Pete & Judy and Debbie visit Santa Fe for the DNP meeting in October 1998.

I had news that Debbie Brodbar (aka Hello Kitty from MSU) was coming out to Santa Fe for the Division of Nuclear Physics Conference at the Sweeny Center. That and an open bar got me out of bed and driving over to see who else might be in town for the weekend. It was Halloween weekend and I picked up Jarrett first so he could boast about what a good Dad I was. After all, Jarrett and the new Jeep are about all I have to brag about these days.

Debbie was there, talking to Dan Cebra and so I joined in. The bar was wattering down its drinks, so conversation it would have to be. Then Pete popped by. We saw Gary Westfall and Chris Morris and Conrad Gelbke and a bunch of others from my days at LAMPF and NSCL.

There isn't much else to be said. Pete & Judy were in town with their beautiful daughter Jennifer, so along with Debbie and I, we all went out to local eatery Maria's (best Carne Adovada in the Southwest!)

Dinner was slow in coming, so I pulled out my photo album to show everyone how beautiful New Mexico was. Then, as the meal still hadn't shown up, the contest for best story of what someone had been doing since they'd seen each other a few years earlier began. I won with his story of picking up corpses on the dark nightime roads of New Mexico. Needless to say, Judy the Vet enjoyed the details of this story. And then the meal came.
Everyone was busy with the DNP meeting, and Pete & Judy left town early when the weather turned bad. Ironically, that was the last time we really had any snow to speak of in Santa Fe for the winter. But even if we could only meet over dinner it was good to see friends again.

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