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Its+all+messes+up Wendy Hochnadel
It was one of my favorite shows last year. I am a student at Washington State University and I live in a dorm. On Sunday nights about 10 of us would get togethere and watch Earth2 and Seaquest. Earth2 was really cool. If I can do anything to help bring the show back I will. Also, maybe if we can't get the show back we can have them make a movie or miniseries that will end the show on a better note. What the heck?!! Why Devan just left in that pod. they have just got to go and save her. Good luck! Remember there are a bunch of us here at WSU supporting those of ypu trying to get Earth2 back on the air. Bill
I enjoyed the show. Have you ever considered putting your efforts to digging up a syndicator? Look at Star Trek.
don't+have+one+yet+but+i+will kevin romer
It was the best show on television (next to X-files). Please do all you can to save it. Leon Frederick
I thought it was very good and was disappointed to find out it had been discontinued (without notice). I used to watch it all the time and very rarely watched Seaquest! I wish NBC would have dropped SeaQuest and kept Earth 2. Jo
I think E2 is absolutely GREAT - ranks up there with the X-Files! I am astonished to hear it has been cancelled - in New Zealand it has really only been going a few months. Good luck for getting it back on air ... I'll miss it if it disappears! Jo. Mike Haddad
E2 was one of the best futuristic shows to come on teleivision. I wouldn't miss it every week. It has to to aired again. You can leave me hanging like this. Gail Dausener-Smith
I loved the show-felt it was highly original and fascinating. Devastated to see it cancelled, but not suprised-I am familiar with NBC's tricks! So glad to find this page...keep up the good work! Gail Dausener-Smith
I loved the show-felt it was highly original and fascinating. Devastated to see it cancelled, but not suprised-I am familiar with NBC's tricks! So glad to find this page...keep up the good work! Daniel Marksel
I felt that the cancellation of this series was a great pity. Here we saw a well-written Character Driven series let down by the cost of location filming, one of the points that made the series authentic. Rest assured that the PTB's (Powers That Be) will receive some mail from down under. craig lunn
totally axcellent please bring it back Kevin Romer
Just another message to let you know I now have an address. Bring back Earth2
GET A LIFE Eric Rybarczyk
My wife and I watched it as religiously as Star Trek shows. We never missed an episode. Liked the great character development which is lacking in most SciFi TV. Kevin Looper
I fell Earth2 was a great series. It offered fresh new ideas on the theme of space travel and resettlement. I believe NBC didn't give the show adequate time to find its audience. Denise Stenberg
I LOVED it! We had a whole crew who would get together just to watch E2 before getting ready for the work week ahead. It is sadly missed by all of us. We haven't been this upset about a cancelled show since S.T.Next Generations was pulled. Susan Thomas
Just found this page. I really liked E2. Typical network decision -- pull the plug if you don't see and immediate, huge audience. Some programs take awhile to develop a good following. The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation wasn't as good as this show. Good luck in your efforts. heather gerrard
best science fiction show ever - I want it back!! Mark Chase
I'm 24 and live in AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. I think that 'Earth 2' is a great show - at the moment we have only had 3/4 of the first season screened here - but I look forward to it every week. Hearing that it had been cancelled really annoyed me. Quite a few of my favourite shows have been cancelled after only one season (Battlestar Galactica being one of the main ones). I don't think that Earth 2 was given enough time to develop - and therefore I am firmly in favour of saving the show. I have recently heard that ABC may be interested in reviving the show - is there any truth to this? Nikki
It had a fantasy realm,credibility,a sensitivity that is very hard to find nowadays in a futuristic adventure production. I miss it! I still hope it has a chance of coming back.
Kevin. From Newfounland Canada.
Loved the show. For once you could watch tv with some depth to it. Ren Vaillancourt
Earth2 is a great show that the whole family was looking forward to watch every week. We are all still upset that such a good television program has been cancelled. We liked the unique approach, the adventure and the spirit of this program. We want *more*!! :)
none Kara Larson
I thought that E2 was a nifty show. Why did the network have to go and cancel it, especially after the cliff-hanger finale? What happened to Adair? Watching E2 was one of the highlights of my week. It isn't too often that there is a half-way decent sci-fi show on the air. Will NBC ever consider bringing it back? Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show. But must I always wonder if the group ever reached New Pacifica? Carrick
Great potential stacked against incredible odds for success. Wish it could return, so much to see, feel, learn, and do. Most impactive episode leaving Dr. Heller. Still gives shivers. tj
i think it was a great show. they seem to cancel everything i enjoy watching eg earth 2 Dave Smith
Fantastic concept with lots of development potential. The reality is that we'll need to get off this planet soon - population growing too fast. I guess people don't like to be reminded of this. Big mistake to cancel this show. Tom Rooze
I'm a big fan and was extremely disappointed when NBC punted the show. It's frustrating when a well written show with excellent characters isn't supported by network execs. Let me know if I can do anything to get the show back. M.L. Ross
This was a really cool show! I'm a Sci-fi junkie and I want to know why they took E2 off the air. All I can say, is good luck in bringing it back. LL
I love the show and I hope they put it back on the air. Everybody keep on sending those letters. Brian Gold
I have heard tell of an earth 2 movie. What's going on? Patricia Lawmaster
This was my first time browsing through the "net" and I came upon this. Just wanted you to know that I think Earth 2 was a superb show and indeed hope that the powers-to-be give it life again! Dudley Knappe
From the first episode, I knew E2 was going to be different and it was going to be an exemplary show. The characters, the plot, and how it was more than just the single show mindset, rivited my attention whenever I could watch. The concept.... It was the first TV show that I could let my kids watch without having to worry about raging hormones being splashed across the screen, without the need to get ratings by garish displays of senseless violence. I was/am addicted to the show. It is the only TV show that I feel a sense of loss for 6 months after its' cancellation. I hope it comes back.....
Emily Walman
E2 is a great scifi show and since there are so few good scifi shows I don't understand why it was taken off the air. Everyone I knew watched the show and loved it. The first thing we would do on Monday was dicuss what had happened on E2. It was a great show and it should still be on the air. kimba
I thought it was a really enlightened show and looked forward to watching it every Sun.Much better than that crap on FOX (SPACE). Sherry L. Friedrichs
It was my most enjoyable night of the week! Can't say I wasn't disappointed, when they killed the Terrian...I knew that the end was near. If you know any of the people from E2, tell them the woman from the basement is ready to help. If they remember their promise, they'll know what to do. Tell them that they'll have to describe where we met... and then I'll help. Who needs NBC anyway??? Tell the keeper of the E2 statistics to e-mail me and we'll discuss marketing strategies. Are they will to put it back in production??? I'm new to the net and happy to find this, a George Lucas Detour, how nice. I haven't read the info yet, but will at a later time. (After I pick up my daughter from school!) Enjoy Robert D. Elliott
Note: E2 is still being shown in Europe; I'd say I'm about ten episodes from the end of the series. So far, I think that overall it lacks direction but individually the episodes are great. Several times I caught myself thinking "wow, this is going to be really cool in the second series when they start really bringing the Council and stuff into it." Then I remember... :-( I'll still watch, and hope, and mail whomever I need to in order to get a second series. Patricia Lawmaster
One of my coworker's daughter loved the program. We're curious...can Earth 2 fans purchase any type of memorabilia (i.e., posters, cups, hats etc.,) Please let us know...thanks Lyndia and John Dew
We miss E2. The basic story and all of the character and plot developments were excellent. We would not say the same of 95% of the programming on network television. Ed Polanco
I am a student at Penn State. Last year my roommate and I watched Earth 2 every Sunday night. It was one of my favorite shows. I don't understand why NBC cancelled it and kept SeaQuest. Maybe it will become syndicated like ST:The Next Generation. I would love to see Earth2 make a comeback. Randy Whiting
I loved it and I think it is a crying shame that NBC cancelled it; could they not live with the good ratings??? Cookie Pieczonka Cookie Pieczonka
My huasband and I loved the show and miss it terribly. We both work alot so the time we spent cuddling in bed watching Earth 2 was very special time for us. We were both really upset when it was canceled and would LOVE to see it back on the air. You would think the least they could have done before yanking it off the air was to bring it to some sort of resolution instead of just leaving the loyal fans hanging!!! blair
Last year, Earth2 was the best show on t.v. along with Friends. Every Sunday, my family and I would sit down in front of the t.v. just to watch it. Now, the only thing on at that time slot on Sunday is Space:Above and Beyond. That show doesn't even compare to E2. I would do anything to get E2 back on t.v. Even if that isn't possible, there should at least be an ending to the show. The final episode left all the viewers (and there were many in my town) in suspense. I've just got to know what happens!!!! PLEASE put Earth2 back on the air!!!!!!!! Chris Reisner
I *LOVED* this show. I couldn't believe it when I found out it had been canceled -- especially when crap like SeaQuest DSV is still on the air. I'm very glad to find out that you're trying to get it resurrected and I'll do what I can to help. Thanks, Chris
I+don't+have+one+yet.+I'm+on+the+library+computer. Alison Richards
Earth 2 and seaQuest are my two favorite shows. When they were out in the time slot last year, the people at NBC should have known they would get re-umpted for the sports games. If they got a good time slot (like after seaQuest on Wendsday now) they would get better ratings. Natasha Delahunt
I was heartbroken when I found out it was cancelled!! Natasha Delahunt
I was heartbroken when I found out it was cancelled!!
Earth+2+was+the+greatest+thing+to+happen+to+sci+fi+since+star+trek+you+can't+imagin+how+much+y+family+misses+it+and+want+it+back! susan white
The absolute best!
Alex Adsett
I think it is a fabulous show and living in australia we don't get a lot of sci fi. I have an incredibly large group of people adicted to it and we'd love it back on Jeannie Cuan
At first E2 didn't interest me at all. I figured it was just another Sci-Fi show, but once I started watching... low and behold! I fell in love with it. I became one of my favorite shows. Now it's gone. What is there to look forward to in life now?? Gary "Ghostman" Burnaska
The show needs some work. First get rid of the sick boy. Kill the whining little brat. He pisses me off more that Wesley on ST:TNG. Keep the black haired Italian guy.he has promise. Have them get to new Pacifica just to get attacked by the Chigs from space above and beyond. where overprotective Devon and whining brat will be slaughtered along with those soil people with the spears who galantly die while fighting them off.. brent hansen
I loved watching Earth 2. I have every episode on tape, and when I heard that it was cancelled I became very upset. I thought this show was one of the best shows on T.V. Please bring back the show. Thanks.