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Here are the most recent comments comments Peter Heywood
My wife and I plus several of our friends really liked this show and are really put off the network dropped this good show. Our age group runs from the kids at 5-11 and adults between 32 to 38. Hows that for a demographic. Lets tell the morons in TV land that good TV is hard enough to find let alone replace. Wake up Mr. programmer, we'll turn you off. UPN and Fox are available in Canada. Peter Heywood
Earth2 is one of the best science fiction dramas that has been put out on network tv in a long time, and i am pissed off at nbc for cancelling it just when it was getting good!!!!!!!!!!! Pramod Korathota
Hi To all Earth 2 fans, I'm actually from Sydney, Australia, and would like to announce that I love Earth 2. I have read the FAQ and will write to all the places... As you know, Earth 2 is doing very ewll here, so never fear! For you have support from Down-under ;)!!! Jason Eric Huebel
E2 is one of the best Sci-Fi TV shows. What do you compare it to? Babylon 5? No! Babylon 5 isn't serious Sci-Fi. Star Trek: TNG/DS9/Voyager? E2 was still in it's infancy. That would be an unfair comparison. But it had tons of potential. If only they'd give it another chance. Ligea Rice
I really enjoyed Earth2 (for the short amount of time it was on). I was very disappionted when I found out that it was cancelled. The network was STUPID to let go of such a great show!! Sam Barrett
It is the greatest show(well apart from th X-files).In australia we havn't reached the second series yet have you.Your not bullcraping about Earth2 being shut down are you Robin West
I don't think much of E2 but I think a whole lot about Antonio Sabato Jr. Bryan Phillips
I made sure to never miss an episode. I would set my VCR to tape it every Sunday and watch it when I got home from work. I thought that it was a fantastic Sci-Fi show. Lawrie Keillor-Faulkner
I and my husband really liked the show. We were sorry when it was cancelled, as it was intelligent mind-opening SF. I've been lurking on the digest. I watched the Emmys last nite to see the skyad but didn't catch it. What did it say? Thanks, Lawrie stephen macneil
the best sci-fi show in years. slow and deliberate to only the people of can not enjoy a show story that continues from week to week. David Molloy. Propretor, the Ocean Pacifica Cafe
Earth 2 is the best tv show ever! I saw the emmys last night but didn't see the flyby. Will it be on the news? does anyone have any tapes they can let me borrow? George Greene
I watched E2 every night it was on and was very sad at hearing it was canceled I hoped that the fans could get the show back on but alas I talked to me friends that do the shows props and they tell that all is gone the sets are gone all the actors are sign off their contracts for the show and they throgh out a lot of the sets and props that my friends company Proper Effects didn't do. I really would have liked this show to have gone on but the studio and NBC killed it. If anyone wants to e-mail me about the info I just talked about please do. George Greene Keith Jakubowski
I loved it. I've read the books and was very disappointed when they cancelled it. I wrote a letter to NBC a week after the last episode but I never heard anything back from them.
bcc012041@sunny Scott Mathews
Earth 2 was one of my favorite shows. I have alot of them on tape. The show was better than star trek any day. I hope you succeed in getting the show back on
Carzan@PEAK.ORG Carrick
While the writing suffered from occasional bouts of inconsistency, the fresh appeal of a well-developed world appealed to me. The series also resonates with a depth and potential that is rarely seen in the sea of gruel spooned out as generally acceptable entertainment. Joe Hutter
Earth two is the only show I have ever gone out of my way to be home to view. It truly is a loss I feel deeply. I've never been so excited about a show so much I think it's true down fall was it's time frame. proper day, wrong time. Joe Joe Hutter
Earth two is the only show I have ever gone out of my way to be home to view. It truly is a loss I feel deeply. I've never been so excited about a show so much I think it's true down fall was it's time frame. proper day, wrong time. Joe stacey copeland
Initially I thought E2 was rather, uhmm, weak. However, at the end of last season it began to get interesting. I do wonder though how they would have reconcilled the problem with the Terrians and what they would have done with the lady who didn't have the tracking thing in her head. I would like to have seen some sort of conclusionn. Just when E2 was getting real interesting they kicked it to the curb. What a shame. Robert v Luthardt jr
The _best_ drama I've ever seen on television. Now I have to settle for Babylon 5.
Judith Wong
I think it's a great show which is getting better and I think it sucks that the show's been cancelled. Everyone watches it in Australia and we want it back! True, some of the plots have flaws in them but they are still really good. Rich Davies
Outstanding show.. scored higher in the ratings game than many shows that are continuing... WHY? Kevin
I thought other than the inconsistent broadcasts,(they seemed to be chronilogically broadcast out of order) that the show was extremely entertaining. I spent many a sunday just waiting for the show to be shown. I can only hope that at a minimum syndication picks it up for summer showing.
I would just like to let everyone know that I am a very large science fiction fan and I think that Earth 2 was a very good show. The only reason that it was cancelled, in my opinion, was the fact that science fiction is hard to sell on prime time. Please keep Earth 2. Jim Collins
I just found out it was cancelled and am very pissed off. It was a great show and deserved a longer run than it had. Was it a cast problem?? Viewers?? Money??? Anyway, it will be back with everyones support. Jeff Mercer
The show had moments of brillance and disappointment. However, I do believe it has the potential to be one of the best Sci-Fi shows on television, if better writers are added to its support staff. Kathrine K. Klonoski
It was the best show on TV!!! Amber
Earth2 is a wonderful show, and did not deserve the treatment meted out to it by NBC. I looked forward to it every week, and found it difficult to accept the regular pre-emptions in favor of lesser programming. This complex tale, with its flawed and vulnerable characters, is played out against the backdrop of a planet, alternately familiar and uniquely strange. There are no Universal Translators and the natives of G889 are truly strange and unpredictable, as one should expect. That makes them believable. I think the idea of the Terrian Dream Plane is a stunningly brilliant one. It is absolutely amazing to me that the immense potential inherent in the show has not been recognized by the network. Another Trek-like phenom is at stake here! Amy Mihelich
I think E2 is one of the higher quality sci-fi dramas that I have seen on television and I was upset when it was cancelled. I feel it needs another chance, especially considering the advances made in the second half of the season. I would love to see it picked up again. derrick harr
I think that they should put the show back on the air. It was something that I would look forward to watching on sunday nights along with seaquest now thier is nothing to look to watch.

alessandro camarra
E2 was (and still is) the best sci-fi show i ever saw on TV. I am 18 and was a big fan along with the rest of my family. I was hoping there was a SLIM chance Earth2 wasn't cancelled, so seeing your WebSite greatly saddened me. Please do whatever you can to bring this brilliant show back on the air...
Lisa Kohles
I am so dedicated to E2, I have started my own Save E2 group called "The Terrian Alliance". E2 is great fun, I've killed to many trees to count just writing letters. This is my brother's computer, so I don't have an E-mail address. Thanks for all the fun, gang, and now, I go to get drunk at the Grendler Bar
Wolf MacLeod
I'm a member of the Terrian Alliance (Going through our founder's brother's computer) and I just want everyone to know(cast and crew of E2 especially) that the fans ARE out here, and we don't want to be cast into a pit of fiery sitcom torture!!!!!!! ------DreamWalker, Terrian Alliance Jay Richey
I think it is a GREAT show. Very compelling and thought-provocating. The characters are getting the chance to colonize America again, but hopefully doing it right this time. I LOVE IT. Don't let NBC cancel it!!! Russell Brian Weiser Denzil Hellesen
Great show, my wife and I felt it best show on NBC. It was a shame they cancelled E2 instead of Seaquest which is going for it's third make over. Russell Hansen
I can't believe this Friday is the last episode here in Australia. I love E2 and so do most of the people I know. I hope they revive it. Robert Layman

I loved the show is that why it was cancelled? Andrew Atwood
Earth2 was a great series when the show first began, but I think it began to suffer from the same problems that seaQuest did in its 2nd season. Namely the writers of the show ran out of ideas and began to use cliched sci-fi material. Once again I point to seaQuest. I say bring back the show like it was at the begining of the season.
Don't+have+an+e-mail+address Lisa Kohles
I am the biggest fan of good tv that ever lived (right, I know, everybody says that) and I was very very very VERYVERYVERYVERYVERY disappointed that those block heads at NBC would be stupid enough to cancel E2. I watched the show faithfully since the beginning, and am very glad that I was fortunate enough to have some episodes on tape. I've written to just about anybody who will listen (and some who won't), about E2. There's hope yet. MAY THE JOURNEY CONTINUE . . . Mark Andrews
Earth 2 is a great science fiction TV show, I hope some other network will pick it up! Jim Belken
I'll trade you three Sea Quests for one E2. Well, I guess its back to watching Fox.
My family and I are great fans of EARTH 2. We were not awhere that the show had been canceled. The big question is "WHY?" I suppose that we won't get a believeable answer to that question, but I had to ask anyway.If there is any way that my family and I can help to get the show back on the air please let me know. Thanks for reading Dan
76275, Alan D. Ayers
Great Show. I was very disappointed when it was cancelled. A different view point from that of other space shows. Thanks Alan luis araujo
E2 I found to be thought provoking. I don't even like talking about E2 because it reminds me of its cancellation. What a dissapointment. It's terribly dissapointing. In a time where programming quality is at a low they pull back earth 2. Wait as I shed a tear! Kristina Handy
It's one of my favorite television shows-I hardly watch t.v., but I always watched Earth2 (that is if football didn't cancel it). I know several people who would watch it if if was reinstated at a better time during the week. Thomas Gilmor
Thanks for the acknowledgement. I'm the Canadain who wrote the letter to Starweek. Tom
I was extreamly disappointed in NBC choice in canceling Earth 2 I have always been a true die hard fan of 'Good' Science fiction. Movies yeriel arauz
I loved the show. I used to watch it every sunday at 7:00. I think this show was different and that's why liked it. Christian Morissette
Earth2 is one of best sci-fi show ever made (along with Babylon 5). It's a new kind of sci-fi show (to me at least), and I was quite disappointed (if not angry) when I learned that the show was cancelled. We, the fan, must do everything in our power to revive this great show. P.S.: Forgive me for my english, I'm french-canadian. Shan-Ree Tan
It will be back. There are just too many fans out there to let us be stranded at the beginning of the Journey... The Australian TEN network has even said that 'All About Eve' will be the final of only THIS YEAR'S season of E2. TEN has a hit going with E2 and obviously wants a new season! May the journey continue...

keep earth II kenneth shaffer
i think E2 was a gerat show that should be kept on the air. Since nbc took it off the air there have been a lot of questions left unanswered. I would be disappointed if it is not on the next season's line-up.
Randy Heit
I really enjoyed this show. I thought the characters had some real depth, and it was nice seeing a series that remembers what happens from episode to episode. It's sad to see that it's been cancelled.
Fred Brown
Im my top 5. (Voyager, Babylon 5, TNG, DS9 and Earth 2) Have just seen the finale here in Australia and am very disappointed the show has been cancelled ! Ross Hansford
One of the best/science fiction programs on Australian TV up there with star trek TNG Anthony Zimmerman
Earth 2 was a great show! Wonderful acting coupled with an excellent story line combined to make this a weekly event for me. It explored many human issues, had interesting episode plots and brought back the spirit of adventure. Taking it off the air was a terrible mistake. Steve Lizasoain
Earth 2 was one of the best shows on TV. The only problem was that we never knew if it was going to show on a particular week. NBC kept putting specials on top of Earth 2 and Sea Quest. If NBC does not want to show programs I like, I have a lot of other things that I can do with my time. Steve Bernardo E. Rodriguez
I have great interest in Earth 2 and was disapointed when I learned it was cancelled. The idea was unique and the story was great. The cast and the special effects were also really good. I don't understand why it got cancelled in the first place. The only part I disliked about the show was that it took them a very long time to get anywhere. What I would like to see more of is special effects and perhaps more alien civilzation. Even better have a new alien race from the opposition side of space trying to colonize Earth 2 for themselves. So now we have a interesting story in which the planet would be split in two in later futre. So please recosider reshowing Earth 2 for it has good qualites and imagination. I will support this show 100 percent until the end. Thank you for your time in reading my short memo and will be waiting for a respones.
Earth2 was one of the best SCIFI shows ever. I especially liked the different characters. I assume that the people at NBC that choose shows are anti-scifi as that's the only explanation I can think of for cancelling such a good show with a ton of future potential. Alison Baird
My family thinks Earth 2 is much better than SeaQuest DSV and its still on the air!!!! Charla (aka Sharli)
Earth2 IS an awesome show... The fact that anyone canceled it is most disappointing! I am so starved for E2 I went out an bought all the novels I could find. I am looking forward to finding out what I can do to help SAVE EARTH2! :) -Sharli Todd Biderman
Like many I'm sure, my typical Sunday consisted of lots of football and a never missed episode of Earth2. I was completely shocked when it was cancelled and am hoping that NBC wakes up and realizes the strong fan base the show has. I'd die to see it back on the air Chris Troeger
I think that Earth2 was a great show and that NBC was stupid for cancelling it. Ashvin Mysore
It Was a great and one of the very realistic SCI-FI Shows, not to mention the fantastic story line. NBC made an enormous mistake by taking it off the air! Ravi Vadgama
Very detailed and well filmed. Good story-line and characters. Looking good so far and I've only seen the first show!(UK 5/10/95) Craig E. Engler
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As I am not a sci-fi fan, what most impressed me about E2 was the realistic approach taken to characters and scripts, sets, costumes and, most importantly, the acting. No offence, but there is not a lot of quality drama eminating from the US. It is there4 something of a tragedy to see such an intelligent and original show 'kick the bucket'.