Thanks to all of you in support of E2!

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E2 was one of the most creative shows on television. I hope through our efforts that we can convince someone that E2 would be an excellent addition to their programming line-up. Thanks to all you for showing enormous support.
erhodes@eb.comEva Rhodes
Earth2 is one of the best shows that I've ever seen. The characters and their relationships to each other are completely enthralling. There is a humanity about this show that you can't find very often. This is the first show where I've gotten so involved, on an emotional level, with it's future.

maryb@pacific.mitre.orgMary Brick
Earth2 is the best thing to come out of network TV in years. The cast is terrific and the storyline entertaining and thought-provoking. I am addicted to Earth2. Please help to save my fix!
lewellen@lewellen.seanet.comDavid R. Lewellen
I think Earth2 is one of the best science-fiction shows television has ever produced. The stories are well thought out, the characters have depth, and the sets and props make you really think you are on Planet G889. Mike Fauerbach
E2 is a fabulous TV show, one of the few on the big networks that I enjoy. John Wallace
I would like to see Earth 2 continued and I have been real dissipointed about hearing that it is getting cancelled. I'm getting tired of NBC sucking you into their shows only to cut you off. This is just an example of the lack of talent by the studio managment to take quality programming and do something with it. John Wallace Frank McNeil
This WWW site rules at this time. I am very glad to see it. I link it to from another site and see that I can change the link name to "Save Earth2" Home Page. Man this guy Raman is great! He was even able to get and/or make the "Earth 2" GIF. Frank

Jessica and Marie Ferrarella
ATTENTION EARTH 2 FANS Now is the time for all good men--and women--to come to the aid of their favorite show. Run to your keyboards and whip out letters to the head of NBC programming protesting the exclusion of Earth 2 from the fall schedule. It's not too late to write, and don't feel that you can't make a difference. You can! The original Star Trek Series was saved by a letter writing campaign and look how well that turned out! Who knows, yours might be the letter that turns the tide and helps put the series on the stand-by spring schedule. The only reason this show's ratings weren't as good as they could have been was because the network had it opposite America's Funniest Home Videos and 60 Minutes (a show whose ratings haven't faltered in over 20 years!). For those of you out there who don't want to lose this wonderful show, take up arms! Fight with the keyboard and the printer, or the pen and paper(for those Desi Flaten
Earth 2 is the only television program on TV that I make a point never to miss. It's attention to character development is excellent. There are no super-heros in the group, just a group of people that are doing the best they can with what they've got. Also, as with any group of people effectively marooned, there are conflicts within the group. Some have been worked out, some are ongoing. I hope another network picks this one up because it's definately a keeper.
74760, Gwen Riis Howard
E2 is the best Tv series to debut in at least five years; the writing is of the highest quality, the characters are fully realized and expertly acted, and the scenario is truly involving, unlike every other network program at the moment. E2 is the only show that my husband and I never miss, and all our friends (all upwardly-mobile folks in our thirties, by the way) watch it as perhaps the only network show worth watching. This show must be saved! Those of us who have become disillusioned with the shoddy treatment the networks have been giving quality programs will not be pleased with NBC's knee-jerk decisions--they are behaving as if only teenage boys and cotton-brained idiots watch television and buy products. I have never been so upset by a network decision in my twenty years of watching NBC--didn't they learn anything from their Star Trek experiences in the sixties? Earth2 viewers are the most loyal TV viewers Shigeru Yokoyama
Earth 2 was a great show. If they had given it a better time slot it would have done very well. I really hope it gets renewed by someone!
Joe Bush
This is the best damn show on TV since STNG. I can't believe NBC. I urge everyone to write letters to the people listed at this site, I will be sending dozens! Mike McDermott
I think E2 is a great show. Both my wife and I are sorry to hear that it is cancelled. I hope that UPN will pich it up!! chris dorsey
it is the best new show on and i hope that it will be saved somehow! James Leonard
Your first sample letter said it all. This program had very little promotion, and is now the ONLY series that both my wife and I enjoy. We do not watch Tv in general, but we do NOT miss this show. Please let me/us know how we can help beyond the information we found here. Che-Hing Lee
Earth 2 is a great series, fabulous character development, fantastic stories, and a great concept!! Please don't cancel this program!!
Leslie Bateman
Earth 2 has a lot of potential to be one of the great TV shows of all time. I would like see this series run for many more years to come. We have to see them make it to New Pacifica!! Jim Brown
E2 is a great show! My wife and I enjoy watching it regularly. I hope somebody picks it up for the fall. (and as an aside Raman Pfaff is the Web-Master!) Michael Pelham
To be blunt E2 is an excellent show. Lately it is so rare to have an Epic quality well written serious that doesnt fall into the category of a feel good or trama ridden (i.e. ER, Medicine ball) catagory. TV needs to appriciate the power of a good yarn, especially of as Science Fiction nature. One of the fundamental strengths of E2 is that in satisfies almost all of the requirements of a good tale. Its fiction but not to distant that we cant see similarities to ourselves. To quote Patrick Stewart "Capt. Picard" in an interview 'Sience Fiction is the modern equivalent to what Methology was to our ancesters' TV producers must realize that Methology is a fundamental social necesity for a civilization to grow. Lets be honest how much social goodnes comes from Melrose Place? I do love some of the Sit coms on UPN for example Pig Sty , etc.... but would give them up anyday for and good yarn. I hope this helps! Jamison Wieser (member E2 Foundations)
Right now Earth2 and Sliders are the only two shows I am a real avid view of. Which means I'm out of luck I guess :( I have been watching E2 since the beging and its only gotten better. I hope everyone out there joins in in helping to save this wonderful show. Laura
Earth2 Foundations! Concerning E2F -- as the one and only SOLE creator of E2F I'm a little tired of reading on the E2 mailing list and everywhere else about the formation of ruling entities, etc to govern E2F. The whole idea behind E2F and the name was to get ALL E2Fans everywhere organized into one group working together towards the common goal of saving E2 without using "saving" in our titles. Instead of working to save the show it seems lots of time has been wasted on who controls E2F. Let me make it clear people. No one controls it -- if anyone should control it it should be me since after all if anything went wrong with it then it would immediately be my responsiblilty now wouldn't it? It is a name for everyone to use towards a common cause. Unfortunately too much dissession has developed in the group with all these different plans being implemented to save E2 instead of ONE single thing for everyone to do. FOX is bringing back Alien pete
E2 is an incredible show demonstrating creativity and intelligence in the otherwise large void of TV nothingness. Hopefully this campaign will save E2 from the typical fate of intellignet TV... cancelation. Jeff Farmer
E2 is one of the few shows that both my wife and I enjoy. She likes Emergency 911 type of shows. I like Sci-Fi. E2 and Babylon 5 are the only two shows that we always watch together. Keep up the work to save E2. It is a great show.
I Sent NBC A letter supporting E2, in the letter I added that the show has a last, a more realistic "hope for the future" then Star Trek portrays.... Sky Wessels
I think Earth2 is one of the best shows I've ever seen! Barry Fox
Earth 2 is a good show. It is not the best on TV, but it is far better than most of the crap on. I have always watched it, never missing an episode, and I hope it is picked up by someone William Hanson
My wife (Margaret) loves it... andrew kurovsky
I watch the show every week and let me say I think the show is GREAT the story line is good also the people who play the parts are GREAT. Robert Lee
I'm already on the mailing list but if you need a list of names of E2 supporters who don't want the show cancelled, add mine. Darek Iwanski
I think E2 is one of the better sci-fi shows on TV today. It shows things closer to what may come in the future then the others. George Bako
I think Earth 2 is an extremely well thought out show. It is well done, and I really enjoy watching these characters develop over the several months it has been on the air. It is too bad that we even have to do a "save Earth 2" campaign. NBC should realize what it has here, instead of trying to dump it. Sharon
Earth2 is an intelligent, literate, thought-provoking drama that honors the human capacity to adapt and to bond. It deserved better treatment than it got from NBC. E2's producers, writers and (especially) cast are to be commended for their work on this excellent series. However, let's not beat the drums just yet for this show-- let's continue to write until we find E2 a new home on a new network! Mary McElgunn
I love the show and am very sorry to see it canceled. It has been a long time since a show this good has been on prime time TV. Bob and Kate Sternberg
This show is fantastic -- all the multiple plot lines make you think, which is probably why NBC took it off the air! If there is any justice anywhere, someone will renew this outstanding series! John Potts
I think Earth2 is a much better show than either Deep Space 9 or Voyager. I hope that we can save quality programming such as this. Henry
Frankly, I was just Pissed-off when I read in the paper that NBC was not picking up E2 for next season. Also, TV Guide had recently done this *Save out Shows* campaign which E2 was a part of. The results of that campaign showed favorable for E2. I sincerely hope that I is picked up by another network or produced in *Highlander--the series*. I'll write letters to whom ever I need to assist in the cause. Karen T.
My daughter and I will really miss Earth2 on Sunday evenings. It was one of the few shows we watched together. I love the strong characters and interesting plots. Most of the time TV is a bore. Earth2 was a delight--I couldn't wait each week (when it wasn't pre-empted) to be surprised. Along with everyone else I hope some network brings it back. KT Eva Rhodes
I love Earth2. It is one of the best shows ever!! I can't believe that NBC treated it so badly.. Nicky Baconcini
It's one of the few really good sci-fi dramas around.
Earth2, IMHO, ranks up there with the best science fiction shows currently out. The storylines are poignant, and the characters well developed. It's linear, serial story-telling style is compelling and extremely addictive! It would be a terrible shame for us to let this show sink to oblivion while such terribly written genre shows as Seaquest, and Voyager are given a new lease on life. Ron Behrndt
I have enjoyed E2 this year. I have taped every episode since I'm not home from church yet when it starts. I have to carefully watch the TV guide to make sure I don't miss one, whether from previous preemptions, or sports run overs. It's a good change of pace from the militaristic Star Trek (I still like though). Shawn Fox
I LOVE this show, I only make time for two shows during my week and Earth2 is one of them! Theo Thourson
Excellent show, terrific prosepects. Terrific ongoing story with big changes on the horizon. Unfortunate demise. By the way, what happened to the NBC exectutives that cancelled Star Trek in favor of Lost in Space? david lin
E2 is the BEST! I think the acting and situations rival, if not surpass other popular sci-fi shows currently on the air (ie Star Trek spin offs). Pleeeeeeese keep it on the air! Katrina Switalski
E2 has it all. Excellent writing, direction, characterization and cast. UPN could make this show as successful as it should be. With hits like Deep Space Nine and Voyager, they know what they're doing. David Gill
Our family really loves this show...Life here at my house basically just shuts down for an hour while we watch E2! I really hope that one of the other networks picks it up! (Smart move)!! Stacy Prassas
I love Earth 2 and think it's super-duper . Just stopped by to see your page .. it looks great! I am truly impressed! -- stacy :D Edward Pees
Substance and potential; Earth 2 is rich with both. It's tragic and somewhat ironic that a program with such promise would be cancelled by some smarmy bastard at NBC (loosen that silk necktie a little buddy, it's cutting off the blood to your brain). Perhaps I'm being a little harsh. It may turn out to be a blessing if another network brings it back with a REAL time slot. I can't tell you how close I came to throwing my television through the window when I rushed home for the third Sunday in a row only to find Earth 2 pre-empted by basketball! Inconceivable. I realized that I wasn't the only serious follower of the show when I noticed some Earth 2 novels in the bookstore the other day. This show could definitely become immortalized given the chance. NBC almost added another viewer to their audience until they pulled this stunt. I certainly intend to write a letter