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Earth 2 is one of the greatest shows on television. It ranks up there with Star Trek - Next Generation! Certainly much better than Sliders or Star Trek - Voyager. Please, please put it back on! Bill Hollister
I just hope that NBC, which continues with DSQ will at least not give up on this show (which they put up against 60 Minutes, #$@#$$@ COME ON!) and move it to another night or let FOX or UPN run with it!!! I don't care, all I care about is that the show, which is thoughtful and not dumb TV will continue.
I am a guest for today.Teresa L.
I love the show. can't believe it's cancelled. I will do what I can to help save the show.I just learned of e2's cancellation.thanks for the addrs.i will write! Barry Burd
I love the show. If you're keeping count of the number of fans who are interested in seeing it continue on one network or another, count me in. Louise Coulthard
We have only had Earth2 in Australia for a couple of months, but it is clearly a great show. I couldn't believe it when I heard it had been axed in the US. How can they get rid of a great show like Earth2 which is constantly improving, and keep Sea Quest? (Submarine travelling through space to another planet - please!!) I started taping all the episodes when I heard it had been axed! Earth2 does pretty well over here as it airs on Friday at 7.30 and is pretty well promoted. The show has a brilliant cast of incredibly talented actors, whose characters are really well written. I hope you are successful in getting it back on - it would a shame to lose such a great show from our screens. Kevin Echols
A great show. One of the few that actually remembers what happens from one episode to the next. I think it should be given a second chance! A new time slot to allow it to build an audience would have been nice. Saundrah Venne
Love the show! I don't have much interest in TV. Most of the shows are pretty much brain-dead material, not so with Earth2. E2 stimulates the mind and imagination. Now that's entertainment! Aaron Cumming Love the show!!!! Keep it going! ric chambers
I really enjoyed watching Earth2 - it gave a boring Sunday a real lift. I didn't realize the show had been canceled until recently and would certainly like to be able to see new shows (even reruns) - bring back Earth 2!!! Lynn
I've been a big sci-fi fan all my life, but I was never able to get into Earth2. I thought there were some good qualities about it, but the little girl screeming at everything REALLY got on my nerves!!! brenda pace
I Really like and hope no one cancels it Dion Chapman
E2 is a very popular show here in australia (tv ads say 2mil watch it) and it will be ashame if it's not continued cya Dion Brad Douglsd
Earth 2 is the most complete sci-fi show on at the moment. It beats Startrek, X-Files, Sequest etc. The photography and music are by far the most professional no television at the moment and the writting and actors are extremely talented. If the rumors that Earth 2 has been or is to be axed that have been floating around in .au then someone in management needs their head read. Long Live Earth 2. Brad Douglsd
Earth 2 is the most complete sci-fi show on at the moment. It beats Startrek, X-Files, Sequest etc. The photography and music are by far the most professional no television at the moment and the writting and actors are extremely talented. If the rumors that Earth 2 has been or is to be axed that have been floating around in .au then someone in management needs their head read. Long Live Earth 2. Kirk Klingbiel
Best sci-fi to come along since Star Trek Stuart King
Earth 2 is one of the most innovative and interesting space series on Television since Star Trek - The Next Generation. Its style, story and acting is of a very high quality. It would be a great shame to see al the hard work and effort used in producing the series go to waste simply because of a ratings system which time and time again has proven to be inadequate and does not honestly portray the majority of the audience's true feelings and opinions. Quentin Kenihan
I think Earth2 should stay on the air as I love it and I love Jessica Steen. Here in Australia its just started and I'm sad to see that it is not as popular in the US. Here it is a top ten rating show. Stacy Prassas
Happy belated birthday, Raman! Great page!! :-) dan fletcher
Earth2 rules and will continue to for ever!!! Boy were they dumb for taking it off!!!!
tdm0727@+RIT.EDU Troy D. Miller
My wife, Cindy, my three year old son, Taylor, and I are very upset that E2 is not coming back. If there is anything my family and I can do to bring back E2, just let me know. Very Respectfully, Troy D. Miller gilmor, tom
Earth 2 is one of the greatest science fiction show ever created. I have written letters to save the show and I hope we all suceed. It's sense of survival gives the show suspense as well as the unexpected plot twist. This show is not predictable, where most others are. Best of Luck. Its not over until the Fat Gredler sings Tom Camille Savoie
The best drama/sci-fi I got to watch in years. It would mostly be appreciated if it could be kept going for another year. Ann White
Like, you have to ask? It's cool, and so's your home page. Your link to Tim's homepage doesn't work. I don't know if you're link's bad, or Tim's server is dead. - Annie

[C ` Greg Taylor
I think that Earth2 is not getting the breaks it deserves. I am a real junkie for this kind of programing and wish to see it reinstated. Man why are all the good shows with content and forthought dumped? I have sent email to NBC on my thoughts,(for what it's worth). Hope they listen. Daniel Jones
It was a good show to view on a Sunday night. I like the idea of U.P.N. picking up the show. Steve Spalding
Only damn show on TV worth watching. Pure escapism with a human side. Last of the pioneer westerns - the elements, alien relations, and attractive people. WHAT was NBC thinking - apparently they weren't. What with them losing Frasier, Seinfeld, and Friends in the near future, they need all the good shows they can get! Jonathan L. Miller
I really like it...character driven plots aren't easy to do (look at the last few seasons of ST-TNG), but Earth2 consistantly pulled (Pulls!) them off--well. Salome
We just received the first episode of earth2 here in South Africa.What a dissapointment to find out that a great series that we are just getting to know has been cancelled. It is not fair to get a taste of a great idea just to have it vanish before you enjoyed it. Star Trek was also thought of as not a great idea and look where it is today. It's turning 30 next year. Earth2 is a great idea and gives hope to people for the future. Why is it that only series with a lot of violence survive the networks and not the ones with more story to them. I hope this comes to th e attention of the right people. Dave Thomas
From the time E2 came on the air, it was the only show along with the exception of X-Files that my wife and I never missed. I didn't realize that it was gonig off the air until my mother (who is 75) informed me that it was cancelled. It is also one of her favorite shows. I am, and have been since I was a child, a science fiction fan. I think that E2 is one of the best on television ever. As usual the networks have their brain where the sun doesn't shine, but that is par for the course. It seems that NBC has the greatest number of executives in that condition. Perhaps bringing this kind of pressure will bring it back on the air as it did with another NBC show that I enjoy, Homecide, Life on the Streets. Although it may not be back either. Donna Bear
I like Earth 2 for so many reasons that I can't mention them all without taking up reams of bytes. Suffice it to say it is one of the best shows on television and one of the few shows I regularly watched. I hope that we can beat the odds and get Earth 2 back on the air. Robin Schatzman
WHAT!? They might be canceling the show!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think that about says it all. Julie Jessop
I loved it! It was one of the only two shows I watched a week.
Stephanie Anne Young
Er put plain and simple is great science fiction. There has been many shows above it. Herb Gatti
Intelligent, entertaining, exciting, well made in every sense, and thought provoking. What more could we ask for? Kelly LeClair
Just found out it was cancelled. I can't believe it. It was a great show, hope it comes back!! Harold Phipps
It is one the the best shows that I have seen in a long time. The plot lines are clever and often give you pause to think. Frank Carucci
Earth 2 is an excellent program. It was innovative in casting we humans as the "alien" invaders of another planet. It was developing their characters rather nicely when the season ended. I was disappointed to see it cancelled especially with the cliff hanger ending that it had. Earth 2 has much potential. Given a bit more time it can sustain an avid veiwership that will compete with any other show on the market. Their stories and plots were intelligent and sophisticated as opposed to the mindless dribble that many other programs push out to us under the guise of "entertainment. I sincerely hope that this show will be brought back.
REMY7@aol A.D. Jackson
I think E2 is a great show, but might suffer from a lack of purpose or progression of the story. They are on this planet, and they have a mission, but the viewers are not reminded of the immediacy of their travels. Other than that I have no problem with the show at all. I also love Rebecca Gayheart. Thank you. Sarah Groves
I loved it! We used to make sure we were either home or recording every Sunday. We're pretty pissed it's gone and would love to see it back. Katy Miller
I LOVE EARTH 2!! We are still getting it in I haven't seen them all yet. When I found out it had been axed I almost burst into tears! GO DEVON! GO DEVON! GO DEVON!

Would love to see it picked up by some other network Douglas E. Hosman
I have found one way and unfortunatly one way only to get the attention of brainless execs at different companies, and that is to hit them were it hurts in the pocket book (aka wallet). So to cut to the chase the only way we will probably get the show back is to let nbc know that if they wish to cancel good shows like e2 then we the real public must "cancel" nbc. Jeffrey Salmon
E2 was the first show I ever rushed home to watch on a Sunday night, The last two episodes I finally got friends together to watch and they got hooked -just in time for cancellation Dwight Beery and Family
My wife and kids (girls 4 & 8, son 5) all loved this show. It was a family show we watched together! We want it back! Dan Spinner
I loved it. If i was dead i would come back to life just to see it. Please i want it back.

Earth 2 was a lot better than several other shows on television, sci- ence fiction AS WELL AS non-science fiction. Lisa Brettschneider
I love it! I am really disappointed in NBC in cancelling it. Thanks for doing a big job in trying to get it back! Mike Hammock
I love the show, but I have to tell you what really attracted me to was Debrah Fairintino. She is very beautiful. Then I fell in love with the show. It's a great show. It's way better then SeaQuest. Joseph Williford
Earth 2 is wonderful. I have written everyone I can think of. But, good news is that Turner is considering going in with Seagram, and try to outbid Westinghouse for CBS. If this happens then Earth 2 might have another shot at life on CBS. But, right now I think the best chance is for the to continue to do well overseas and hope for foreign investment to put into syndication. Thanks for the great job on this page. Kimberly Sarmento
Excellent...don't let it REALLY end... Rachel Small
Great show, good, solid science fiction. Would like to see more of Erin Murphy, though. Scott Shepherd
I love the show, and think it's best days are ahead. Mary Brick
I have loved a lot of TV shows over the years and missed them when they were cancelled. However, I *never* felt compelled to make any effort to save the show from extinction. Earth2 is the exception because it's an exceptional show. And I thank everyone who has done anything to help Earth2 return. Jacob Gregory
I don't think it should have been canceled...also, my local TV station --Fox 41, Kansas City, Mo--likes to pre-empt the program for the most boring programs--sports, political b.s.--and this makes it hard for me to watch all episodes. Jennifer Short
It is a great show with a lot of potential, stuck in a lousy time slot. Given a different time slot, I think it would have realy taken off. The premise was different and intriguing. There were a lot of different story lines that could have been explored. It held my attention very well. The actors were tallented, especially Jessica Steen. This is a quality show that explored the characters relationships with each other without getting too graphic. I liked this show much better than Sliders and feel it should be given a second chance. Teddy
Earth 2 is a piece of art. Also the cast is awesome especially the females. I hate the Uly he can't act for s**t!! (edited by webmeister)

earth 2 is a good show and i was mad that it got cancelled. Jeffrey L. Partin
I really like the show it one of the best show to come a long in a long time i can't even think they would drop such a great show. in fact i know a lot star trek fans that still watch the rerun that they record on tape and the head of the star trek fan club think we should call them and let them know how unhappy we are mabye they do not unstand how many fans the head of th e star trek fans clubs is or what kind of effect they can have of there network as far as when money come in to play. in fact he already want to start to talk to the local newpapers.He now has almost 12000 sig.on paper to show how dumb it was for them to let this show go but i guess they did not learn there lesson just like they did with star trek and now who laughing now not them that for sure. I think we should boycot there show and hit where they will feel it most in the money bin. thank Richard Lapointe
E2 is a good sci-fi show. StarTrek give us a view of the perfect world but Earth 2 gives a more realistic view of our future. A future hwhere nothing is already done. A future where all things is to do. I give my comment in the hope of E2 stay s. Richard Lapointe Montreal (Quebec) Canada Jennifer Prince
I thought it was a great show-about the same level of Star Trek TNG. It was very disappointing to see such fine programming being tossed out with the trash. The only problem that I saw living in the central time slot was that Basketball games would ALWAYS run into overtime so the show really didn't get the full exposure it deserved. If it is the Network who doesn't want it, maybe a different one would (UPN or FOX). If David Letterman can do it, why not!!!!! Chad VanValkenburg
I watched E2 all the time at college. Now I wonder what I will watch. It was a very intelligent, good looking, and wonderful Sci-Fi show that has broadcast for a long time. (Excludes the ST series). The only thing I wish NBC would have done is either end it when it was annouced that it was cancelled or let it got up mid-season to finish the series. Then we could complain even more because they finished it. I hope NBC or another tv station picks it up because we will be deprived of a really good show. Thanks. Lucinda Robertson
Just bought my computer and was cruising around and found this site. It really makes me wonder about the people at NBC. I thought these tv people were looking for GOOD programs for their network. When they have a great program like Earth-2, they cancell it? Obviously, you don't have to be a smart person to work at NBC. I loved the show. Never missed an episode. It was really stupid of them to cancel it.

I had always enjoyed Earth 2 and was very disapointed when they took it off the air. I think the show has been done a great injustice. I hope they bring it back soon. Thomas J. Swick
One of the best television shows of the last spring and fall seasons. I am deeply disappointed that they have cancelled the show. I hope ough people write to express their concern. Remember, Star Trek was saved in the sixties and blosomed in the theater. Let's hope the Corporate demi-gods will change their mind for this fresh form of sci-fi and fantasy television. I guess the problem is people would rather fill their minds with meaningless (ie 90210) garbage!!! Debbie Epperly
I really enjoyed E2 and was disappointed to hear it was canceled. It was real nice of NBC to leave us with a cliffhanger. Maybe if they had it on "must see TV Thursday" or "Tuesday" then they wouldn't be so disappointed at the ratings. Ratings mean nothing anyway. Some shows get canceled with low ratings while others stay. Go figure. I had a nice 2-hour block on Sundays to watch 2 of my favorite shows and they've messed it all up. (I'm one of the few people who actually LIKES SQ DSV; okay so they flew to another planet. At least they'll get a new captain this year.) Now all that's left to watch at 7:00 (PST) is that geeky guy with the home videos. Or there's always cable. Good luck getting the show reinstated. Did TV Guide do one of those SOS campaigns to save E2? Glenn Botts
I hate to see novel sci-fi shows bite the dust. Unfortunately, not enough viewers support the shows, so the networks are quick to pull the plug on them. Especially, since they tend to be more expensive. Good luck in trying to revive the series.
I enjoy E2 very much and will miss it sorely if it stays cancelled. It was one of the best shows on television and it goes to show you how low network bigwigs' mentalities are when they cancell a show like this and allow some of those god awful sitcoms to stay on the air. Anyway, I really hope that E2 can be resurrected from the trash.

I thought it was an imaginative show and the Terrans were the most interesting alien culture since the Vulcans. Please renew the show it was well written and very imaginative. Jaron Stidiford
Still showing in Australia. Not looking forward to not having it.

earth 2 was a good show and i am very mad that it got cancelled i hope they will change their minds.
imagom@ix.netcom Steve Featherston
Excellent program. I hope it comes back! Good Ideas, great characters, great blend of sci fi and real life - BRING IT BACK!!!
Sloth@Gwn.Vianet.On.Ca Jason Kehler
You go away to camp for one summer and look what happens. The world goes to hell, and E2 is cancelled. I WANT IT BACK. It is THE ONLY show that I have never missed an episode of. E2 definately deserves better than this. Jay Cannon
I loved the show and was wondering what had happened to it. I just discovered that it had been canceled when I found this home page. I do hope it is put back on the air. Don Switser
I love the show. Leonard Greene
I thought it was one of the most interesting, thought provoking science fiction stories to air on network television in many years. I was disappointed that NBC kept Sea Quest (which I don't care for) and let go of a far better series. Seems like a similar occurance to that of the original Star Trek series. Why do the networks seem to be afraid of airing shows that cause the audience to think a bit? That's my two cents. Brian Batronis
I really enjoyed Earth2. I have long been a fan of science fiction and I think Earth2 was a good science fiction program. David Jung
] David Molloy
""/~darwin/earth2/">Check out my earth 2 Page under construction
? A. Hayes
It's a hell of a lot better than that crappy Seaquest. And they kept that. Why?