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I believe that E2 is one of the best shows out there currently and I am doing my part to try to get this show renewed for the coming season. I hope many of you feel the same way :) Michael Bellman
I love it. If I knew it was going to be the next Julie Sandidge
I have really come to like this show more and more all the time. I have especially liked the way that they have given us more about the different characters as the year has progressed. I like the premise of needing to look for a new "earth-like" planet for colonization because of what we have done to "Earth 1". I also love the scenery, as this is one of my favorite areas on earth. Rob aka - Enerjy
I really enjoy the show.. but right now my mind is on making a fill out form, similar to this one! :) J.A. Ames
Nice to see the Save Earth2 activities heating up! Could you send me your Earth2 graphic(e2line.gif)? I'd like to add it to my own page. Thanks. J.A. Ames Geoff Waye (Earth2 Foundations)
Earth2 is one of the only television shows that I watch. It is a crime that NBC has cancelled this series and added more STUPID (s**t)sit-coms. I am tired of mindless programming!!!!! And I'm sick of Basketball thanks to NBA! We will overcome! Paul B. O'Brien
Earth 2 is a well-written show, and is one of the higher quality ones to be produced in the past few years in my opinion. The cast was well picked for the roles. Marian K. Graham
Love the show, great for kids to watch too. Dave Thompson
Great show. I've enjoyed every episode. Lynne Loveless Lynne Loveless
I think Earth2 is one of the best shows on television showing strong women. The men on the show are also terrific. I enjoy the way everyone works together to try and find solutions to their problems. I hope if/when Earth2 is picked up it doesn't have to endure the same surgery that Seaquest underwent. It's great as is! Joe Katz
Best show on T.V. makes you acually think once in a while.

Is the reason Low ratings? It is a great show. Hate to see another show canceled For the almighty Dollar. chad thompson
Earth 2 is the first network show in many years to realistically deal with the human future in space.. just people.. no "warp drive" or other devices.. and the amount of the "unknown" is terrific.. Alvin Chang
I was pleasantly surprised by the development of the show. I was really ticked off, by the fact that show of such escalating quality would be cancelled. Whereas a show like SeaQuest DSV, a show marginal quality that consistenly dropped as it developed, would be renewed for another season. Larry Steinbrenner
Despite occasionally spacey "new age" oriented plots, the show's got a lot going for in the way of acting and writing. I especially like the Morgan narrated episodes, especially since his voice reveals the soul of a poet, which sometimes seems at odds with outward appearances.
I love the show! Besides Hercules and DS9, it is the only thing I watch on TV on Sunday nights. I have made it a POINT to never watch NBC (or my local channel 4) if it is cancelled. Otherwise...there is nothing to watch. joan muise-gavin
love it!! don't call my house on sunday evenings when it's on...I won't answer!! Peter Kulmars
... if you asked me at the beginning of E2 if I would have cared if the show would continue, I would have probably said I wouldn't care.... BUT because the show has grown and developed interesting character subplots... its a rare ocassion now that I feel sad that a TV show may not return.... -- ever hopeful -- Peter kerry s. nash
I think it was a very good show and had great potential. I have watched it from the start and thought it was improving with every episode. Justin Bansemer
Because I live in Canberra, Australia I have only seen about four episodes. But even though I have only watched it a bit Earth2 seems like a great tv show. I was quite annoyed when I heard that it had been cancelled the other day. I hope that with all the effort in America that it will be put to air again in the near future. I hope that we may get it down here as well in the future. Good luck and please write to me. Jim DeCoster
I heard that the network was disapointed with the number of viewers however they aired the show in a time slot that was clobbered 4 out of every 5 weeks by sports events. It is difficult to remain loyal to a show that is aired as erratically as this one was. Although the show is set in a technologically advanced future the technology is taken for granted. This helped make this one of the few FAMILY shows. It isn't a kid's show. It isn't mom and dad's show. When and IF this show returns I hope that it is scheduled rationally so that we can depend on seeing one of the very few shows free of smut and full of real life scenarios every week. The story line is very interesting. The sub plots are fascinating. It has developed an intriguing web of complications to keep the interest of all ages. Like the original Start Trek, it relies on the power of the actors and the story to Michael Mangune
I think the show's really interesting and that they should put it back. Although here in Australia, the show just started. My only complain is that some of the characters are kind of stupid (especially True and Morgan). steve steve
My wife and I love E2 and hope it really comes back. My wife wants to know if they ever make it to New Pacifica. Gregory J. Allen
It was cool! Huh, huh. When I heard thhat the show was cancelled (about 2 weeks ago) I was astounded. I don't keep up w/Neielseen ratings, but I can't believe E2 wouldn't make the cut. I'm glad to have found other interested in saving the show. Christopher Carswell
It is a great sho. I am constantly amazed that so many good shows go down the drain when others continue to stay alive. FOr instance, in my opinion, SeaQuest, which aparently is still going to be aired, is very poorly acted - even by good actors! - yet it continues to be on. Yet, Earth 2, with good acting,great plots and storylines, and fresh actors gets canned. If the network would stop pre-empting it at every turn, give it a better time slot, it might do better. WHat surprises me more is that there are not more fans from the Star Trek crowd who are out here supporting Earth 2. I believe that they are in the same caliber as far as scifi goes. I say we bombard them with mail!! KEEP THE SHOW! Kelvin Hayes
This show is one of the best. All the characters are great, and we have learned so much about them this past season. The script is well written and the scenery is beautiful. Please bring the show back! Tim Cunningham
Earth 2 is a GREAT sci-fi show. Drew's character is very annoying though...nothing against the actress. Hoping it will come back. Carol Schneider
This was one sci fi show that didn't require too much "magic" to make things work. I am sorry to see it go. It was an interesting study on how a community works together under unexpected conditions, and it had very positive role models for women and girls, as well as men and boys. I would love to see the show come back somewhere--my whole family watches it, even in rerun.
none kimberly Yaschyshyn
I really enjoy Earth 2. I find the shows to be suspenseful and interesting. It is also somewhat believeable that we might have to find another planet to live on in the future. I would like to do anything I can to save the show because I love it and have taped every episode and don't like how it would end it if ended now. I have gotten many of my friends to watch the show and they were instantly hooked. Please don't cancel Earth 2.
Teresa Knott
I think Earth 2 is a great show that should be given another chance in a decent time slot. The writing was always innovative and interesting. Aaron Hartmann
I enjoy watching Earth 2 and would hate to see it removed from television. Death to SeaQuest first! Dr. Heller is my favorite character and I'm not saying this to kiss up...:) Kurt Martin
Excellent. They should at least give us a 2-hour wrap up movie. brian lupiani
Great show, from the theme song (which in itself is reason enough to keep the show on the air - stereo TV makers should underwrite it) to closing credits. Terrific acting, probably the best drama writing on the tube. I could go on and on, but the main thing is I want to thank all you folks for what you've done so far, Marty Lucas Peggy S. Randalls
I think that it is a GREAT show. Every time I see it on Sundays, I can't wait for the next weeks episode. Please don't let them cancel it! Thanks.
E2 is the most creative, imaginitive yet the closet to reality in a tv show i have ever seen .I don't know where I would be without E2 stephanie faye
My whole family sits down to watch earth2 every sunday night and are very disappointed when NBC decides to show sports instead of E2. I feel that E2 is one of the best shows to come along for a long time. We have been writing a lot of letters to try and save it. It CAN NOT BE CANCELLED!! Julia Chirka
I only started to watch Earth 2 about a month - two months ago and since then it has become a favorite show of mine. Recently I lost ST:TNG, and now earth 2? I mean, how much can a person take? Everyone desevers a second chance, so does Earth 2. Its almost like its been in the shadows for the past season. Please please please do all you can to save it. Thank-you, Julia Chirka BOB LOVELESS
I am a great Star Trek Fan - Next Generation was a great show, and Voyager shows promise, but Earth2 has become my favorite show! It's character development I believe is superior to any of the StarTrek shows. With each show we learn a little more about the characters ... we care about them. I would be crushed if they permenantly cancelled this great show, especially the way the last episode ended!!! David R. Wilson
E2 was one of the few network shows that I watched. I don't understand why it was dropped. Ramsay
Earth 2 is one of the greatest sci-fi shows of the 1990's. It gives us hope of being able to inhabit another planet. Also G889 would be a great place to get stuck on. Just think you and all those great looking women. Keep Earth 2 on air - my rating 10/10. Darren Nielson
I was just starting to get into this show and looked forward to watching it on sunday nights. I was really down when they pulled it. Sure hope they reconsider and give E2 another chance. I also thought the characters were being developed great and acting was very good. Aaron Bond
Great page! I was really pi##ed when I heard E2 was cancelled. I let NBC know too! Anyway, I added you page to mine. Keep up the support! my web:
Logos05@aol L.Loew
A wonderful show .... One which I found to be very entertaining. Perhaps writers could add a small second gropus of colonists arriving and the stories behind the building of their first City center... just a thought. Jeffry A. Spain
The only show on TV worth watching besides X-Files and Voyager.
Samuel Lai
I think it's a wonderful show. I find the setting, characters, and story line all very innovative and interesting. The plots are well thought out and well paced. I like it even better than Star Trek! Shoshona, Proprietor: The Grendler Bar
Earth 2: 2 good 2 be 4saken. Join the campaign to save Earth2 by subscribing to the E2 mailing list: mail MAJORDOMO@STARGAME.ORG and place in message body: Subscribe Earth2 *OR* Subscribe Earth2-digest. Shoshona, Proprietor: The Grendler Bar
Earth 2: 2 good 2 be 4saken. Join the campaign to save Earth2 by subscribing to the E2 mailing list: mail MAJORDOMO@STARGAME.ORG and place in message body: Subscribe Earth2 *OR* Subscribe Earth2-digest. R. Sullivan Wendy Roulier
Although there are some minor things I don't like about E2, generally I find it creative and classic. There are some genuinely scary moments, as when the doctor, after being discovered to be a traitor, woke up alone in the woods. Chilled me to the bone. Can you imagine? Journeys are always intriguing. John Evans
I really did enjoy the show. Everyone I worked with(about 15 folks) would discuss Sunday's show during the Monday morning meetings. We all would like to see the show return in the fall Felix
One of the best in SI-FI tv! Great plot, great story line, very interesting to follow. Every time episode ends, I couldn't wait to see the next week show... Hope to see it back... Best regards for the entire crew! Felix M. Martin Gosselin
The concept is VERY good. Imostly like the communications gear. I bet it gave the idea to Motorola (or others... sorry no free comercial here but the name speak for itself) to create a next generation of personnal phone in wich we will be able to see the others like in E2. I hate to see playback of the shows.... When will we see new episodes?? Martin Lindsey Beck
I love E2. It is the only show that I wait all week to see and I hope that it is brought back!!!!! Stacey Wilken
Earth2 is a great show and I never miss it. It is also a show that is wonderful for families to watch. I have even started reading the Earth2 books because I can't get enough Earth2 off television. Mark Hart
E2 has been one of the best sci-fi shows on the air in a long time. I like E2 better than SeaQuest. :) Let me know whatever I can do to help get E2 back on the air. Thanks, Mark Diana Mann
This is a GREAT sci-fi program, don't let them cancel it!!!
cancel it? no!!! Rebecca Morean
It's a fantastic show, great characters, can't believe NBC. Am ecstatic there's hope!!!! We recently adopted the link between Grendlers and humans...and boy, that drool! Would like to contribute to Variety add, please send info.
Its a great show. Its also only one of the few I would say is ok for Kids to watch. I thought FOX was the only sell out of shows that get off to a slow start. Kath Fisher
An exciting new sci-fi series, with a great selection of strong female characters. Characterisation is not 'single' dimensional.The use of VR is interesting and actually brings a realism to the show. The Dr is by far the most interesting characters because of her duality in loyalties. Larry and Deborah Selk
My wife loves the show. In fact, Earth 2 and SeaQuest are the only shows she watches on Sundays. I am also a big fan of Earth 2 and a sci-fi fan in general (Star Trek ((all versions)) being my favorite). TV programming executives have little or no imagination. Science fiction is no longer fantasy but a clue to the future and is limited only to man's imagination. We all may be living on "Earth 2" someday. peggy o'connor
save it please it's addicting! Scott Gates
One of the most original shows on network television. It broke new ground and should be saved to build the foundation of science fiction telev Steve Bottoms
It continues to be a shame that the unique, different, 'non-run-of- the-mill' programs continue to be given the axe. I was pleasantly surprised with E2; I'm writing UPN to pick it up! William Hines
Being that we're(5) in Australia we were shocked to find the second season was not approved. We hope this oversight can be rectified!!!!! Norton Smiley
With all the garbage on TV these days, it's refreshing to see E2 with it's scientific contributions to society David Molloy
Earth 2 (IMHO) ranks up with Voyager, STTNG, as the best sciFi ever. I will celebrate for weeks is UPN runs it. I am sick of having E2 moved back half an hour because of the crummy crummy sports NBCrap shows. Jim Hall
I loved E2 from the first show. I can't believe that it could get pre-empted for three to four weeks at a time. But to NBC sports are more important than human life. How about some programming for the rest of us, KEEP EARTH 2 ALIVE.
Richard Jorgensen
On a parr with Star Trek. I love it. Kelley Cain
Extremely sophisticated writing. I admit that I was apprehensive about the show when it first aired. However, the writers managed to create an interesting and well thought out plot to each episode. The show was a true class act that kept the "cheese" to a minimum (unlike some sci fi shows that are still in the running - i.e. Sea Quest). It was foolish of NBC to take a show with its caliber off the air. I hope NBC will realize what they've done and bring the show back! Clinton Bunch
Good show. Didn't have a chance to find its audience here in OKC, since the NBC affilate had a nasty habit of pre-empting it and showing episodes out of order. Beats SeaQuest hands down. David Stark
Greatest science fiction on TV, even exceeding Star Trek Generations. It was a great dissapointment to our Liz and myself and our two girls Alcyon and Laurel. I hope something can be done to get this program back on the air. It is a shame that the ratings and financial gain seem to always be important than providing a quality product. Jeff Shriver
This is a great show and I would really like to see it continued in the upcoming season. Bob Loveless
After watching only a few episodes, Earth2 quickly became my favorite T.V. show. The continuing character development is one of the shows biggest strenghts ... better even than any of the Star Trek series! I never miss a show ... it runs like a continuing mini-series, with many unpredicable twists and turns. This is really quality programming. Considering all the drivel that is on the networks, the cancellation of this show would be very disappointing. Vladimir Khavkine
I think that E2 is a great show and I certanly do not want it to disapear from the screen. I want to help save it and gladly add my voice to the others and make the network put it on the screen again. Prasad Raje
I love the show!! I want it back!! This is a fabulously produced show will a strong storyline, great settings, endearing characters, the the right amount of sci-fi futurisms etc etc. The only reason I can think of for pulling the show was that people who did not watch regularly could lose the thread - a simply narration of what happened before to set the context would fix this. Again - I want the show back!!!! Susan R. Dewey
I have enjoyed Earth 2 as an alternative to more violent space alien shows (like Power Rangers) that I can watch with my kids. The Grendlers and the Terrians are wonderfully creepy looking but lead to discussion about looking beneath the surface of a person. Gaal made a wonderful contrast and, as a 'nice looking' human provided a what's-inside-that- counts lesson. The best is that non-violent solutions almost always win out over violent ones. Violence is usually what starts trouble, understanding solves it. Chris Hayes
All I can say is this: Earth 2 is the only show that I PLAN to watch every week. For me, a T.V. show has to be GREAT for that to happen.
amy leathe
I think Earth2 is an awesome show. It has a speacial place in my heart.
72410,2511 Mark Spain
Earth2 is without a doubt, the most intelligent piece of television entertainment since Star Trek! This is TRUE Science Fiction! This is the first show in a long time that I NEVER missed! But as usual, some moronic network executive, guided by some equally moronic marketing specialist, got in the way of good entertainment. Hopefully, someone with brains in this industry will recognize the value of this show. SAVE EARTH2!!! Kim Bahl
Good show, I like the charater development. I find the whole idea very interesting. I like the interest that was building between devon and dannzinger(sp?). I hope It will come back to tv! William Wilbanks
Earth 2 is a thoughtfully written program which invokes awe and wonder in me. It makes you think about many things such as how we have mistreated our planet, what the future might hold, how we take today's luxuries for granted, the hardships that all pioneers in new lands face... Earth 2 would be a great loss. I only watch four shows per week, and, until recently, Earth 2 was one of them. Albert Santiago Jr.
It's a great show. It's encouraging to see a show that brings people together. They have to depend on each other both the adults and children without regard to what part of the HUMAN race the belong to. Any show that promotes faith in each other to accomplish goals of any kind is a show that is definitely worth watching. My wife and I have come to look forward to seeing each new episode.
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lvdc32c Jasson A. Cresanto
I think it's the most intelligent sci-fi series to ever hit the TV screen. More importantly, I think it has become the landmark for complete incompetence in TV big business. Should not have cancelled!!! There are worse shows on at prime time on better nights!!!!
It's a great show for sci-fi and non-sci-fi fans alike. It's intelligent and innovative. I think it's a hopeful look at the future; a future not nearly as sterile as the Star Trek world (don't get me wrong - I _do_ like ST)
Rene Feuerbach
I love it.. Never missed an episode and was very unhappy when I heard it may be gone forever. Kristen Kristen
There is only one show I loved and that was earth 2. I'm just sorry I didn't get all the episodes on tape. Is there anyone who can help with this problem?