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It was a great show -Please bring Earth 2 back Brian Peroceschi
I think E2 is a great show and it is a shame that NBC has cancelled it before it had a chance to catch on. I agree with the comments on this Web Site. I was constantly irritated with the lack of promotion for the show and the pre-emption of the show (which was usually without any warning). Quite frankly, I'm amazed that the show took off at all with the lack of consideration NBC treated the viewers who waited eagerly for each new episode. It is a credit to the quality of program. Most new Space Sci-Fi shows are simply Star Trek copies. Not so with Earth 2. It was genuine and unique, and simply well done. NBC is throwing away the only thing they had going to compete with DS-9 and Voyageur and ignoring a large part of the viewing market. To summarize, I'm not very happy with NBC and if they don't bring back E2 I'll probably avoid their chann David McCord
I liked it. Things seemed to stray a little from the original premise, but overall it was a great show. As with most great SF TV, one of the first things my wife and I said was "this is good, therefore it will be cancelled." Will this message become part of a fan-network "bring back E2" total to be forwarded to the network? This was not clear, but each "support hit" should be logged with someone somewhere. Thanks. Nicole Lindner
I adored the show and when I heard that NBC cancelled it I screamed!!! I absolutely _loved_ and _adored_ E2. To all of the networks out there, PLEASE pick up Earth2!!!! I want to know what happens to Devon and I really miss Julia and Alonzo. E2, please come back!!!! Loren Wayne Mott
I made it a point to never miss Earth2 and ST:DS9. Now DS9 Jennifer D'Agostino
I have the series pilot on tape and have been watching and rewatching it for ages now. Luckily, I found three books based on the series. Do you know whether there will be any more books? I'd appreciate any info on the subject. Thanks, Jennifer D'Agostino (Our Lady of the Lake University) ( ) Joel Gray
Great show. The characters were developing nicely, and for a Sci-Fi show, it really seemed to concentrate more on the characters and believability of the events that occured. I was really bummed when I found out that it was canceled. Dave Dillon
E2 was absolutely great. I was VERY disappointed to see it go. I usually arranged my schedule so that I could see it Dana Edward Frame
E2 is an excellent show that again proves the fallicy of the Neilsen ratings. NBC probably needed to move it from against 60 Minutes and after football game delays, but should not have cancelled it. Chris Steele
E2 was simply one of the best written series that I've seen. My friends and I were stunned when we heard of its cancellation. I'm glad to see that the fight to bring it back goes on. Chris L. M. Walsh
E2 was simply one of the best written series that I've seen. My friends and I were stunned when we heard of its cancellation. The best sci-fi since Trek TNG! Takes sci-fi in a whole new direction, never predictable. Fresh ideas, scipts, and archetypes. I still (in oct. 95) think about the characters... what about Devon??????? L. M. Walsh
E2 was simply one of the best written series that I've seen. My friends and I were stunned when we heard of its cancellation. The best sci-fi since Trek TNG! Takes sci-fi in a whole new direction, never predictable. Fresh ideas, scipts, and archetypes. I still (in oct. 95) think about the characters... what about Devon??????? NBC bit it, big time. L.M. Walsh
For every note listed here in support of E2, there are many others who have not yet written. We represent the literate and expressive, and we like E2. Hey NBC, wouldn't you like us to keep watching your network, or are you working only towards ignorant masses? Your writers and cast did their jobs as you wanted them to - excellently, and your audience recognized that. Entertainment CAN serve to stimulate the mind, and E2 did. Ivan Escobar
Earth 2 was a great show that tried to show some of the aspects of human life in a way that no ther sci/fi series could ever do. Even though that many claim that its off the air for financial problems, there-s got to be wore than that, since cheaper shows and movies get a lot of money to work with. Les Mallett
I really like it, although a friend who likes it too used the exclaimation: "Well end my series an stick me in a fridge." We will both miss it a lot cause it is; 1. Different than the standard. 2. Makes sence. 3. Is believible. Let me know if thier is anything less I can do. Thanks for the opportunity to voice an opinion. Lesman Michael
I just found out that E2 was axed thanks to this web site. I am absolutely amazed a show of such originality and interest is gone. Especially good, with feeling and emotion, was the Grendler episode where the colonist eat the creature. From one Australian to the rest of the world, E2 is a sad loss. Glen Gordy
I think that E2 is one of the best shows ever to be broadcasted and I want to know what I can do to help the show to get back on the air. Jon Mermann
You'd think T.V. execs would have learned their lessons in cancelling good sci-fi with Star Trek. This really was a good show, and it's too bad they got rid of it to make room for the rest of the worthless crap we see instead. Sure hope it returns. Rebecca Hornbrook
This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. From the very first episode, the actors were in touch with their characters, and with the ebb and flow of the show. I couldn't believe it when I learned that Earth 2 had been cancelled, and a show with the nausea-effect of seaQuest had been granted a THIRD chance. Earth 2 quickly became my favourite show, and I was very disappointed when I found out it had been cancelled. Bec Shawn Spence
I think it was a show doomed to failure not because of its quality, but because of its time slot. Many other shows have faced the same fate at the hands of 60 minutes. I think it deserves aqnother chance in a different time.
Marco Benoit
I love Earth! and I wauld like it very much to have it back. It`s a good sience fiction show that me and my father watch with interest and curiosity. For me it`s te equivalent of star trek and believe me it`s a compliment. matthew costa
i thought earth2 was one of the best shows on the air waves. It was original and had some pretty interesting characters. to think that it was pulled and seaqust:dsv stayed was pretty upsetting. e2 had a lot of potential. i'd like to see what happened next. and i'd like to know if there's any chance it'll go back on the air, as well as what i could do to get it back. keep me informed if possible. anyway, this is a great page. later, matt costa susan
Wish it would come back on the air! John Timm
I loved E2. I was very surprised and disappointed to see it taken off the air. I want it back! Let me know what I can do. Katrina McDonnell
In Australia we only finished E2 a few weeks ago and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms.Thank goodness I've found all the places on the net to keep me occupied.Let's keep on fighting to get E2 back.As atmospheric science student I was intrigued and dismayed by the premise of a dead Earth, but we do have a second chance.Let's hope Dev, Danz and the rest get their second chance
ebc4405 Benoit Casey
I was very disapointed when Earth2 got cancelled. I will gladly do anything in my power to help get it back on the air. I sincerly miss that show! teresa
I thought E2 was a strong very promising sf show and have been extremely disappointed that it was not renewed.
Deb Leech
I thought it was a good concept. An excellent chance to really get into the head of another humanoid lifeform. The aspects of dream and telepathic communication were often truly inspired. Vivian Bushell
I thought it was a great show. Too bad it was too frequently interupted by football games. That's probably the number one reason for it losing it's raitings. Not alot of people enjoy watching a show that gets interrupted so much that you have to wait 3 weeks to see the next episode! But I did, and so did all my friends. I would really like to see it return to TV. Just give it no interuptions or a new time slot! c.sloan
The best science fiction show to hit the airwaves EVER!

PaulC76504 P. D. Copher
As Anthropologist it was fascinating to see the interaction of characters, survival ideas, Xenobiology, etc. Great teaching tool as well-how would you survive? How to go about setting up a civilization ?
Sue LaChapelle
E2 was a great show, It was the only thing I looked forward to seeing it. I think the so called "rating" systems for shows should be revised. So many times are really good shows taken off the air. Richard
We want it back now!!! Its a super cool show with lots of good storiy lines and action!!! Michael Moody
This was great viewing. A program that the whole family looked forward to, and now mourns the loss of. Paulo Manuel Garrido
Who is the fool who canceled one of the best shows on televison? Whoever it was should be fired, no make that executed!!! Viva Earth 2 Lynn Gionette
I really liked it and i was just getting into the story line. I liked the genre and the actors.Damn, I wish it was still on
jmknight@ jill
I thought that it was a very good show, honest yet unique. I want to know why E2 was cancelled when they could of rid of shows like Seinfeld. jill
I thought that it was a very good show, honest yet unique. I want to know why E2 was cancelled when they could of rid of shows like Seinfeld. David Shewchuk
The show was sensitive and intelligent. Perhaps too much emphasis on children but I could live with that. I'd say Babylon 5 is substantially better than Earth2 but Earth2 was better than Star Trek:Voyageur and almost as good as Deep Space 9. However, what has surprised me is that everyone (and I mean everyone) I have spoken to who actually saw Earth2 liked it. Not enough people knew about it or were familiar with the concept. I think that was its problem. It was a lot better than most of the junk on TV. Personally, I am not a Lucas fan (its been mostly downhill since THX 1138). However, this was decent TV and deserves a second chance. Have a good one David Francis
Thought it was the best sci-fi show since Star Trek: TNG

I am a devoted Trekker and felt that E2 is the a show that matches ST i in quality and story power.

75143,2407@CIS.COM Jonathan Vaughan
I was CRUSHED when I heard that they had cancelled Earth2. I didn't know how I was going to tell my children the bad news. When the next Sunday rolled around and I told them what happened, my eight year old daughter literally broke into tears. She is in 3rd grade in the "gifted" program and loves the story and the characters very much. It became a family tradition. We planned our Sunday dinner so that we would be finished eating in time for the show. The writers did a wonderful job developing the characters. Characters that I didn't care for earlier in the story began to grow on me, and I saw depth and many shades of grey. When they cancelled it, I became extremely angry with NBC. I thought they should have atleast given the show some sort of resolution. Now every Sunday at 6:00, I think of what my family has lost. I now have to seriously question whether I want to become absorbed in other TV fiction or sci-fictio Lisa Kohles
This is my second or third message to this page, but this time I have real news! For info on how to save Earth 2, send a LSASE to: The Terrian Alliance, 4245 So Atherton Drive, Apt.#10, Salt Lake City, UT 84123-2111 May the journey continue....... [United we stand . . . and flame NBC to dust!!!!] Jennifer Koonin
E2 was the most innovative show to hit T.V. since Next Generation!!!!!!! Losing this show would be like losing "My So-called Life. Kristy Locke
I miss earth2 so much! Why does NBC *always* cancel the good sf shows (Star Trek, for example) and change the good stuff to make it even worse (i.e., seaQuest becoming seaQuest 2032). I really hope earth2 can be picked up by ABC. Keep up the good work! Cliff Garz
I thought E2 was a very good show sorry to see it go hope it does come back Good luck in your efforts michael fichtenmayer
I thought from the begining that Earth 2 was a great story. There are very few shows that I actually would make time for. Every Sunday at 7:00pm I would sit and watch never missing an episode. Until E2 started to be taken over week after week by football Amber Hoppenworth
I relly like Earth 2, and the message it puts forth. It gives people the idea that our planet isn't expendable. It is the thing we depend on for life. I also really like the characters. Devon is everything I would like my daughter to be; strong, independent, and loving, as well as optimistic. Julia is capable, and strong as well. Bess is sweet, and sensitive, but knows how to survive. Alonzo is smart, handsome, yet sincere. Morgan may whine, but he cares for people, and when it comes down to it, he has the tenacity of a pit bull. Yale is the silent, yet reassuring presance that encorages everyone to endure. He also gives people the reassurance to fell that they can make it. True is sassy, smart, independant, and dear. Uly gets on my nerves, but has a quality about him that makes people want to take care of him. Finally, there's Danziger. I'm sorry, some of you man not agree, but hot Hagay Barel
I think E2 is a good show, better then all ST series. i've been watching E2 for only a short time and i already like it more than ST. i think E2 has a better view of the future than ST
ELJones Elizabeth L. Jones
Loved it, miss it! Cory Klingman
I really want the show back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ERika Jean Hale
I think it;s great! It sucks they cancelled it.... peyma Oskoui
I just wanted to share with you the mail my sister sent to ABC network. It is a great mail, and perhaps some others can incorporate her points which she makes clear real elagantly: "Dear ABC, I understand that you may be taking on new shows as mid season replacements. Please check the internet site Http:// to see all the support for EARTH2; a wonderful show on NBC last year. You can easily find 1000 messages there from fans of this show (I don't know how long the messages are kept; the fan club has been around for about 7 months) - all of whom fervently want to see this show back on air. NBC did a very poor job of promoting this show, despite the obvious interest out there for quality science fiction and rave reviews from the critics. And while the ratings were hurt because of NBC constantly pre-emptin Robert S. Varady, Jr.
thought it was a great show. was very disappointed that it was not going to be on anymore