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    Welcome to the unofficial Earth2 Home Page

    On May 15th 1995 NBC cancelled Earth2. I have information here for those who want to learn about, and perhaps help save a great television show. Please leave your comments about Earth 2 here on this website. I'll try to keep you updated on any news I hear about our progress. If you ever have E2 news, please let me know via e-mail!

    If you'd like to keep up with the latest E2 happenings, please join one of the Earth2 mail lists. This will enable you to have constant feedback on what is going on in the process of getting the show back on the air, information on E2 newsletters, upcoming conventions, fan fiction, and E2 humor. The more people we have on the list, the more influence we can have on networks. There are several different lists you can join giving you a variety of options.

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