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As many know, Earth2 was nominated for three Emmy's and there will be a "fly-by" this year where a plane will pull an E2 sign around the sky for two hours as all the Hollywood big-shots arrive in their limos. This will at least get local press and if you'd like to help it get national press, you could write/e-mail USA Today and let them know how you feel about E2. The address is

Either: Matt Roush or Alan Bash
c/o of USA Today Life Section
535 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022


E2 seems to be getting a bit more press. In the TVTimes which is sent out with newspapers owned by Don Mills, Inc. there was a letter asking what the hope was for getting E2 back on the air. The tv columnist wrote that the current outlook was dim but did give the E2:EA address on how to get more information.... In Starlog there were two positive letters to the editor concerning E2 and one negative letter.


Hey all- not much is new lately, but today I posted last weeks E2:Eden Advance weekly summary for those of you not on the mailing list and rely on me for your source :) In the near future I'm going to try to clean up this page a bit since it's been getting a bit out of control if you know what I mean.

The SciFi Buzz (a show? on the SciFi channel - our cable company doesn't give us that) stated that Earth2 did not have a hard core devoted fan base as Beauty and the Beast did several years ago. If you don't agree with this, feel free to e-mail them at


Since the message was received from M. Duggan (see 8/15 news) and several phone calls were made, a new plan was created. The new mailing campaign will go right to the top and let Steven Spielburg know that there are many E2 fans out here. Here is a suggestion from Domino (another fine member of the E2 mailing list :) Time to start writing!

It was also discovered that Earth2 was nominated for a THIRD emmy for their special effects. Gotta love them Terrians :) Should shows nominated for three emmy's be cancelled? I don't think so.


I received an e-mail message today that was reportedly on behalf of Michael Duggan. I have since then gotten word straight from Hollywood (via a phone call) that the message is genuine so HERE it is.


I forgot to mention this a few days back when I first heard it. Deborah Farentino gave birth to a new daughter about a week ago. She and her husband now have two children.

As mentioned yesterday, Lost Civilazations (the show in E2's old time slot) is finishing this coming Sunday so it is a great time to tell NBC that you would like reruns of the Emmy-nominated Earth2. Feel free to let Preston Beckman ( know how you feel :)


It appears as though E2 has been nominated for a second Emmy in the catagory of best sound editing for the episode First Contact which was the Pilot Episode! Feel free to let "others" know about this.

NBC has set up a home page on the web. There is a chat board where you can leave messages. If you have the time, let them know that you would like to see Earth2 reruns! The limited run of Lost Civilizations is now completed. The ratings were far lower than the E2 ratings for that time period but since Time funded the whole thing (just a guess) NBC probably doesn't care. The NBC web page is located at and the "chat board" is at just in case you don't want to wait for their graphics to load.


Jessica Steen was recently married and a large collection of images from the actual wedding can be found on the Jessica Steen Home Page.


New mailing lists have become available in case the standard E2 list is to much to handle.

NBC's e-mail magazine (NBC X-tra) seems to have forgotten about E2 being nominated for an Emmy. Click here to find out how to let them know of their error!

Disney bought ABC. If you'd like to let Disney know that E2 would make a great addition to their line-up (little violence, great marketing potential, great show) here is the address

500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

The main # is 818/560-1000.

CBS was also bought. Their address can be found below under "addresses"

Click here for the summary of events covering the past week (through Jul 28) on the Earth2 mailing list.

Here is the Episode Guide if you want to know the name of a certain episode.