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From: (Roger Yerramsetti)
REDIRECTED INTO THIS NEWSGROUP BY (Roger Yerramsetti) for Domino

Ok, since I brought the idea of blitzing up originally, a few days ago, I thought I'd get my version of the instructions out. Below is just what Makes Sense to me.

1, The address

  Steve Spielberg   ---  I saw him on Larry King live say that he
  c/o Amblin Entertainment       definitely Wanted to change his "show
  100 Universal City Plaza       biz name" To STEVE Spielberg.
  Bungalow 477                      
  Universal City, CA

2. Content : This goes without saying, but be __Polite__. You can also call the Telephone number (1-818-777-1000) but be extra polite. We want them to know that we are normal, non rabid (sorry rabid clancyettes) fans of the show.

You might want to include some of the following in the body.

Your demographics (especially if you have desirable ones, you know what I mean, we all know that in TV Ad land, us non 18-40 males don't exactly count, but every one in "let's save E2 land" counts) That you watched the show loyally, but you had difficulty with the
a.time slot
b. constant preemptions.
That you had may friends who watched but had trouble with the above.

What you especially liked about the show ( originality, character development, Alonzo's bare chest (just kidding))

A request/plea to help campaign for E2's continued existance, or if he can't, to please refer our letters to whoever might use them best.

A compliment on some other non e2 related accomplishment of his and a "thanks for your time"

On the Envelope, DO NOT put "Regarding E2" or any such comment, we want them to have to open each one, roll their eyes and add it to the pile.


Whoever said it was right, spamming isn't going to help as much as lots of individual letters. my Ideas

1. If they're all from you, try different color stationary.
2. Bug your friends, but make it as easy for them as possiible.

I got ten letters in a day the following way. Bring Envelopes with you to school/work/the gym/whereever. find a friend (family member, whatever) BRIEFLY explain your situation and ask them for five minutes of their time to make you extremely happy and grateful. Once they say yes to make you shut up, hand them an envelope, ask them to copy the address off your conveniently provided index card. ask them to put their address on it. take the envelope. tell them to put the date, return address, etc, then dear Mr Spielberg, then either dictate, or have them copy a BRIEF letter with a "Demographics" sentence, a "I am a fan of E2 for these reasons" sentence, and a "Please help renew e2" sentence. have them sign it. take it. stamp it. Send it.

It works, trust me. especially on family members.

Now here's the important part. This blitz should Start August twentieth, and End August 26th. Get as many letters as humanly possible to the ONE address above between those two dates, then we will move on to another address. A glut of mail for one week will be more effective than dribbled out, and a weeks worth should be long enough to get their attention.

So, to summarize.

Steve Spielberg
C/O Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal City Plaza
Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA

No "EARTH 2 on envelope"

Be polite

get lots of letters

Send them between Aug 20 and Aug 26, the next address will be forthcoming.

Oh, and please crosspost this on AOL, Compuserve,, and wherever else you think it might be seen. Just check to see if it hasn't already been posted, so they don't get 15 copys.

Thanks again,
and May (or was it let?) the Journey continue,


P.S. Try hanging out at local comic shops and bugging people there, ask the management first, though.