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Raman- Michael Duggan asked me to send the following letter to as many relevant E2 sites and newsgroups that I could find. I work for an Internet access provider and have a better chance of finding them all than he does. Please post to as many groups as might be interested. I'll look for a few more, but I'm sure you'll get the major ones.

Thanks, Mike McQ

Dear supporters of Earth 2:

I'm writing this at the request of Michael Duggan, Executive Producer and co-creator of the series. Michael has read the many letters that have poured in over the last few months, and as they have become too numerous for us to respond to, he has asked that I post this as a response at the various web sites.

Your words of encouragement have indeed been appreciated. The page ad in Variety this past June was both moving and an exceptional example of how good television can arouse and mobilize its audiences. Even having said that, it was a rare event.

In the interest of presenting some facts amidst the the feelings of disappointment, it should be made clear that many elements come into play in the survival of a television series. Earth 2 was a mammoth undertaking. It ranks among the most expensive shows ever produced at Universal Television. NBC was always a strong supporter of the show. Unfortunately, the fiscal needs of Universal, were such that creative elements of the show would have been jeopardized to an unacceptable level. Unacceptable to the network (NBC) and to the show's creators. Ultimately, in an attempt to find a solution to its financial concerns, Universal opted to replace the show's creators and Exec producers with a new team. NBC found the new direction not to their liking and decided to cancel the show.

Although Michael is not in a position to offer much hope at this time, it is not to say that the show is irreconcilibly dead. Universal is in the midst of a transition. New ownership (Seagrams/ Bronfman) has brought with it the beginnings of new senior level management (Ron Meyer from CAA), and possibly new direction and enthusiasm for the television division. Steven Spielberg has told Michael he was a huge fan of the show, but to the best of my knowledge, he has not as of yet, flexed his considerable strength on its demise. Still, a fairly massive push would be needed to jumpstart Universal, NBC or even another network to reinstate the series. The letters, postings, ads, and general word of mouth have gone a long way to keep the show on the minds of those needing persuasion, and if it is indeed an indication of what's out there, then it's true that there's a lot of life left in the hearts of those who loved Earth 2.

Thank you. Long live E2, its devoted fan base, and with them, Devon, Danziger, and all the inhabs of G889.

Hugo Scales
(for Michael Duggan)