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The Earth2 Lists that are currently available are:

E2-Humor - for primarily E2 related humor (GB&G and the like) but all funnies are welcome.

E2-FanFic - Self explanatory

Earth2-Thread - A summary of the main lists activities for the week.

To subscribe to any of the above, send to: and in the body, type: "subscribe listname" (no quotes or brackets).

Lets try to move the humor and fanfic off the main list as soon as possible. For those of you who decide to subscribe to the additioal lists, traffic should remain about the same...for those who do not, traffic should be reduced considerably.

Please note that if someone says something funny on the main list, this will not be a signal to start complaining and trying to flame the poster. People are human (most of us anyway ;-) )and will make mistakes. If the person persists, I'll remind them of the humor list. It's a little harder to make a mistake in regards to fanfic, however, some people who have unsubbed for a period of time may not be aware of the new list and may post fanfic to the main list. Please try to be considerate of those who may not be aware of the changes.

Also, Eden Advance now has it's very own Email address, it's (no, it's not case sensitive). Please feel free to pass this address along as an initial contact point regarding E2:EA information and activities.