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The December NewPacificon News!

This is currently the most important issue around! Don't miss it!
A few sites have recently moved or have updated: (I've had a few problems getting to that site...but that's the net :) and

E2 continues to get aired in North America. It was recently seen on ITV (an Edmonton channel - Canada that is :). It is currently running in many places in Europe and in Africa. If only NBC would get it back on the air in this country....however....

Preston Beckman (just call him Mr. NBC-nothing but comedy (sorry I'm still peeved at NBC)) recently reiterated that E2 did not fit into their "plans." He at least admitted that "We (NBC) are not always smart." I'll agree wholeheartedly with that comment. Their current 7-8 pm time slot comedies are bombing and they are now running reruns of "Lost Civilizations" that was generously paid for by Time, Inc. That is also the show that "replaced" E2 last summer. The rest of their Sunday night lineup is also suffering. Mad About You was consistently a top ten show last year and in it's new 8 pm slot (against L+C, the Simpsons, and Cybil) it is now ranked more around number 20 every week. Hope and Gloria was their "big hit" last year and they've now realized that it's ratings were purely due to its time slot last year and they are sliding it right onto their Saturday night lineup where I'm sure it will last about 8 more episodes. Poor NBC...I guess they just don't care though since they are just rolling in the PeeBee said in the MAY newsgroup the other day, "There is no conspiracy on the part of the networks (sorry) to screw the's just the reality of the business." Besides that, Bill Gates has jumped on the NBC bandwagon...

Bill Gates and Microsoft recently made a bit of a merger with NBC and will soon have a new news awesome new web site....blah, blah, blah... The upside of this is that Bill Gates is a big sci-fi fan so if anyone out there happens to know him...could you throw in a good word for getting some E2 back on NBC?

The latest on the E2 merchandise from the Entertainment weekly store is ... it's a maybe on the videos and the soundtrack so please if you haven't or even if you have send them an email at and ask them to sell the videos and the soundtrack or call toll free at 1-800-EWEEKLY. They say that if they don't have good sales on their t-shirts that they won't try to get much else.

Carol Flint (who did awesome work with E2) now works with ER on NBC (ok...they have one thing other than a comedy). She wrote their Christmas show that aired a few days back and did a GREAT JOB.

Another E2 fan attending school here in this fine state of Michigan suggests that you use your extra Christmas cards to wish the NBC execs a happy holiday...just remind them to give you a good x-mas wish.

Just as a side note, I'll be moving this page to a new site in the next month or so. I'll probably have lots of pictures and sounds that you can download...if you haven't gotten everything out there already :) I'll have this site with a link to the new one up for at least a few months so you can all update your bookmarks.

And case I don't have a chance to do another update before the holidays...I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah.



The ConCom is fast coming up on a "failsafe" deadline. We need to determine if there is enough support out there to proceed with New PacifiCon '96, so we would like to take another fan head count to see how many are planning on attending. This poll will be very important to New PacifiCon's future so please respond if you intend to come (it is not neccessary to respond if you do not).

Please email us if you plan on coming.

We would also appreciate the following info:

If you are bringing any off-list friends and how many.

If you are going to be getting a single room at the Pinnacle or, if you plan on sharing, how many people will be in your room.


New PacifiCon Committee


There is a sci-fi page that has been updated recently and is really starting to look pretty good. The E2 part is at and you can get to the main page from there if you want to see the rest.


The New Pacifica Postal Service is pleased to announce our mail target for the week of December 4: Universal, by way of Barbara Satow, who is heading up the effort to petition Universal for more Earth2 books. Below is a letter from her along with her address. We hope you'll all throw your support - and letters - Barbara's way.

Fellow Earth 2 Fans,

Seven months without a new, official Earth 2 adventure is seven months too long. While work continues to get more episodes on the air, a small way to keep the dream alive (and temporarily soothe our withdrawl symptoms) is the publication of more Earth 2 novels. To that end, I have volunteered to be the clearing house for letters to MCA/Universal asking them to license more Earth 2 books.

Rather than solicit a petition which might be dismissed or downgraded to a single piece of mail, regardless of the number of signatures on it, I've composed a short form letter that allows for personal input from each signee. My dream is to ship a brimming box of these to a studio contact who has promised to see they'll get to the right department. *Please* feel free to print, copy, alter, and distribute this to any fan still pining to free Devon from her cold sleep crypt and see the Eden crew in action again.

When you get as many letters as you feel like stuffing in an envelope, please mail them to me at:

(or, if that embarrasses you, Barbara Satow will do :) )
13511 Mohawk Trail
Cleveland, OH 44130

In the beginning of January, I will ship all the letters to the studio contact. During the course of the next few weeks, I will report the letter drive's progress, and will post a final tally of letters when the package is on its way. I believe the minimum print run of a paperback novel is 5,000 copies. While I'm not setting this as a goal (yet :) ), I think the closer we can come to a ( few :) ) thousand responses, the better our chances to score this small victory.

Thanks for your help and support. May the Journey Continue.

Barbara Satow
Chairperson, and only member of
E2EA's Book Petition Committee


NBC's Sunday Night woes continue. I've heard rumors that Hope and Gloria is moving to Saturday evening since it's Sunday ratings are abysmal. Last year it had good ratings since it was sandwiched between Mad About You and Seinfeld in their Thursday night lineup. Earth2 certainly did well relative to all the new shows NBC has attempted in the dreaded 7-8 pm Eastern time slot. There have been many comments in several NBC related newsgroups stating that NBC is getting far fewer hours on the average persons tv sets this year relative to last year. I must say that's true on my set. I'm still peeved at NBC....


Here is the first on-line version of the New Pacificon News! For the most up to date info, please see the New Pacificon Web site (mentioned in the news).