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Here's an electronic (text-only) version of the Earth2 Eden Advance Convention Committee newsletter. Please request your own hardcopy issue for the cool pictures!

A newsletter from the New PacifiCon '96 Convention Committee and Earth2 Eden Advance
Vol. I No. 2
December 1995


Welcome to the second issue of The NP News. Included in this issue are "clip and mail" forms for registration and our fundraising T-shirt. But feel free to make photocopies of the forms for yourself and other fans so the newsletter can remain intact for your reading pleasure!


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New PacifiCon '96
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10601-A Tierrasanta Blvd.
San Diego, California 92124

The convention committee thanks you for your interest and we hope to meet everyone in person next April!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is subject to change without notice, including but not limited to membership fees, program activities, advertised guests and merchandise.

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Imagine yourself a member of the Eden Project celebrating the group's arrival at New Pacifica. 2215 is the year in which Devon and company would have made it across the planet to their destination. In consideration of those poor souls without web access, all the info from the con web site is included here.

Shirts are heavyweight Fruit of the Loom black 50/50 cotton fabric with silk-screened designs as follows: On the back is this picture (in color), with the words "New PacifiCon 2215" above and "We Now Return to Earth2" below. On the front is the concom's 3-color Eden Advance logo (see left) and the words, "May the Journey Continue. . . ."

Limited quantities so order TODAY! The order form is also on the convention web site or ask for an email version.

(I'm throwing this in here are a few good reasons to get a t-shirt from an E2 fan...)

Did you tell them that the t-shirts come with a tag stating that no Grenders were harmed while ongoing lab research discovered just the right amount of Grendler drool needed to glue their seams together?

Did you tell them that these shirts provide easy access to the dream plane?

Or how about how New Pacificon Fantasy t-shirts wearers will get first class service while traveling thur spider caves expressways?

Did you tell them how these t-shirts allow one to blend in easily one's surroundings while traveling the treacherous landscapes of New Pacifica and how this just might save one's life when ZEDS are on patrol?


Clancy Brown, Actor
[John Danziger]

John Gegenhuber, Actor
[Morgan Martin]

Joey Zimmerman, Actor
[Uly Adair]

Negotiations underway with several other players from the series, including production team staff and writers. Check out the latest responses from those we have contacted on the convention World Wide Web site.

GoH FOCUS: Clancy Brown (text from cast profiles on the MCA/Universal Earth2 web pages).

CB talks about his character John Danziger. "He's just a regular guy. The most important thing to him is his daughter, but he also feels the whole group of pioneers needs to be taken care of. If someone is needed to take the trash out, he won't mind doing it." [image]

Brown was born in Urbana, OH (near Columbus), on a January 5, and raised in both Urbana and Washington DC. He received a track scholarship to Northwestern University, from which he graduated with a B.S.S. degree in speech. He appeared in local Chicago theater until he was cast as Viking, a nasty prison inmate in the 1982 feature film "Bad Boys," starring Sean Penn. A year later he moved to Los Angeles, where he appeared in such movies as "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai," "Extreme Prejudice," "The Bride," "Pet Sematary II," and "Highlander (as the evil Kurgan). He also stars as a prison guard captain in the feature "The Shawshank Redemption," based on a Stephen King novel.

Brown's TV credits include the NBC mini-series "Love, Lies and Murder" and "Bloodlines: Murder in the Family" as well as the movies "Johnny Ryan," "Desperate Rescue," "Last Light," and "Cast a Deadly Spell" (the latter two for cable). He also guest-starred on "China Beach" and the cable series "Tales From The Crypt." Among his extensive theater credits are "Antony and Cleopatra" (starring opposite Mercedes Ruehl) at the Actors Theatre in Louisville, KY, in 1992; "Miss Julie"; "Romeo and Juliet"; "The Merchant of Venice" and "Much Ado About Nothing" (the latter two in Chicago).

Brown describes himself as an avid reader who particularly enjoys the works of Frank Herbert and Allan Eckert. In addition, he also likes to collect animation art, shoot a few basketball hoops, follow the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, and "goof around the house" as a handyman. Brown lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jeanne Johnson, a TV news producer.

Editor's Note: Since this profile's publication, CB has become a proud new father! The newest Edenite is Rose Beth Johnson-Brown, born Oct 23rd. How life imitates art. . .


The official World Wide Web information page for New PacifiCon '96 can be found at:

Please direct any convention questions to the constaff at our email address: NEWPACIFICON@STARGAME.ORG


Below is a sketch of the activities under discussion for the three days of convention activities. Lynne, our program coordinator, is working hard on ironing out what will be going on. Feel free to contact her with your ideas of what you'd like to see and do at SOARON@NETCOM.COM

Friday, April 19
This is our "set up and get going" day for fans to get to know each other. Show up, get settled, relax and join in when ready! Some activities include:

Morning field trip to a filming location, site TBD (will require pre-registration)

Saturday, April 20
Here's the BIG day for those with shorter time frames.

Sunday, April 21
The wrap-up, cool-down day.

Morning field trip to a filming location, site TBD (will require pre-registration)


Pinnacle Hotel Four Seasons
Hotel and Convention Center
2500 Carlisle NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

For reservations call (800)545-8400 or (505)888-3311. When reserving your room(s) please tell the hotel your stay is in relation to the New PacifiCon '96 convention so you will receive the special room rate of $63 per night single or double.


Convention memberships go on sale December 1, 1995. Use the form in this newsletter, print one off the web site, or request an email version. Memberships are non-refundable and not tax-deductable.

For Attendees:

Adult Membership: $50.00 donation for one pass to New PacifiCon '96 for an entire weekend of Earth2 memories, relaxation and FUN!

Junior Membership: $25.00 donation for one pass to New PacifiCon '96 (ages 6 to 17, must be accompanied by an adult member). No membership required for children under six who are accompanied by an adult member.

Day-rates: $20.00 donation for a one day pass on Saturday, April 20, 1996.

Special Options: Costs TBD. These include pre-registration for the dinner with our Guests of Honor and the field trips to filming location sites. If you are interested in these extra activities, please indicate on your registration form.

For those who wish to support New PacifiCon '96:

Basic Donation: $20.00 for a New PacifiCon fantasy t-shirt (+ $3 S&H). See prior section on Fundraising for details.

Sustaining Donation (coming soon): $35.00 to reserve a New PacifiCon '96 official convention t-shirt and program signed by all our Guests of Honor.


In subsequent issues, this column will touch on different areas for the new visitor.

Before Land of Enchantment became the state slogan, New Mexico went by the nickname The Sunshine State--based on the fact that every part of New Mexico receives at least 70 percent sunshine year-round.

With a state as large as New Mexico, though, climate varies considerably from one place to the next. Snowfall ranges from less than 2 inches annually in the lower Rio Grande Valley to as much as 300 inches in the mountains of north-central New Mexico. Communities at higher elevations tend to be cooler throughout the year. Thunderstorms are most common in July and August.

Local Style
Despite its bold landscapes, New Mexico is a land of subtleties. Things that appear obvious to the first-time visitor may not be what they seem.

For instance, despite the fairly hectic pace of traffic in the two or three larger towns, most native New Mexicans don't honk their horns at each other. There's plenty of time to get to where you're going, and beeping is offensive to those who don't have to live their lives accounting for every second.

New Mexicans, especially in rural areas, enjoy a leisurely concept of time. This concept sometimes is so unsettling to visitors that it's been used to stereotype New Mexicans for more than a century.

Transplanted Easterner Charles Lummis, for example, wrote a book about New Mexico called The Land of Poco Tiempo. Loosely translated that means "slow time." Others have referred to the "land of manana." But time's passage depends, after all, on your point of view. New Mexico wouldn't be the charming place it is if people zipped around at a San Francisco or New York pace.

New Mexico is a land of graciousness, which, like subtlety, takes attention to detail, and that takes time. Here are a few suggestions for improving your visit's quality.

1) This isn't some kind of desert Disneyland. The people you meet here are real, hey, they watch the same networks you do!

2) Respect American Indian traditions. If you're on Indian land, you're in a sovereign nation. That means Indian rules apply. All convention field trip sites are on Indian (or federal park) lands so remember the following:

a) No photographs, sketching or video cameras without a permit from the pueblo or tribal government.
b) Keep quiet and respect Indian dances or other ceremonies. They are not performances, but religious observances. Don't applaud or speak to the dancers. Don't wander into the dance arena or block any of the sacred entry or exit ways.
c) Don't pick up pottery shards or other tempting artifacts.
d) Don't walk on ruin walls oR approach kivas.
e) Don't bring alcohol or drugs onto Indian land.

In short, if you're from a hectic environment, don't bring your pace with you. Park it, relax and enjoy the subtleties of this enchanting land.

Stay tune for other snippets on New Mexico in future issues of The NP News. All information courtesy of the NM Tourism web site.


Happy Holiday's to everyone in the Earth2 family, and to Earth2 fandom. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all mankind (don't forget Terrians, Grendlers and Kobas).

One last plug: for your holiday shopping, may we suggest our New PacifiCon 2215 fantasy T-shirts?

The New PacifiCon News is a convention newsletter for fans of Earth2, and is affiliated with Earth2 Eden Advance, an Earth2 fan club.


Editor: Nicole Neilan
Convention Chair: Julie White

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____ I am interested in pre-registration for these optional activities ____ dinner with GoHs

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New PacifiCon '96
P.O. Box G889
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