San Francisco - 1/97
Alcatraz Revisited
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The island is used as a bird sanctuary, and for many educational programs, as well as the set for famous movies.

Now the sun is setting and we head for the mainland. We want to try and schedule "deep sea fishting" for Saturday, but it doesn't work out. So after walking around the warf we get pizza and cruise around town in the Mustang on the way back to the hotel.

As it turned out, we were too tired and didn't know enough about where (Half Moon Bay) to deep sea fish on Saturday. I also didn't have money left. So Saturday was spent playing video games and messing around at the Warf.



Since money was low, and work wasn't paying me to stay an extra night, we moved to the Allison hotel for a night. Instead of $150 a night it was only $50 a night. Much more within my budget. Someday I figure I will take trips and not worry about such petty things as money, but that will be in another millenium, not this.

We did have fun and did more driving around San Francisco before flying home early Sunday morning. It is hard to do everything you want to in one trip, but San Francisco is definitely one of our favorite towns and we look forward to visiting it again!

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