The Move is On '99
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John & Jarrett & Ellie the Dog move from Santa Fe to the Quad Cities.

The first hotel room at Jumer's has no Air Conditioning. The heat index outside is 120. Ellie thinks we should try another room.

Ellie hears that there is a new dog park opening in Moline. She has John drive her there and she has lots of fun exploring.

Driving across the Mississippi from Illinois to Iowa. This has become a daily occurance for John.

Jarrett spends many days at the Rampage skate park as he practices on his bike.

We've finally decided on a house to rent in Bettendorf. Ellie, for one, is glad to be in her own place again!

Again... Ellie claims her bed. The movers unloaded everything from Santa Fe. It was one of the least painful moves John has had. Although he didn't get his security deposit back from the last place.

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