Moving Santa Fe Style
or, My First Visit to the Chiropractor
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Cheryl found a nice house in Eldorado, with a big yard and a fireplace.

She has a nice big kitchen now and the pets live outside.

Cheryl perpares a gormet meal in her new kitchen.

The front of Cheryl's house.

It is expensive, but a nice house. Too bad the landlord comes over so often to check up on things. It will be nice to someday have a house that you are buying instead of renting!

John and Jarrett's house on Calle de Ovejas. A very nice one story house, but again, it is a rental and it would be better to own. This will work out for a year or so and then maybe John's business will get going and he can buy something. At least this one is nice and big and John can run his business out of the sunroom.

The corner house where John & Jarrett are renting.

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