J's Big California 1996 - 2/4

John flies out to California, where he meets up with Ray Swartz and his little brother Jarrett. August 1996. Click on an arrow above to see more photos of the trip.

Ray seems to be getting a lot of sun today. He relaxes and watches John chase Jarrett through Fivel's Playland.

Jarrett tires out John, so the old man takes a rest break on a giant pair of sunglasses that happens to be laying about.

Jarrett shows off his rock climbing skills.

On Tuesday, John and Jarrett pick up some essentials like Film and Dramamine and head off to Magic Mountain for a long day of fun! Jarrett lets John drive the purple-convertible-rental-beast after awhile.

The line at Six Flags Magic Mountain starts early. The dynamic duo show up at 8:30 and the park opens at 10:00 AM.

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