J's Big California 1996 - 4/4

John flies out to California, where he meets up with Ray Swartz and his little brother (at the time) Jarrett. August 1996. Click on an arrow above to see more photos of the trip.

The water rides at Magic Mountain are so much fun that John and Jarrett decide to head over to the Splash Mountain side of the park.

Can I get any more sun?? Part of being an old fart is having to pay for everything, carry the kid around, drive everywhere and chase after the squirt when he disapears. Despite the dazed and confused look, John's having a great time!

You want some of this? The twelve year old dynamo tears up the park and takes on the baddest rides it has to offer.

The wave pool sucks the remaining life out of John. It seems to have the opposite effect on Jarrett, who soon after disapears while John lies beached beside the wave pool. John searches for Jarrett and finds him in time to get dragged onto the last water slides of the day. After that the boys head back to ride the biggest and fastest roller coasters at Magic Mountain. Batman had a LONG line, but was fun. So was Viper. Next time we'll do those rides first.

Wednesday is the last day in California for the boys. John takes Jarrett and his little brother Andre to Malibu Grand Prix for some video games, batting practice and golf. John and Jarrett cruise out to the Santa Monica pier later in the day. One last chance to see the ocean.

After returning the rental car, John, Jarrett and Taylor take Southwest back to New Mexico. It's 8:00 PM and the brother and sister pair are at each others throats. They get home at midnight in Santa Fe, and John has to drive another half hour home (of course). After the past 125 hours John really needs a vacation!

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