The Aspen Trip - 12/96
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John & Jarrett head North to Aspen for Jarrett's 13th birthday. They enjoy snowboarding and skiing and endure bitter cold and a trecherous trip home.

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The hotel room was nice, with a kitchenette and couch and the patio door opened to the slopes at Buttermilk.

Since they arrived on Friday, they decided to hit Aspen for dinner at Planet Hollywood, and on Saturday they went to Hard Rock Cafe - which was excellent. It was an expensive town, and the weather was pretty cold.

Boarderfest was a big "Snowboard Only" event and John was a beginner. Jarrett was an old pro at things so he taught John, although John seemed to enjoy falling down so the female instructors would pitty him and help him up.

There were all the latest snowboards and bindings to try.

John was so excited that he broke into song at a moment's notice.

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