The Aspen Trip - 12/96
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John & Jarrett head North to Aspen for Jarrett's 13th birthday. They enjoy snowboarding and skiing and endure bitter cold and a trecherous trip home.

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Buttermilk was a great learner's mountain. The snow was fluffy at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day John had flattened most of the mountain.

So on Sunday, John decided he needed to ski - so he and Jarrett went to Snowmass. A gigantic ski area. The weather was very cold, but it was great skiing/snowboarding. Jarrett is shown here warming up and eating a Snowmass sized lunch.

Beautiful Mountain scenery and long winding trails.

The fresh powder made skiing a workout, but well worth the effort! It was sad that the day ended so quickly and the vacation was over. A long trip back to New Mexico was about to begin.

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