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For those of you that have an interest, the first Earth2 convention will be held this April

From: (AnnieBW)

New Pacificon '96, the FIRST "Earth 2" convention, will be held at the Pinnacle Four Seasons Hotel in Albuquerque, NM, on April 19-21, 1996. Registration is $60, with day rates available. Planned activities are: field trips to E2 filming sites, fan fiction readings, panels, merchandise, a "Grendler Bar and Grille" dance, and possibly a celebrity guest or two. (To be announced later). Save your pennies, trade with some Grendlers, and come meet your fellow E2 fans in the Land of Enchantment!

There's GREAT shopping and lots of yummy Mexican food to be had, too!

From USA today an quick story on the new NBC shows which replaced Earth2. The shows are apparently not doing well!

Headline: NBC Sunday starters stumble.
(Paraphrased version) Brotherly Love, "extremely low 5.0 rating" Minor Adjustments .. even more abysmal 2.8" "lowest-rated show on the four full time networks" "NBC blames ratings on football telecast overruns ... sitcoms aired in only 60% of the country"

And the kicker: "NBC VP PB "says nbc is not ready to pull the plug on them. PB quote "What we have to do is evaluate the performance of the shows on a market by market basis for the next few weeks and see if we're getting any traction for those shows. It's too early to make any changes now."

In my personal opinion I would say that this information clearly shows what a strong show E2 was. I hate to remind NBC but E2 was constantly pre-empted and I personally did not see nearly as much E2 advertising as I have for the new shows. E2 also got to debut more than a month after the fall season had begun.

The November issue of Starlog has postings from two groups that are both trying to help in the effort to get E2 back. Earth2Foundations and a group called Save Earth2 were both posted in the fan club section of the magazine.

For those of you interested in getting the E2 soundtrack onto CD, here is one address that you can write to:

Roxanne Lippel
Senior Vice President TV Music
Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91508
Ph. 818-777-1000


The home site for the E2 Chat WWW page has moved to

Earth2 got more press in last month's Starlog. Several letters to the editor were there showing the support for E2.

Speaking of Starlog, they now have an e-mail address of They have done many articles on E2 so feel free to let them know how much you miss E2.


This There are only two more episodes of Earth2 that will air in Austrailia where E2 just happens to be a BIG HIT. (Perhaps Austrailian's are a bit better at choosing good television - or maybe NBC just screwed up the American E2 time slot)


E2 continues to get press. Two weeks ago there was a letter from an E2 fan got printed in Starweek Magazine (the television guide in The Toronto Star - 1 million readers). Nothing is better than free publicity of that kind!

The sky-ad flyby went well. It didn't get televised but it was reported by an E2 fan that the ad looked great and was clearly visible for all the Hollywood big-whigs that were stuck in the lines of traffic.


There was a new Earth2 web site listed on Yahoo the other day and it is located at

There is also a new site by a fan-fic author that has a nice piece of artwork on it. It's at


Earth2 won one Emmy! The info can be found at


For those of you with WWW access (I guess your here so...) there is a new E2 chat site that has been setup. Very nice interface! Here is the info pertaining to it:

From: (Mary Brick)

Do you want to see Earth 2 back on the air? Do you have any interest in helping bring back a great show? Or do you just want to know what we're talking about? For whatever reason, come to our chat room. Find out new and exciting things and meet new and exciting grendlers, er people. The room is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. So come check it out.

May the journey continue...Earth 2"

The URL is:

I hope you can join us.

Mary Brick

Here is some more info to get the attention of your local media. Feel free to send them a FAX if you wish. From: (GinaT1000)

Here is how to do a Camera Alert Fax to send to your local news media so that we can generate more publicity out of the Emmy flyby of the banner.


Camera Alert at 4:00-5:00 pm at the Pasadena Civic Center

Banner for Earth 2.

Please take note and bring telephoto lens.

If you'd like more information, please call....(put info here)

End Fax....

Notice that you don't state exactly what the banner says. This is supposed to make them curious.


As many know, Earth2 was nominated for three Emmy's and there will be a "fly-by" this year where a plane will pull an E2 sign around the sky for two(?) hours as all the Hollywood big-shots arrive in their limos. This will at least get local press and if you'd like to help it get national press, here is a group of addresses you can write to and you can also send e-mail to

The E2:EA weekly summary for the week ending Sept 1st has made it to the html status :)