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The 'Earth2' mailing list located at '' serves as a host
for Earth2: Eden Advance, a fan club for supporters of Earth2. To get
more information on the club, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
Earth2: Eden Advance, P.O. Box 733, Westminster, CA 92684-0733 or
visit our web site at
<URL:>. You can
also send an e-mail message to <>, for more

Items are annotated with person(s) who contributed the material or
comment, usually as the one "first to post". Direct comments when
possible to that person especially when requesting the original
material (see section below on reducing list mail). For comments
regarding this summary, contact

- - - - I T E M S O F T H E W E E K - - - -

Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:

E2EA Committees:
Mike <> and Nicole <> have
been sending out and collecting the committee signup sheets. For more
information or to volunteer, contact Mike or Nicole.

E2EA List'iquette:

Try not to include entire blocks of text in replies, only what's
appropriate. Use general keywords like 'DISCUSSION','HUMOR',etc. in the
subject line in order to let people know what the post regards. Alicia
reserves subject heading 'ALL READ' for list administrative purposes.

E2EA Contact: Alicia <>

earth2 - Main list for E2EA
earth2-digest - Digest version of 'earth2'.
E2-FanFic - List for fan fiction distributions
E2-Humor - "humorous" postings
E2-Thread - List for receiving summations (like this post)

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The Dream Plane Newsletter:
E2EA Contact: Stacy <>

For more info on Earth 2: Eden Advance, and to get a *FREE* copy of the
premiere issue of The Dream Plane, send a business size, or
*PREFERABLY* a 6x9, self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Earth 2: Eden Advance
P.O. Box 733
Westminster, CA 92684-0733

Either size of envelope will require $.55 postage. For fans outside of
the United States, send a self-addressed envelope and include
international return coupons (not affixed). The first issue is free,
subsequent monthly issues can be obtained on a subscription basis: $10
for fans in the U.S., $15 Canadian for fans in Canada, and $20 U.S. for
fans outside of the U.S. and Canada.

E2EA Convention:
E2EA Contact: Julie <>

Julie says, "The Con will be held on April 19-21, 1996 at the Pinnacle
Four Seasons Hotel. Room rates will be $63.00 per night. We are in the
process of contacting special guests and arranging activities and we
will post far and wide when further information is available. The con
will be open to all, but we especially hope to see many list members

If you have any questions about the con, please use our special con
e-mail address: ''."

Discussion Topics this Week:

Gender speculations on Terrians.

Like the "trivia" contests, the group started doing contests on "steps"
required to connect two actors/actresses. Example: Clancy to Paul
Newman can be done with the following steps:
CB/Morgan Freeman in Shawshank
Morgan F./Jessica Tandy in Driving Ms. Daisy
Jessica T./Paul Newman in Nobody's Fool

"Blooper" discoveries in E2 such as a change in John's jacket from on
the ship to off.


Has four emmy's for Earth2? (see below)


Universal mail:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg
c/o Amblin Entertainment c/o Dreamsworks SKG
100 Universal City Plaza 100 Universal City Plaza
Bungalow 477 Lakeside Bldg. #601
Universal City, CA 91608 Universal City, CA 91608

Other Networks/Papers:

CBS contact info:

Leslie Moonves
Entertainment. President
7800 Beverly Blvd. or: 51 W. 52nd Street
Los Angeles CA 90036 New York, NY 10019

ABC contact info:

Mr. Ted Harbert
ABC TV Viewer Services President of ABC Entertainment
77 West 66th St. 2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10023 Century City CA 90067
(212) 456-7777 (213) 644-7777

Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:

Frank <> published the latest list of FanFic stored at
his site, 145 files stored at '' in directory
'/pub/ftmexpat/e2/fan-fiction/' via ftp access or it is also available
at <>


"Danziger's Ghost" 5/5 by Katherine Tate <>

"A Day in Her Life" 3/3 by Lynne Leeper <>


Mary <> is working on getting E2EA a "chat" page
over at "TV Chat". Mary will post the details when ready. TV Chat is
located at <>.


Mickie <> went to an X-Files con in Pasadena and left
a stack of Dream Planes, stuffed with the E2EA brochure & the
subscription form and reports the DP's were all gone and about half the
subscription forms.



Gina <> reports that Robert Scott of Skyads has the
money for the Skyad message, "May the Journey continue...Earth 2", she
thanks all supporters of this project and advises all to be sure to
keep your eyes up in the sky this coming Sunday between 4-5 pm for an
Earth 2 proclamation!

Gina reminds all to write this week and says that she includes a
photocopy of the Variety ad in the letter. Addresses:

Michelle Roberts Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews
at Good Morning America c/o CBS This Morning
4151 Prospect Avenue 524 W. 57th Street
Los Angeles CA 90027 New York, New York 10019

Carin Wong Rose Evans or Lissa Druss
c/o Entertainment Tonight c/o Extra
5555 Melrose Avenue 1840 Victory Blvd.
Hollywood CA 90038 Glendale CA 91201

Joseph <> found the address for USA Today:

Matt Roush or Alan Bash
c/o of USA Today Life Section
535 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022

Christi <> adds that USA today has a web
page at <> and email address:

Christi <> also reported that Earth2 might
have four emmy nominations. According to the emmy web page at
<>, Earth2 is listed as:

Multiple Nominations

Star Trek: Voyager -- 10
The X-Files -- 7
Earth 2 -- 4
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- 4
Babylon 5 -- 3


Stacy <> says that Saturday October 28th is national
volunteer day according to USA Today and a few participating companies.
They have a contest to see which organization can do the most
interesting volunteer activities and Stacy wonders if this would be a
great way to get started with the required community/volunteer activity
if E2EA is to be a non-profit group. She asks, "Does anyone have any
suggestions for volunteer activities?"

Cathy <> did some statistics on 106 posts of
demographics from our group. These are the results: "55.7% single,
26.4% married or divorced ( of which, those with children have 1.7) and
17.9% who didn't list family status. We are 68.9% female, 31.1% male,
The average age is 28.7, the youngest is 13, the oldest 56. Of those
listed, 62.2% where in college, had attend college or had college
degrees. From what I could tell, our members are a makeup of 9
Canadians, 6 Austrialians, 2 from Britian, and one each, born in
Uruguay, Serbia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and
Bangkok. The balance U.S."

Member News:

We're now 430 members strong including members with distinct Aussie
(32) and Canadian (35) addresses. Note: This of course does not include
the members with COM addresses from services like CompuServe and AOL.

Daily G889: "All the news we can fit!"

From The Daily G889, New Pacifica's first daily newspaper.

Vicky <> published the answers to the "Clancy-off":

1. Name his hometown and state? A: Urbana, Ohio
2. What are the names of his two dogs? A: Amy and Alma
3. Where did he go to college? A: Northwestern (Chicago)
4. How tall is he" A: 6'3"
5. On which arm does he have a mole? A: left
6. Name three movies where his character's hobbies are fishing? A:
Season of Fear, Desperate Rescue: Cathy Mahone Story, Past Midnight
7. In which five shows did Clancy have his shirt off? A: Tales from
the Crypt, Pet Semitary II, Bride, Blue Steel, Ambition (Sure hope I
haven't missed any!!! :)!
8. What one movie does he have a moustache, but no beard? A: Cast a
Deadly Spell.
9. In "Thunder Alley" what "weapon" does he use to threaten the club
owner (in the private parts) to pay the group all the money they are
owed? A: a cue stick

Drooly, whoops I mean, Michael <> Announces the
certification of the New Pacifica Theater and New Pacifica Foods Inc
owned by Deedee (aka Elias Saari).

Grendler Bar & Grille:
Proprieter: Shoshona <>

Well, kind of a quiet week over at the GB&G. No one really made a
rucus. Boy is July going to have it in for us when she gets back!


Earth 2: Eden Advance