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So the ad was placed on the back cover of Variety (daily edition) on July 10th. I haven't yet seen the ad but I hear it looks GREAT. I'll let you know what sort of respone we get from executives in the coming weeks. The big question is what now. The first newsletter is nearly completed (The Dream Plane). Other plans are continuing on things such as the first E2 convention. If you truly want to stay up to date on things, join the maillist or at least the digest version as is discussed at the top of the page. I'll continue to try to keep you in touch with things. In the meantime, feel free to write a letter to whoever you feel is most important/influencial from the many addresses list here. I've heard that FOX is planning on showing the third Alien Nation movie this coming fall. Viewers managed to get those three flicks made despite the cancellation of the show (five?) years ago, so there is no need to give up hope quite yet.


News Flash (2:10 pm EST)
It looks like we may have a new AMBLIN contact - here is the info I received.
From: (Nicole Neilan)
Subject: E2- NEW CONTACT AT AMBLIN!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 12:33:02 -0500 (CDT)

Okay people, this is it! I am savoring every word from my contact here, so give me a second.

> O.k., here's the scoop. Mail any support letters for E2 to Michael
> Duggan, c/o Amblin Entertainment. 100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477,
> Universal City, CA 91608. He will know what to do with them and as
> executive producer it should give him some leverage. Cannot wait to see
> the July 10 issue. This should cause a bit of a stir.
> Hopefully *these* letters will get around.

Apparently Executive Creator and Producer Duggan is still around and ready to hear from us. So let's do it! Send those letters! Tell others all about it on all other forums!

P.S. to the list: In future communications, PR and passing info around to the press, let's just say our info comes from "Amblin/Universal" and lump the two entities together, not singling out one or the other. Just a request I'm forwarding from my contact. Thanks.


It's now official - the Daily Variety ad will appear on the back cover on July 10th! I encourage you all to send a letter to the network(s) (new UPN contact/ABC/Turner)of your choice in the next two days so that the executives up there will get letters while reading their magazines and looking at the ad. I'd just like to say thanks to all those that have helped out - even in small ways.


A new mail blitz is gearing up for the arrival of the Variety ad. Here is a letter that gives you the individuals to mail to. I don't fully agree that we INSIST all the orignal people return but I certainly want to see QUALITY in any new people that are hired.

The variety ad is in the final stages of development and it is currently hoped to have it on the back cover of Variety on July 10th. For more direct info on the ad click here. The ad combined with the mail blitz should show people that there are many fans of the show out here.

And speaking of fans, many have been writing to newspapers recently and we have gotten a bit of press! I even managed to get my name in print :)