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From: (AniMaAmin)

Write your letters to Universal to this individual:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Be nice, be firm... But be INSISTENT ... Make it absolutely SPECIFIC that Universal MUST rehire the *ORIGINAL* Creative Team -- Producers & Writers -- and the *ORIGINAL* Cast of Earth 2. Insist that they allow the *ORIGINAL* team to put together the network pitches to whomever for Earth 2 to be picked up as a mid-season replacement. Make it PLAIN that anyone else and anything less will not be acceptable to Earth 2 fans. We don't want anybody killed off to make way for teen hearth-throbs or anything else of the ilk. We want Earth 2 to continue the way it was the past season.

Hold your letters... And place them in the mail on *July 7th or 8th* -- that should place the mail on Thayer's desk about the same day & time as he is staring, dumbfounded at our full page ad in Variety.

For added impact, send out letters to Turner again and to ABC at the same time. Let's wallop Hollywood with EVRYTHING we've got. Let's have them see that we are a solid, unified group, and that we will not rest until we get our E2 back.

Get your friends, family, co-workers, strangers, and even your worst enemies in on this. We need to make a strong, united show of strength.

Then we can shout it out: Earth 2 *WILL* be Right Back!