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I got this message from one of the many Canadian E2 fans the other day:

I'm a regular reader of your home page and find it very stimulating. I keep hoping. Just this past month, I've spent four weeks in the People's Republic of China as a tourist. I was staying in the city of Shenzhen and was lucky enough to have a TV and best of all, cable. With only two English channels from Hong Kong, I could relax and watch very good quality television. Especially on Thursday night at 8:30 PM, when Earth 2 was on.

At first I couldn't believe my favourite show was on in China. I soon overcame my surprise to replace with pure enjoyment. I had the chance to view three episodes ("The greatest love story never told", "Brave new Pacifica" and "After the thaw").

I was so excited I took the resolution to E-mail you as soon as I got back There is hope. Earth 2 is being seen around the world. In a country where only two English channels exist, it has to be enjoyed. I know I did.

Burt Crepeault
Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada

For those of you thinking of going to the first E2 con ever, here is the January edition of the NewPacificon News.


Hey all...I had a minor accident playing b-ball yesterday and hurt my wrist a bit, so I may not be able to udate as often as I'd like for the next few weeks...but I'll be sure to get any important info posted as quickly as I can :)

Jessica Steen (Dr. Heller) will be guest starring in an episode of ER (either tonite or next week - not sure which).

CBS has a new show called Osiris Chronicles which will have J. Madison Wright in it. Let CBS know what you think about it at (an article was recently written in TV Guide that "forgot" to mention Wright).

J. Madison Wright
The Osiris Chronicles
c/o C B S
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


E2 sites are getting praise in the internet community:

"Earth2: A Gaian Hypothesis" has been rated in the Top 5% of web sites by the Point Survey. The homepage now displays the prestigious "Top 5% of the Web" badge.

The review gives a nice plug to Earth2 as well as the site: "For a show that lasted just 22 episodes and was preempted 11 times in its 33-week lifespan, NBC's "Earth2" sprouted much food for thought." The Review category was Science Fiction - Television and Radio.

You must have Netscape 1.1 or better to get the most from the site. AOL users will see hardly anything ... sorry ... complain loudly and often to AOL about its terrible www browser.

Congrats Karla! (and yes, AOL should "revise" their browser)

My own site got reviewed and praised by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team, and listed in Magellan's internet directory.

I got my plane ticket the other day to go out to the E2 convention. Nothing like spending a week in New Mexico :) You can find more info about the convention at the New Pacificon Web Site (under info below).


TV Guide had their sci-fi edition this week and had a Space: Above & Beyond article: producers complaints are old news to Earth2 fandom: time slot, delaying start time due to sporting events, etc. etc. E2 was not mentioned once in the article despite the fact that it was in the same time slot a year ago and won the "Save Our Show" contest. If you'd like to remind them of E2, feel free to drop them a line at

NBC is now planning on putting a fourth (?!) hour of Dateline in the E2 time slot. They have already admitted they can't win the time slot but they are discussing making it a shorter show that will just run after sports delays. Ahh....NBC...please start thinking. If you'd like to let Dateline know what trouble their in for in that time slot, let them know at

For those of you that feel like visiting England, there is a new E2 page (under development) that you can visit.


I now have the weekly mail target posted under the info below. (Please see this week for info about genuine E2 videos.)

In the midst of the E2 letters that were in Starlog's latest issue, they had a small quip which said,
" Starlog feels compelled to point out, however there was almost no response from readers to stories published on Earth 2 in these pages until after the series was canceled."
If you'd like to point out that there are many E2 fans out here...let them know at

And for those of you that want to look up some old is a bit

Here's one of those rumors that you see so often on the newsgroups that it's difficult to ever believe this sort of stuff...but wouldn't it be nice ;)

I have a relative working at NBC. Under her strict orders, she and I are to remain anonymous. She wanted me to pass on a message to this group, to be in turn passed on to others who are waiting for Earth2 to come back.

Recently there have been many meetings with executives at NBC, people at Dreamworks, and people from Universal/Amblin. The talks are leading to another 2-hour 'pilot' episode of Earth2 starting where the last one left off. The idea is to see if this will peak interest from the viewers. If there is enough interest, NBC will most likely go ahead and continue the series. NBC has also decided that if the series is continued, it will be with the original ideas, not the second batch that was presented to NBC. The executives feel that the ratings are going down steadily, and they will soon have an empty one-hour timeslot to fill.

Please don't give up. There IS hope for Earth2 to return. It may be back before the end of this season. Please continue sending your letters of support to NBC. They are read, and they are kept for reference. If enough people show interest, the show will go on. Again, please don't give up. Continue your campaigns and think positively. It works!

On with the show...


The Starlog I mentioned on the 8th was #223, and has Peter Weller on the cover, talking about "Screamers". It also has an interview with Lanei Chapman from SA&B.

I've gotten all the E2 sounds I've accumulated on the site can find the link down below under the information area.

Starting next week I'll get the weekly mail target posted down below also...however, I think I missed this weeks message :)

For those that don't have AOL, I got the pictures of the sweat/t-shirts that Entertainment Weekly has for sale. So if you go.

If you want some E2 stickers you can get them from
TK Graphics
PO Box 1951
Baltimore MD 21203
I think it's $1 for 20 of them...but I'm not positive. They have two versions currently, one that says "I'm an Earth2 Fan" and the other that says "Eden Project: Classified Documents".

John Gegenhuber as Kelat will be guest starring on Star Trek Voyager which will be AIRING MONDAY, JANUARY 22 (8:00-9:00 P.M., ET/PT) ON UPN.

I have two new sites listed under my other sites page (near the bottom). One is the New Pacificon Postal Service Page, and the other has all the cast birthday information that you all seem to want :)

For those of you that want to know about the 3 E2 books currently available, here is the info: There were three E2 books written (so far...). The pilot novelization was written by Melissa Crandall. The ISBN is: 0-441-00146-7.
The second was "Puzzle", which was by Sean Dalton, ISBN 0-441-00148-3;
The third was "Leather Wings", by John Vornholt - ISBN 0-441-00198-X

Thanks to all E2 fans that help me gather all this info! Also, for those of you preparing for Blizzard II ' sure you have a few good videos rented before the snow falls...or maybe a good E2 book!


It looks like NewPacificon will occur this April! For definitive information, please see the NewPacificon Home Page (under other sites).

Earth2 is still getting letters in the press: In this month's Starlog there are several Letters to the Editor regarding Earth 2, and one in particular is very well-written and articulate.

As of this writing, the Entertainment Weekly store should have e2 t-shirts for sale, but they have not yet gotten the rights to sell the video tapes. In addition, Earth 2 merchandise will probably be advertised in the next issue of EW magazine.

January 5th was Clancy Browns birthday and Entertainment Tonight seemed to have missed it...I guess they were busy mentioning some "Babewatch" storyline...

As I mentioned last 26 E2 sounds are coming soon...


Hope you all had enjoyable holidays! I've finally gotten around to moving my site and hopefully their will be some improvements in the near future (but you know how that web stuff goes :) If there is anything anyone would like to see here, please let me know at

For those of you that have links to my E2 page, please try to update your links. I'll be sending out info to people I know of that do have links to my sight ASA(I have time), so try not to think I forgot about all you diligent E2 fans!

The most important thing currently occuring is the planning of the NewPacifcon E2 convention. The current Special Guests of Honor include:
Clancy Brown [John Danziger]
John Gegenhuber [Morgan Martin]
Joey Zimmerman [Uly Adair]
All celebrity agreements to appear subject to professional availability.
More detailed info can be found at the New Pacificon Web Site!

NBC President Warren Littlefield had a comment in the Dec. 12 issue of USA Today. He was talking about NBC moving around the John Laroquette Show in order to help it. He said, "We're stubborn. When we see something we like, we refuse to give up on it". It's amazing that Mr. Preston Beckman once stated that it is NOT NBC's policy to move a show around to help it in the ratings and to help find an audience. I think I've heard the expression "waffle" associated with such statements.

In the next few days I'll be getting my mere 26 E2 sounds slapped here for your listening pleasure. If anyone knows where I can find more, let me know after you see what I have :-)