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Email version of the January 1996 New PacifiCon News

A newsletter from the New PacifiCon '96 convention committee Vol. I No. 3 January 1996

Happy New Year to all Edenites!

Editor's Note

The year of our convention is here so let's get excited! If you don't own a New PacifiCon 2215 "fantasy" T-shirt, over half of our original stock has been ordered and remaining sizes are limited. Don't wait too long! For those needing extra encouragement, read "Why Buy" on page 3.

Con FAQ List

"FAQ" is one of the common terms on the Net and stands for "Frequently Asked Questions."

1. What is New PacifiCon 96?
New PacifiCon 96 is the first fan-run science fiction convention for Amblin & MCA/Universal's TV series Earth2 (NBC 1994-5).

2. Where and when is NP 96?
New PacifiCon 96 will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Pinnacle Four Seasons Hotel, April 19-21, 1996. Maps can be requested by writing to our P.O. box or printed from our Internet World Wide Web information site.

3. How do I get a membership?
Send in your registration form, with a check or money order. A form is included in this newsletter and also on the Web site. We must have a name for each membership purchased.

4. Need more information?
Send a SASE to the San Diego post office box address or write to our e-mail address. E-mail requests subject to server delays.

New PacifiCon '96
P.O. Box G889
10601-A Tierrasanta Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92124

Membership Info

Use the form in this newsletter, print one off the web site, or request an email version. Memberships are non-refundable and not tax-deductible.

For Attendees:

Adult Membership: $50.00 donation for one pass to New PacifiCon 96 for an entire weekend of Earth2 memories, relaxation and FUN! $55.00 after March 5, 1996 and $60 at the door.

Junior Membership: $25.00 donation for one pass to New PacifiCon 96 (ages 6 to 17, must be accompanied by an adult member). No membership required for children under six accompanied by an adult member.

Day-rates: $20.00 donation for a one day pass on Saturday, April 20, 1996.

Special Options: Banquet is $20.00 per person (seating limited to 100). The two field trips to filming location sites are $15.00 each per person (seating limited to 35 and available on a first come-first serve basis). If you wish to attend these extra activities, please indicate on your registration form.

For those who wish to support New PacifiCon 96:

Basic Donation: Order your New PacifiCon 2215 fantasy T-shirt(s) today! Your donation of $20 (+$3 S&H) will be richly rewarded with a fabulous clothing item from G889! All profits will go directly into convention expenses. Further info and order forms in the December newsletter and on the web site.

On-line Information

The official Internet World Wide Web information site for New PacifiCon 96 can be found at:

or email us at

Guests of Honor

Clancy Brown, Actor [John Danziger]

Rockmond Dunbar, Actor [Baines]

John Gegenhuber, Actor [Morgan Martin]

J. Madison Wright,. Actress [True Danziger]

Joey Zimmerman, Actor [Uly Adair]

Negotiations with additional guests are in the works.Stay tuned for more!

GoH Focus: John Gegenhuber

(text from cast profiles on the MCA/ Universal Earth2 web pages).

While one might have trouble pronouncing his name, no one would label a John Gegenhuber (pronounced GAY-gen-hue-ber) performance as wooden, even though he is an accomplished puppeteer who believes he is a better actor for the experience.

"People have the idea that since I'm also a puppeteer, I must work in a carnival with hand puppets," says Gegenhuber. "But it's a lot more sophisticated than that. I learned a lot about acting in very subtle ways. Many artistic disciplines converge in puppetry."

Born and raised in Palatine, IL (near Chicago), Gegenhuber is the sixth of seven children of a salesman and a homemaker. As a child he was inspired by watching such comedic greats as Jackie Gleason, Don Knotts, and Laurel and Hardy. He easily learned to draw, paint, sculpt and work with puppets, and he studied art for two years at Harper College in Palatine, eventually receiving his B.F.A. at the DePaul Goodman School of Drama.

After college Gegenhuber shuttled between local Chicago theaters and later (1985-86) became a resident company member in several productions at the Arena Stage in Washington, DC, before returning to Chicago. His first camera experience came when he appeared in "Ordinary People," a 1984 project at the Maine International Film Workshop. He found other roles in Chicago-based features, including "Straight Talk" and "Rookie of the Year" (as a cowering accountant for the Chicago Cubs).

In 1993 he relocated to Los Angeles and soon guest-starred on "Murphy Brown," "Grace Under Fire" and NBC's "Seinfeld." He also appeared in the two-hour series pilot of "The Untouchables." Gegenhuber portrays a cowardly government liaison who has a keen knack for survival on a distant planet. "I see him as a kind of bumbler, not unlike a Don Knotts type of character," he says. "He's a scheming, needy pompous ass. He tries hard to be a nice guy, but he's not constitutionally capable of it."

In addition to his puppetry, the artistic Gegenhuber enjoys sketching cartoons, playing his instruments (guitar, banjo, fiddle), following Chicago sports teams and staying sharp by practicing with a group of improvisational actors. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Since this profiles publication, JG has made two guest appearances on Star Trek:Voyager and just finished a Hollywood stage production of the comedy "Help!"

Why Buy?
By Gina Todd

I've noticed that New PacifiCon has not properly merchandized the New PacifiCon fantasy t-shirts. OK, so you have told us how beautiful the artwork will be and how all profits will fund the con, but you have left out some important details.

Did you say that the t-shirts come with a tag stating that no Grendlers were harmed while ongoing lab research discovered just the right amount of Grendler drool needed to glue their seams together?

Did you mention that these shirts provide easy access to the Dream Plane? Or how about how New PacifiCon fantasy t-shirt wearers will get first class service while traveling through spider caves expressways?

Did you tell us how these t-shirts allow one to blend in easily one's surroundings while traveling the treacherous landscapes of New Pacifica and how this just might save one's life when ZEDS are on patrol? Alright people, now that you realize the extra-fringe benefits, order your Council-unapproved New PacifiCon t-shirts today!

Hotel Information

Pinnacle Hotel Four Seasons Hotel and Convention Center 2500 Carlisle NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

For reservations call (800)545-8400 or (505)888-3311. When reserving your room(s) please tell the hotel your stay is in relation to the New PacifiCon 96 convention so you will receive the special room rate of $63 per night single or double.

Other Information:

fully accessible for the disabled
a quarter mile east of I-25 & I-40 in the midtown business district
plenty of free parking
2 to 5 miles from Historic Old Town, shopping/restaurants
free shuttle to and from airport (about 7 miles)
indoor/outdoor hotel pools; adjacent to a city health club
Maxies casual dining room offers a New Mexican/ American menu

Program Activities

Here is very basic sketch of con activities. Lynne, our program coordinator, welcomes any ideas of what you'd like to see and do. Email her at SOARON@NETCOM.COM

Friday, April 19
This is our "set up and get going" day for fans to get to know each other. Show up, get settled, relax and join in when ready! Some activities include:

Saturday, April 20 Here's the BIG day for those with shorter time frames.

Sunday, April 21 The wrap-up, cool-down day. * Field trip to Tent Rocks and La Bajada filming sites near Santa Fe, hosted by Earth2's Rockmond Dunbar ($15)

Editor's Note: Earth Day and a Native American festival will be going on in Albuquerque the same weekend. Stay tune for some Earth Day programming!


La Cocina
New Mexican Cuisine

Who would've guessed it? In 1991, salsa sales accounted for $640 million, overthrowing ketchup as the condiment king and elevating the humble chile and Southwest cuisine into nation-wide renown.

Although mistakenly referred to as "Mexican food" or "Tex-Mex," the dishes commonly identified with New Mexico reflect a blend of Hispanic and Indian cultures. The Spanish explorers owe a great deal to the native population, who introduced corn to their diet.

Virtually all Southwestern dishes make use of four main ingredients: the tortilla, pinto bean, cheese and chile. The tortilla is a round, wafer-thin bread made from coarsely ground dough (masa) that's usually cooked in a pan until it has a light-brown texture. Taking the standard refried beans (frijoles) one step further, cooks use dark pink or purple pinto beans, some of which grow organically in the state.

Perhaps the most essential ingredient for any recipe is the famous chile pepper that grows in 2,000different varieties. Chiles are roasted, stewed, fried, cooked or simply added fresh off the plant. Chile generally comes in either a red or green sauce. Depending on the variety, growth and harvest conditions, "hotness" can vary. Your waiter will know which is hotter. If you're the adventurous sort, ask for Christmas, a sample of red and green chile served side-by-side.

The sopaipilla, a light, pillow-shaped pastry deep-fried in oil and served piping hot with butter and honey, is a tasty treat any time of the day. Sopaipillas are commonly served as a side dish, but some restaurants will stuff them with chiles, onions, beans, cheese and meat.

No visit to New Mexico would be complete without sampling genuine Native American cuisine. The Navajo taco is an open-faced taco heaped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, refried beans, guacamole, a dab of sour cream and your choice of red or green chile all served on a flat, puffy tortilla or a piece of fry bread. Pan dulce is an Indian sweet bread. Piki bread uses corn that's finely ground, cooked in boiling water until it's a mush, and then spread over a hot flat surface. The mush cooks instantly and peels off in a paper-thin sheet before being rolled up and eaten with stew.

Stay tune for more on New Mexico in future issues of The NP News. All information courtesy of the NM Tourism web site.

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is subject to change without notice, including but not limited to membership fees, program activities, advertised guests and merchandise.

Final Words

The New PacifiCon '96 convention is just three months and counting! So here's a little help list for fans.

Convention Checklist:

- Have you made your airline reservations if flying, or planned out your route if driving?
- Have you reserved your room(s) at the Pinnacle Hotel?
- Have you sent in your membership registration payment?
- Have you sent your comments and suggestions to the convention committee members?
Are you interested in volunteering at the con?

We want to know what you expect to see and do! Remember, this is a FAN-RUN con!

The New PacifiCon '96 convention committee wishes everyone a very happy New Year and has a big "thank you" for everything the fans are doing to help. See you in April!

Nicole Neilan <>