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Here is some info I got from the E2 mailing list. Here is information on a current campaign that we are trying to get started. Here is a press release for participants in the "$2 for Earth2" campaign, which apparently is supposed to begin today May 24th. Feel free to modify it however you like to fit the needs of your local media.


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DATE: 23 May 1995.

RE: $2 for Earth 2 Campaign

Between May 23, 1995, and June 1, 1995, members of Earth 2 Foundations will be mailing $2 for Earth 2 to Mike Sullivan, President of Entertainment at UPN Broadcasting, along with notes requesting that UPN pick up "Earth 2" for the UPN spring schedule of programs.

"Earth 2" is an Amblin Entertainment production, formerly televized on NBC (Sunday, 7 PM E.T.). The science fiction/drama series takes place almost 200 years in the future on a planet 22 light years from Earth. The series focuses on the odyssey of a small band of humans who are attempting to colonize an alien world and discovering more about their own humanity in the process.

"Earth 2", starring Debrah Farentino ("Devon Adair") and Clancy Brown ("John Danzinger"), is an intelligent, entertaining human drama that explores the issues facing humanity today on Earth 1: diplomatic solutions instead of violence, unity among diverse cultures, respect and understanding for nature, environmental awareness, and cooperation within the group. "Earth 2" consistently extends the limits of quality television through superb writing, excellent acting and oustanding production.

Despite a marked lack of support and a show-killing timeslot on NBC, "Earth 2" has managed to amass a loyal, large following of viewers who have united behind the series under the banner "Earth 2 Foundations". Earth 2 Foundations members range in age from school children to 60-plus years in age; the majority of E2 Foundation members are between the ages 18 and 49. Young professionals, male and female, have united to find a new network for the series. Using the Internet and personal computers, the Earth 2 Foundations is seeking to impress upon UPN Broadcasting, home of the latest Star Trek spin-off "Voyager", that "Earth 2" is right for the network.

To this end, E2 Foundations members are sending $2 each to UPN: $2 for Earth 2. The money is merely a gesture, a token to indicate that this show is, actually, priceless and deserves to become part of the young, bold line-up of programs airing on UPN.

$2 for Earth 2 is an attempt to impress upon UPN executives the strong following that Earth 2 has among the 18-49 year old demographic group, and encourage the network to add Earth 2 to the UPN stable by showing UPN that Earth 2's fans are willing to put their money on the line to support the series.

If you would like more information about the series or the $2 for Earth 2 campaign, feel free to contact me at pfaff@ppsa.com

Thank you.

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