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The number of daily messages is purely my estimate.

These lists are maintained by
Alicia (

The Earth2 Lists that are currently available are:

Earth2 - this is the main E2 list. Approximately 30-60 messages/day.

Earth2-digest - this list lumps the Earth2 list messages together in bulk shipments so you won't get as many daily messages but still get all the info. I haven't subscribed to this one but I think I've heard it's several/day.

E2-Humor - for primarily E2 related humor (TGB&G and the like) but all funnies are welcome. This averages 10-20 messages/day.

E2-FanFic - For all those E2 fan fiction writers/readers. A few stories a week during a "good" week.

Earth2-Thread - A summary of the main lists activities for the week. This is just one message/week and gives you the main events that transpire on the Earth2 mailing list.

To subscribe to any of the above, send to: and in the body, type:

"subscribe listname" (no quotes or brackets).

for example:

subscribe earth2


subscribe E2-digest

Also, Eden Advance now has it's very own Email address, it's (no, it's not case sensitive). Please feel free to pass this address along as an initial contact point regarding E2:EA information and activities.