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What's New (2/12/99)

The next Earth2 Convention is called Earth2 5th Anniversary Reunion and will be July 16-18, 1999 in California. Plan now for a fun con!
If you have Shockwave and feel like listening to the E2 soundtrack, check out my new "multimedia page," which is in it's infancy.
The Sci-Fi Channel airs E2 every Sunday at 1 PM.

The Sci-Fi Channel now airs E2 just on Sunday at 1 PM (it was previously being run at 8 PM). This Monday (Feb 15) there will be an E2 marathon on the SciFi Channel from 7 am to 7 pm. Be sure to tune in.

Be sure to go vote for E2 as your favorite Sci-Fi Channel show at http://www.freevote.com/booth/ascifishowvote

Joey Zimmerman was on ABC's Cupid last night. RG is in E!'s current online newsletter. John Gegenhuber was recently on L.A. Doctors, and he is now using the name John Wollner. He is also in a play in Los Angeles at the Actor's Gang called "Ugly's First World," by Jeff Dorcher.

Be sure to visit http://members.aol.com/e2party/home.html for a lot more info about the upcoming Con.


It has been a long time since I've found the time to post anything..and I don't think I do right now, but here are just a few tidbits.

There are plans for a 5th Year E2 Con in LA..get more info here: http://members.aol.com/e2party/home.html

The E2 list is back up. Hopefully you can get more info at the site above. I must now go to California for a week to give a talk, but will get more info here when I get back..including the airing of E2 in the Netherlands!


Where in the world have three months gone!!!! I have been far to busy to keep this updated (migrating upward in the work force is rather time consuming). At least I have managed to catch every E2 episode as they air on the Sci-Fi Channel. My "E2 Comments" page is currently non-functional. We upgraded our server and I have to hook it up with a new CGI when I find some time. Oh well, onward with some news...

The 3rd "anniversary" of E2's cancellation was two days ago (May 15th). NBC screwed up - what more can I say.

Like myself, a lot of others have been watching E2 and the ratings in the time slot have increased 180% over the show that was previously in that slot. Certainly a big jump. However, the episodes they air have been heavily edited to add commercial time. Many times the editing snips have removed rather significant pieces of action/verse, and many viewers are not happy about that.

GC has lots of fun new stuff at his site http://www.jessicasteen.com

Earth2 Poster Up For Bids if you are interested.

Jessica Steens mailing address is now (I'll hopefully update my address page soon...thanks GC)
Jessica Steen
c/o Somers Teitelbaum David (Chris Henze)
1925 Century Park East #2320
Los Angeles, CA 90067

There is currently an on-going auction to raise more money for the upcoming convention (I think it is just about over). If you want info, e-mail NPAuction@aol.com

Some new-ish E2 sites:
http://webhome.idirect.com/~skywise/Videos.html (if you want to get E2 video tapes)
http://members.aol.com/DevonDanz/NP98/hotel.html (view the hotel of the upcoming convention).
http://members.aol.com/devondanz/NP98 (fun page with more info)
http://www.voicenet.com/~heckercw/pacificon/pacificon.html (New Pacificon Official Page)

FanFic info:
To Subscribe to the Eden Advance Chronicle, send $16 (for foreign orders -
$20US international money order or draft drawn on US bank) to:

Earth2:Eden Advance
Attn: EAC
PO Box 1695
Des Plaines, IL 60017-1695

This includes 12 monthly newsletters, plus 4 quarterly fanfic supplements.

From the Q&A of a newspaper TV Guide (maybe someday they will release tapes!):
Q: There was a series several years ago called "Earth2," about a group of
people on a new planet. What happened to it?
A: Co-produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television, the fantasy-adventure
series had a one-season run on NBC (1994-95), and it can now be seen in reruns
Sundays on cable's Sci-Fi Channel. The cast members included Debrah
Farentino, Clancy Brown, and Jessica Steen. Thus far, no episodes have been
released commercially on video tape.


Here are some new E2 sites:


DF News:

Novelist Stephen King has written an original six-hour miniseries for ABC called "Storm of the Century," which will air on the network next season.

While several of King's books have been adapted for the small screen, and he co-wrote a recent episode of "The X-Files" for Fox, he's never before written an original miniseries.

Tim Daly (Wings) and Debrah Farentino (EZ Streets) star in the story about a small town's struggle for survival when faced with pure evil during the most brutal winter storm in history. The miniseries is shooting in Toronto and Southwest Harbor, Maine.

JS News (from G. C.):


Jessica has been spotted on "E! News Weekend". This will air again 3 times tomorrow (Sunday) at 10AM, 2PM and 12 midnight. E! is most likely only carried in the United States (although I am not positive) and not all cable networks carry it. I will try and get some good screen captures for those who are unable to catch it. From what I understand it is a short piece dealing with her summer movie "Armageddon".

In other news...


Jessica will appear in a IRC Chat on Tuesday, February 24 at 9pm Eastern Time on the IRC Server events.scifi.com in the #auditorium channel. For more information please visit...



Jessica is scheduled to make an appearance at the Crossroads 98 Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention on June 14th to the 18th this year. Check out http://www.fans-of-fantasy.com/ for more information. (I believe several other E2'ers will be there).

News from Britian:

Sky promised the launch of the new series of Earth 2 in Britain last year, but alas, no such plans ever developed.

From a fan in NM:

The New Mexico Business Journal did a write up on the show just after it was taken off of the air. NBC may have had something to do with removing it from the air, but the state of New Mexico is to blame for the cancellation due to their high tax rates.

My computer problems continue..if only there was a lemon law for new computers.


My home computer (which is one month old and has already had it's logic board and VRAM replaced) is dead once again, and it may be the HD this time, so I have lost a lot recent info, etc. I probably won't be able to make many posts in the near future.

E2 sure looked good on the sci-fi channel last night. I am still amazed that NBC canned the show, but it is interesting to observe that NBC hasn't come up with a good show since E2 and they are beginning to flounder in the 'tv world.' Their ratings continue to drop, they are losing their cash cow (Seinfeld), and their sports coverage has been crippled by the loss of NFL football (go Dolphins!). In last night's Golden Globe awards, NBC was trounced by FOX.


Just a reminder...E2 starts again on Jan 18 on SciFi Channel.

I have a lot of 'out of date' info on this site, and if I ever find some time I'll deal with all that. Generally, this is the only page that is truly up-to-date....at least right now.

A few notes from Mary B:
The Official New PacifiCon '98 Fanzine ("May the Journey Continue...") is ready. The URL with all the information is http://www.geocities.com/Area51/zone/3702/conzine.html

Earth 2:Eden Advance has a newsletter, Eden Advance Chronicle, is now being published. Info on subscriptions can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Zone/3702/pobox.html

I have a new E2 page ("RH's Earth 2 Website"). The URL is http://www.geocities.com/Areat51/zone/3702/index.html.

Happy New Year! My first resolution is to try to keep this page updated a bit more often than I have been in the past six months. Hopefully I can do that....since I only managed a few updates in that time...

From an E2 fan in Canada (Andrew Cote). Please e-mail him directly if you can help out!
I am a canadian citizen that unfortunately does not get the sci-fi network and I was wondering if anyone could tape me a couple of episodes (well only the ones that I am missing). If you could just tell them to email me at caramon@colba.net

Jessica Steen News visit http://www.jessicasteen.com/ for more info:

This is a reminder about Jessica's TV movie "Principal take a Holiday" which airs tomorrow (Sunday) at 7PM EST on ABC in North America.


"Trial & Error" is now showing on Pay Per View (as well as being available on video for rental and the laserdisc is also available).

J.S. will be in the sizeable cast of the apocalyptic Bruce Willis vehicle Armageddon. She was also mentioned in a Power Rangers blurb in Britain's TV Zone magazine.

The E2: Eden Advance HP has moved to http://umsa7.ums.edu/~anniebw/earth2/

Rebecca Gayheart News:

She was on Access Hollywood on 1/1/98. It was related to the fact that she was in the movie Scream 2.

Robin Cook's Lethal Invasion aired in Germany at the end of December.

TV Guide ran an article that mentioned the fact that Sci-Fi channel has picked up E2.

John Gegenhuber (Morgan Martin of "Earth 2") has recently confirmed through his representative that he will be a guest of the fan-run "Crossroads '98" multi-media sci-fi/fantasy convention, to be held June 14-18, 1998 at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Gegenhuber is slated to appear June 17th & 18th. He was recently on the Pretender Episode "Nip and Tuck."

Andy's E2 page is located at http://www.stgenesis.org/~andy/pages/earth2/ and has recently been updated.

NBC (that network that canned E2) is rapidly slipping in the network ratings (#3 during the week after sweeps, #2 during sweeps). If only they had kept E2, it would have been a top ten show as X-files has become for FOX.

ASJ News:

Antonio just finished shooting his fourth feature film this year, "Goosed". It
is a comedy and co-stars: Vincent Spano, Robert Klein, D.B. Sweeney, Jennifer
Tilly, Joan Rivers, Damon Wayans, and Thomas Haden Church.
[Francis Ford Coppola, Executive Producer]

Jennifer Tilly plays a woman who's told by her psychic that the man
of her dreams is a doctor named Steve. Guess who the doctor is?

Scheduled release: 1998.

What's Antonio doing now?

"I'm working on a film for ABC called 'Skyjacked', with Adrian Pasdar, Kelly
Rutherford and Alicia Coppola. We're shooting in Moab, Utah, and it's
been great. Me and Adrian stayed out there for a few nights, camping out and
eating beans by the fire. Getting really dirty, the kind of dirty where it
takes a couple of days to scrub it off. But for a kid like me, to be hanging
out of a chopper, shooting blank bullets, seeing bald eagles fly below you, is a
dream come true."

Next up, a return to series television in 1998!

"Yeah, we start shooting the pilot in February. I'm doing it
with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Disney's producing it, and
it's going to be on Fox. I play a bounty hunter, but we're going
to push it more into comedy-drama, with a little bit of

Special Thanks to Kita and Stephanie of SabatoL [the ASjr Mailing List] for
providing us with some of the information above! =) Grazie!

Visit the Antonio Sabato Jr Crossroads

Joey Zimmerman was on "Nothing Sacred" on Dec. 18 on ABC.

Tim Curry continues to play odd characters in a variety of movies.

Clancy Brown has been busy lately..in Flubber, Starship Trooper, and a recurring role in ER, to name just a few.

Sullivan Walker's birthday on November 20th.

There may be another E2 auction in February to raise more money for the E2 Con in July.

C-16 (by Michael Duggan) was cancelled. Go to http://www.abc.com/primetime/backlot/index.htm for an interview with M.D.

For fan-fiction try going to http://www.datastar.net/users/cawolf/chris/e2/fanfic/

That's all I have time for right now...if you want something listed here, be sure to let me know. (G.C. - I'm still planning on updating addresses...any day now...sorry).

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