Home for Christmas - 12/96
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Raman just wanted to curl up and die at this point. He couldn't understand John's interest in visiting the Field Museum in Chicago. However, John didn't want to wait at the airport (which couldn't find an earlier flight) and he really wanted to see the lions from The Ghost and the Darkness.

It is downright amazing how many animals there are on the planet that we haven't even seen. Insects, snakes, extinct reptiles and these beasts that look like alien cows.

Raman takes a breather, Kleenex® in hand, at an Egyptian well in the Africa exhibit.

Soon after we were holed up, with a nice upgrade I might add, at another Marriott near the O'Hare airport.

The next morning it was back to New Mexico. Dry air and sunshine. And for Raman it was his warm bed and chicken soup out of a can.

We really didn't do much on this trip except be miserable, but we had good company.

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