Another Michigan Roadtrip '98
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John & Jarrett & Ellie drive back to Michigan, Summer 1998.

Mitchell is really growing up. Walking and then he wants to drive.

Jarrett and Kathy. I still think of Kathy as my baby sister, but here she is grown up and a Mom. It won't be long before Jarrett moves away and starts college. But we'll concentrate on High School for now.


We left Conway at 1:45 PM. I was tired because I had spent the past day reinstalling all my Mom's software. Her computer was about finished and then it lost everything! We drove through Chicago and then I stupidly took a shortcut which added a half hour of driving through Covert and Benton Harbor. We gassed up on the freeway at 6:30 and got dinner. This is what the road looks like in Michigan.

Somewhere in Illinois around 10 PM we stopped at a rest stop and I slept for a couple hours. At 5:40 AM I hadn't been watching the gas and I needed to pull off at Griggsville. A 10 minute drive on empty and I found a Shell station. At 6:30 AM I crossed the Mississippi into Hanibal, Mo. Childhood home of Mark Twain. No historic side trips this time

Missouri was boring like I'd remembered. But we drove straight through and at 1:10 PM hit Whichita. Then we had the very hot and boring Kansas drive to make. By 4:30 we were in Mead and we gassed up. At 6:50 we hit Texahoma and got more gas and McDonald's and washed the Jeep. It sure got dirty from bugs on this trip!

I was falling asleep by Tucumcari, so I opted for the main highway home instead of any shortcut. I had to take a couple half hour naps on the side of the road. It was tough to nap too much with the Semi trucks passing me at 90 MPH on I-40, but by Midnight we made it back into our driveway and into our beds. I had put 3560 miles on my leased Jeep, which I'd only gotten a month earlier, but it sure outperformed the Beretta. And all-in-all it was worth the trip home to spend time with the family (and set up their computers! after all it was a business trip.) Jarrett was glad to get back to his own bed.

Summer 1998 at home in Conway, Michigan
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