E2 Foundations

Concerning the formation of an Earth2 Foundations organization:

ShelleyAnn@aol.com writes:

I think we need to regroup, take stock, and *truly* present a united front.

Maybe this means that we need to elect a leadership, so we have some sort of decision process to make sure that we are all doing the same thing. In the past week or so, it hasn't seemed like we've been concentrating on the same efforts.

If we're seriously going to pursue this effort to keep Earth 2 alive on whatever network, we will also need to have some sort of communications plan. (We're going through this problem with my Alumni Association and this is what we're doing.) We need to have a plan as to how we handle each directive and piece of information we get so that it gets out to as many people as possible, efficiently and effectively.

One way to do this is to have, say, two AOL reps - one to post on the Sci-Fi Board and one to post on the NBC Board. Likewise have one person who gets in touch with all the E2 WWW site people. One person on Prodigy for each forum related to E2, one person for each E2 forum on CompuServe, etc. Also at least one person to spread the news to the alt.tv.earth2 newsgroup. Also have one specific person be our contact for UPN, one for Amblin, etc. And have a specific group of people prepare all of our press releases, etc.

Maybe these posts could be rotated so people don't get bored, broke, or frustrated.

Along these lines, does anyone want to post these suggestions for me in our various forums?

These are just my suggestions, and if you don't like them, that's fine. It's your prerogative. But I hate to see such a dedicated group grow tired and frustrated because we can't seem to properly and peaceably coordinate our efforts. Shel :) E2F *Member*

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