Other Earth2 Sites that I know of:

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The WWW Earth2 Chat Room is located at http://www.irsociety.com/cgi-bin/webchat_doorway.cgi?Room=Earth_2_Chat

This April the first organized E2 convention will be held in New Mexico. Further information can be found at their web site located at http://www.unl.edu/dvae/~neilan/e2/pacificon.html

One of the hottest sci-fi sites on the internet...has a rapidly improving E2 page loaded with tons of info. You can find it at http://www.abacus.ghj.com/sci_fi/earth2/e2_main.htm

A site by a E2:EA member. Has fan fiction, TGB&G info, Episode Guide, IRC info, E2 links, and graphics for E2:EA. Located at http://www.eskimo.com/~fallen/ea/ea.html

The original MCA Official Earth2 Page. They have now closed the site. It only took a mere 5 Meg of HD space so I feel they should have left it up. Was located at http://www.mca.com/tv/earth2/

A page dedicated to the actress who played Dr. Julia Heller on E2 is located at http://www.infinet.com/~gc3/steen.html It has lots of pictures.

An E2 page that has lots of good info. It has the E2 FAQ, episode guides of various complexity, sample letters to write to save E2, and some good E2 humor. Located at http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/rodney/earth2/earth2-top.html

The largest E2 site around. It has everything you ever wanted to know about E2. Full descriptions of all the episodes, info on the producers/actors/technical people/etc. It is also the premiere fan fiction site. Located at http://www.best.com/~ftmexpat/e2/ where you can choose between Netscape enhanced :) and not :(

A page where the author truly misses the Official E2 page (I do too). Has links to things and some pictures and is located at http://www.phoenix.net/~leigh/earth2/

One of the many fan fic writers has some E2 fan fic located at http://www.unm.edu/~tara along with some good E2 artwork!

There is a site at http://www.moviemadness.com that offers a large selection of merchandise from popular Movies & TV Shows. They have some E2 merchandise!

A purely humorous site dedicated to getting an education on G889 is located at http://www.atcon.com/ourusers/a/adair/adaircon.htm It is a good break when you need a break from actual education or any rough day in general :)

A great new page/project that gives the philospical Gaian view of Earth2 give you a choice of Netscape enhanced or text at http://www.arcade.uiowa.edu/proj/earth2/e2.html It has background info on all characters and many, many other pieces of information. I really like this site!

For those that can read German, here is a site for you: http://www.tvmovie.de/tv/SE/earth.html

For those of you that want pictures of cast members, there is a site located at http://www.wwu.edu/~timh/e2cast.html Hopefully you have a fast connection :)

Another E2 site that has recently popped up (aka Terrian-like) at www.scar.utoronto.ca/~93gilmor/npps.html It is currently building up and is collecting lots of humor, links, and it mentions that E1 does matter! :) It's titled the New Pacific Postal Service (NPPS).

A new site that has all the birthday info about cast/crew members from E2 can be found at www.atcon.com/ourusers/a/adair/birthday.htm. This page is a sub-page of the Adair Consolidated page listed above.