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The mail target of the week is:

ABC Television
Email: Audience Information

Snail mail and phone numbers:
ABC Television
Viewer Services
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

Mr. Ted Harbert
President of ABC Entertainment
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
Century City CA 90067
(213) 644-7777

There is reason to believe that ABC is looking at Earth2 as a mid-season replacement and we need to let them know that E2 still has an enthusiastic audience!


In case you missed the letter from Steven S. or any of the recent news, be sure to check the October news below.

E2 continues getting mentioned in press. In a one-page article in "Science Fiction Universe Yearbook" there was a terrific picture of Devon and Uly and the article stated that E2 was pulled, "at a complete surprise to the fans."

Clancy Brown has spoken with someone at New PacifiCon '96 and has said he would like to attend if possible. Note: Celebrity agreements to appear subject to professional availability. I know some people may find that interesting but I'm waiting to find out about Bess or Julia :)

You can find more information about the E2 convention at their Home Page (see other site information below).

For Foreign subscribers to the Dream Plane, here are the rates:
Subject: E2- Dream Plane/Foreign

Last week since I am temporarily in charge of mailing out the first free issue of the Dream Plane, I posted an update. Well, if I was reading the revisons that Desi passes along regularly, I would have known about foreing subscription prices. Anyways, here they are:

$10.00 for US sub.
$15.00 for Canadian
$ 20.00 for outside of US and Canadian

Remember, isssues 2 and 3 have interviews with Kirk Trutner (Cameron) and later on, an interview with Joey Zimmerman will be coming along.


The WebChat Broadcasting System has named the WWW E2 Chatroom the WBS Station of the Month! This shows that E2 fans are still getting noticed...even though NBC certainly never noticed us (or refused to admit it). The Chat Room site is also listed among my other site information.

Subject: Ent Wkly Mag & E2 merchandise

Hi! I just got an email back from Entertainment Weekly's Movie & TV merchandise store where they said they don't plan to advertise E2 merchandise in their magazine but may plan to offer E2 merchandise on their site on America Online if there's enough interest. I wrote to them about all the E2 fans on the Net and how many of us are looking for E2 stuff to buy like t-shirts, hats, trading cards, etc. So if you want some E2 merchandise now's the time to send an email to the Ent. Wkly store and request it today!!! Those of you looking for videos of E2 eps might also request E2 videos! -Kiss, E2F!!

CBS is not doing as well as expected with many shows this season, particularly Central Park West. If you feel like telling them about E2, feel free to send them a quick message.


E2 Fans here's some good news -- a new newspaper article appeared in Sunday's (10/8) State newspaper by Doug Nye who wrote the Earth2 Foundations newspaper article which appeared in June. He reviewed the new Alien Nation movie but specifically encouraged E2 fans to keep on with the fight to save E2 as AN fans have done. He spoke of how AN fans kept after FOX 5 years or more until they made 3 TV movies.

From the London Times (via another E2 fan - there's so many of us :) Here's what the TV critic from the London Times had to say about the pilot of E2 which was shown over Europe on October 4th:

" I also have a nasty feeling that Earth 2 (Sky 1), which began last night, is not for me. Some can't take their science fiction mixed with humour, some can't take it mixed with sex but what I object to is science fiction mixed with slushy sentiment. And EARTH 2, perhaps unsurprisingly, given that it is made by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, comes with buckets of it. Really there ought to be a law against programmes that include precocious American girls making friends with cute little aliens that can purr. And did I mention the futuristic Tiny Tim and his allergy to the 23rd century? Yuk. In search of a better life, a group of pioneering colonists have left the over-crowded space stations around earth in search of a new planet. Of course they found it and guess what? It looked just like all those suspiciously green places that the original Enterprise crew would beam down to from time to time. You know, where Mr Spock would suddenly rediscover his human side and start kissing the first passing blonde alien. Now, I don't care how good the special effects are, if someone doesn't start kissing someone pretty soon on Earth 2, I'm off. And no cute little aliens don't count. "

(Certainly an interesting view of the show!)

Antonio Sabato Jr. seems to not know what he thinks about E2. Here are some clips from two articles:

From the Entertainment Weekly area on AOL:


By Alan Carter

Since leaving General Hospital last year, Antonio Sabato Jr. hasn't stayed in one place too long. Last season's Earth 2, his first prime-time series, "was a disaster," says Sabato, 24. "I have no trouble saying it sucked. I'm glad it got canceled." The show's demise led to a flood of offers, including a six-episode stint on Melrose Place as Amanda's long-lost abusive husband that insiders say may end with his death. He's now filming a European miniseries in Vienna (he plays a priest). And Sabato, who played GH's brooding boxer Jagger Cates, recently went back to help tie up the plot involving his on-screen brother, Stone (Michael Sutton), who is afflicted with AIDS. But it isn't likely Sabato will be taking a permanent daytime gig anytime soon. "I'm there for my good friend Michael and because this is such an important story line."

Transmitted: 95-10-06 16:51:05 EDT (tvsb296)THE WEEK

And, of course, there was the snippet from the Toronto Star Article from Thomas Gilmor earlier today/this week:

"When he moved on to NBC's big-budget and prime-time Earth2 last season, Sabato was in heaven. "I really believed in and loved that show." But he acknowledges that expense and lack of focus led to its demise. "It ended up being a long nine months in Santa Fe," where the show shot.

Don't forget, National E2 Week will be starting Nov 5th. Get ready to write a few additional letters!

Meeting times for the E2 WWW Chat Room are as follows:
Monday 10PM ET (7PM PT)
Tuesday 3PM ET (12PM PT)
Wednesday 8PM ET (5PM PT)
Thursday 12PM ET (9AM PT)
Friday 5PM ET (2PM PT)
Saturday 6PM ET (3PM PT)
Sunday 4PM ET (1PM PT)

There is of course no guarantee that people will ALWAYS be there...time contraints you know :)

NBC is probably not feeling to good about some of the decisions they made this past May. SeaQuest is doing POORLY in the ratings and their new Sunday night line-up continues to place dead last.

From: (Exeter)
Subject: The future of Earth 2
Date: 28 Oct 1995 19:10:22 GMT
Organization: Illuminati Online

I am watching some old reruns of Earth 2, and I decided I would post some news I have heard...

One of my friends (who loaned me her Earth 2 tapes) is sisters with a girl who works for the company that produced the show. According to her, the company is in the process of trying to sell the rights to the show to another network, or caple channel. Hopefully, new episodes will be coming out soon.

Of course, that will only happen if it gets picked up by a station somewhere.

BTW, the guy that plays Danziger is the son of the person that owns the company which produced Earth 2.

Here's to the future.

From: (James Allen)
Subject: Re: REINSTATED?
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 11:56:46 GMT
Organization: ICL, Bracknell, UK.

I have only seen the first episode so far (here in the UK) but have a few on video to watch. I must say that from what I have seen so far, Earth 2 seems like a great series. It has all the elements of a good sci-fi series and I like the mix of characters. I think I may have read something about the possibility of E2 being brought back as a mid-season replacement. It was in a UK sci-fi mag called SFX I think. I could be mistaken as I remember this being mentioned about other programs like Sliders. Actually thinking about it I think it may have mentioned ABC or someone considering picking it up. I`ll have to check the magazine and get back to you...

(He did reply two days later and E2 was mentioned in the SFX magazine as was stated above)

Earth2 Foundations has a mailing list:
To join the E2F Internet mailing list please send an email to: with the word "Subscribe" in the SUBJECT heading.


Well, I've got a bunch of stuff to report on but I won't have time until this weekend...Until's one tidbit straight from Steven Spielburg! (Well maybe not quite STRAIGHT, but it is actually from him!)

Forwarded message:
> From: Carrie Tibbetts
> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 11:17:49 TZ
> Subject: E2- letter FROM Spielberg!

I don't think my first email ever got through to the group since I didn't see it in the digest nor heard from anyone, but I hope this mail gets through because you all should know the Spielberg wrote me back! I really didn't think he would but I guess the signature from my boss plus sending it to Dreamworks (since that's where he knows/works with us from) made the difference. Here is what he wrote:

"Dear Carrie,
Powers greater than mine at NBC have found EARTH2 to be a little too 'earthy' and not 'spacey' enough for the time slot they had given us, Sunday night at 7:00pm. I miss EARTH2 as well. I felt the producers did a very good job of putting together a 'Once Upon a Future Time' story. If we're successful here at DreamWorks Television, maybe you'll be seeing an EARTH3 showing up someday soon! All my best, Steven Spielberg"

Although it doesn't say if he's going to work with it to be picked up by another Network, it was nice of him to give a little more explanation about why it was dropped.

(Thanks for your efforts Carrie!!)


The rumor about ABC being interested in E2 as a midseason replacement is a fact. I encourage you to let them know how you feel about the show. ABC addresses can be found down in the address information further down the page.


New Pacificon (the upcoming E2 convention) now has a web page for all those who want more information. It's at

The "target" of the week for mailing (From:

We're posting the following target in response to the people who have requested E2 tapes, not only on the mailing list but on the newsgroup. So, when you call or write Universal, mention much we would appreciate videos (at least until they give us back the series). The idea is to let them know that we're still interested and, who knows, maybe get them to release the videos.

Universal Studios Tour Merchandise Department
(800) 447-0373

Tom Thayer
President, Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

If anyone has an email address and/or a web address, please pass them on to the list so we can hit them there, too.

Call, write, send postcards, do whatever you can to help.


As I promised a few days is the E2 blurb I saw while on vacation in New Mexico... While in NM last week I visited some Indian Pueblos and I picked up a tourist guide at one point (The 1995 Visitors Guide to Eight Northern Pueblos). As I'm browsing through I notice a lovely picture of an E2 escape pod sitting against a beautiful backdrop of NM. The description for the Tesuque Pueblo says:
"Tesuque's beautiful lands are often used as the back drop for many movies and television commercials. Most recently, the popular TV series "Earth 2" has been filming in Tesuque's exotic landscape."


E2 continues to get mentioned in the press. This weekend I'll mention a comment that was in a tourist brochure that I happened to find while I was in New Mexico last week. Just a reminder that many things I mention on this HP are uncovered by other E2 fans of which there appear to be more every day...

There was a one-page article in "Science Fiction Universe Yearbook" (or a name close to that :)) along with a picture of Devon and Uly. The article wasn't much but it did say, that E2 was pulled, "at a complete surprise to the fans."


For those that had questions on the Dream Plane, please check out the October news below.

Did you miss out on one of the first Save Earth 2 Days?? Getting frustrated with our 'favorite network'? Want Earth 2 back on?

The answer to all of these questions: National Earth 2 Week. It will be held from November 5th to 10th and we are going to show NBC we are serious about wanting E2 back on.

On these days mail letters, e-mail NBC, call them, fax them, do whatever it takes to let them know we Earthies exist and want our show back on! Also, during this week NBC will be programmed out of all Earthies remotes--even if your favorite show is on. If you have any questions or comments send it to!

Let NBC hear our voices!
Snail Mail Addresses for NBC:
30 Rockefeller Plz.
New York, NY 10112

3000 West Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

Phone Numbers for NBC:

E-mail Addresses for NBC:

Is there hope for ABC once again? (the following is a synopsis of a letter from ABC has already cancelled "Charlie Grace" (starring Mark Harmon) & "The Monroes" starring William Devane. What does this mean for E2? A few months back many E2 fans held a letter-writing campaign and wrote to ABC & asked them to take on E2 at least as a mid- season replacement. ABC is NOW trying to find stuff to fill these empty time-slots, so any E2 fan with a little free time is encouraged to EMAIL ABC at or SNAILMAIL ABC TV, 77 West 66th St., New York NY 10023 & ask them to consider taking E2.


I know there have been lots of questions about the Dream Plane so here is the latest information on it.

Subject: E2- The Hap with the DREAM PLANES

Alright, as you all know there has been considerable delay with The Dream Plane due to poor health with the former mailer. She has given up this position, and I am temporarily in charge at the moment. I have all the letters and have mailed out all the old Dream Plane requests to those of you who have sent off for your free issue of the newsletter. The post office box address will eventually change, but for the moment the mail is supposed to be forwarded to my house. The last time that the po box was picked up was about a month ago, so if you sent a request in at that time, please be aware that an extra week will go by before those letters reach me, then I can mail yours off as well.

Quite a lot of you generous folks sent in a couple of extra bucks to help defray costs. Thanks so much. I just would like to take this opportunity to let you know that your extra money is being used to help towards those with foreign addresses.

Unless you hear from me with another update, all those who have asked for the first issue of The Dream Plane should have one in thier hands in about three weeks. Thanks for being patient.

Those of you will SUBSCRIPTIONS-- Stacy has been waiting forever for checks to arrive to print up issues 2 and 3. Since we are a couple of months behind, she is supposed to mail them out together. Please keep in mind that the delay does not rest on her as she has had these issues finished for some time.

HOW DO I REQUEST MY FREE COPY OF THE DREAM PLANE? Send in a 6 by 9 self addressed stamped envelope with 55 cents postage to: Earth 2 Eden Advance, P O Box 733, Westminster CA 92684-0733. Yes, this is the old address, but don't worry--the forward will hold for a year, plenty of time until E2:EA obtains a new mailer.

FOREIGN ADDRESSES: In Canada, the postage would be in American currency, 64 cents. In Australia and New Zealand, $1.40. If you have already sent yours in, and are fearful that you did not sent enough postage, fret not. All those that I receive will be sent out.

I WANT A SUBSCRIPTION: There's plenty of time to subscribe since Stacy is printing up issues 2 and 3, this week I would imagine. Those issues have an interview with the talented, Mr. Kirk Trutner, who plays Cameron on the series. Send in $10.00 to the E2:EA address, made out to Earth 2: Eden Advance, for a monthly newsletter subscription of The Dream Plane, good for one year. Foreign Subscribers: I have no info. on this. You may have to e-mail Stacy or just wing it.

Please post this on other boards. Spread the word..



I'm back from a lovely trip to New Mexico. Perfect weather all week! I'll try to put some updates here tonight after I see what is new in the E2 world.


Thanks for visiting! Sorry about the lack of updates lately but I've been very busy trying to finish a paper (it was sent off to the Physical Review people today :) Now, I'm leaving for a lovely 8 day vacation in the Sante Fe area and will enjoy the original home of the E2 filming and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. In any event, I'll be back on Oct 17th.