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This gentleman is the man to write to:

Tom Pollock
Chairman of the Board
MCA Pictures Group
Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91609

This blitz of Universal is to DEMAND they reinstate the ORIGINAL producers, writers, actors, etc. (because we heard none of the networks liked the new "creative team" or their ideas) and DEMAND they let the ORIGINAL creative team come up with intelligent storylines and THEN re-pitch Earth 2 to ALL the networks for mid-season.

Our blitz should coincide with the Variety ad. Let's ALL write said letters, and mail them out on July 1st -- Universal/Tom Pollock will get blitzed by our snail mail and have our ad to think about. We must make clear we will settle for NOTHING LESS than the quality we have had this past year and will NOT tolerate cast changes or conveniently killing off characters to attract other demographic groups -- Earth 2: Eden Advance is living proof that a large fan base is attracted to E2 from a wide range of demographic groups.

The hard part will be finding the right words, polite... yet VERY FIRM in CONVICTION and SUPPORT for Earth 2 as we have known it. After all, that is what OUR Variety ad is all about. Who is with me? Who will demand justice be done for E2's sake and for a group of weary travelers we've all grown to love?

REMEMBER: Mail your letters on JULY 1ST!!!
Now lets all go out and win the big one for the Grendler!

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