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Jessica Steen won a Gemini Award (English Canada's version of the Emmy) for best lead performance by an actress in a miniseries or movie. The movie was "Small Gifts," which originally aired in late 1994. If you're interested, check out this URL:

For those of you that can't make it to NewPacificon '96 but want something from it, here you go:

This is a way for you to support, make your presence known at New PacifiCon '96 and buy a nice souvenir. We will be setting aside space in the official Con program for messages from fans who can't attend (and those who can). You can say hello to the list, an online friend, a GoH, or say what you like about E2. Use your imagination, but keep it positive :). This program will be given out to all attendees, GoH and Amblin, etc. We reserve the right to reject (or spellcheck) messages :( All proceeds will go to pay con expenses including for those of the GoHs.

You can, at the same time, pre-order your own signed copy of the program. We are hoping to get all the GoH to sign extras to send out to fans who can't attend (GoHs signatures are subject to availability--no refunds please).

Prices: standard message: $10.00 U.S. funds 3 lines of type for the message and 1 line for your name, city, state/province, country.

Each line (including your name line) holds 42 characters, including all spaces and punctuation. Do not go over this line limit. $2.00 for each additional line of 42 characters after the first 4 lines.

Once you send in your message copy to us, you can not make changes. If you must talk to someone about this, email our program person:

Lynn Leaper:

Remember this is supposed to be a fun way to support the con. We will do our best but please don't take it too seriously. Your cancelled check will be your receipt. This is not tax deductible.

Program: $15.00 U.S. funds. No refunds if we can't get the signature you want. If you want to order a program you must send us a SASE. See below.
Please allow 4-6 weeks after the con (April 19-21) for delivery. (If you are attending the con, you don't need to purchase a program here--you will get one free at the con and can collect your own signatures :)

You can buy one or the other or both. But please get in all your orders by March 15. In order to make our printing deadlines, we can not accept any orders for messages or programs after that.

In order to make this endeavor easier on the ConCom (we are awfully busy :), we ask that you follow certain rules:

1) Please type or print your message so we can read it without ????
2) Do not go over the 42 character per line limit.
3) If you decide to buy a message and order a program, please do so at the same time.
4) If ordering the program, you must include a large self addressed stamped envelope for us to mail the program to you. The program shouldn't run more than twenty 8 1/2 x 11 pages. Please ask your Post Office how much postage you need.

Please send out check or money order in U.S. to New PacifiCon Organization **Canadian/Other Non-U.S. Edenites--please send a check or money order drawn from U.S. bank or send an additional $5.00 to cover bank charges--sorry :(

And send to :

New PacifiCon
P.O. Box G889
10601-A Tierransanta Blvd
San Diego, CA 9212

From: eisenj06@VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Subject: POLL, Sci-FI TV Awards

Ok, people, here is my new poll. Yessiree, it is the very first Sci-Fi TV awards poll, conducted by me. The following are a list of actors and actresses, designated by me into actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress for simplicity sake. I also cut each list down to who I felt would be the best six candidates. Write-ins will be accepted, repeat WRITE-INS are ACCEPTED!!! as will write-ins for any show I might not have included.

OK, the poll goes like this. Pick your favorite actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress and TV show. For means of simplicity, please, no lengthy discussion about who you pick, just the names, character name and TV they are from, and the TV show for the final category.

I will be reposting the poll several times this week. Please...I want as much response as possible. This one is not as lengthy as the last poll, so I'm hoping you all will vote. Oh, and for the sake of (hopefully) getting a more balanced vote, I'm also posting this to an X-Files mailing list.

Also, I realize I am missing a few shows (Forever Knight, SeaQuest, Space Precinct, Lois and Clark among them). If you wish to write in a character or one of these shows, or anything else I may not be including, feel free to. These shows we considered, but did not earn nominations. PLEASE designate lead or supporting, and consider this carefully in doing so.

Please read through the lists comepletely before writing in someone. Due to my designating the lead and supporting, some people might have ended up in a different place than you might have expeceted.

I wish everyone the best of luck choosing. Please email your responses to the address below.







The Febuary issue of the NewPacificon News is here...I put this here about two weeks ago...but I must have forgotten to link to it...maybe one to many "spider" bites this month :)

Those going to the Con might want to check it out the following WWW site. There is some very interesting info on Albuquerque. The site is located at It includes some history, pictures, events, and activities.

Looks like Frank McNeil will be making his site more of a FanFiction site to end all sites :) When I first started looking around for E2 sites...over a year ago...I was glad I'd found Frank's or I would have been lost in an E2-less wasteland! His fan fiction page now has about 136 stories and 336 files (7.366 Meg of HTML)...growing daily!

From: (Frank McNeil)

After looking at Raman's site I've decided to replace my "Earth 2" related site ASAP (hopefully within a week). The replacement site will not contain as many external links.

The title, if I use it, says it all.
"Earth 2 Creative Center."
Hence, some TV related files may leave the net then such as the rating summaries.
will be replaced.

As many of you may have noticed, Sliders was back on the air this past Friday. There was an article in our local paper that stated Sliders was "saved by the Internet" and viewer loyalty is what brought it back on the air. For those of you that didn't follow the original story, FOX cancelled Sliders and two days later it was announced it would be their first mid-season replacement this winter. When it was first cancelled, many people (myself included) did send many e-mail messages to FOX in an effort to get them to not cancel the show. Now, their are two ways to view this situation, FOX does notice e-mail and feels viewers do care about what is on television and NBC doesn't care in the least....OR....FOX had already decided they were going to give "Sliders" a slight hiatus from the air and ended up looking good to many fans by "announcing" it would return. I personally think the latter is closer to the truth...but with NBC (No Body Cares) it could easily be the former.

Just my personal opinion...but I'm glad Sliders is back.

From: (Rch4TheSky)
Save E2, a new approach. Ok all your Earthies floundering around out there going thru serious major E2 withdrawals we've got some new suggestions going on over at Earth2 Foundations. (1) SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR EARTH2 by buying E2 tees and/or sweats from Entertainment Weekly (keyword:EWStore; Email: or Call 1-800-EWEEKLY). The shirts are great AND if sales go well EWStore will offer other cool E2 merchandise -- it's worth it to pay postage and handling costs to keep a major entertainment magazine with 6 million or so readers interested in ole E2. (2) A NEW APPROACH TO SAVING EARTH2. Please join us at the Earth2 Foundations Internet mailing list (To join send an Email to , and write "Subscribe" in the SUBJECT heading) to participate in our newest plans.

There are some pretty interesting reviews of Earth2 on the web at:

Below is the current press release for the convention. YOU can help out by distributing the text far and wide! Send via email to friends/mailing lists (where appropriate), web sites, etc. or print out and send to any local/regional clubs/papers/stations you'd like. Send to anyone!

All you need to do is add to the TO: line and revise the DATE: line when appropriate.



FROM: NEW PACIFICON '96, Box G889, 10601-A Tierrasanta Blvd. San Diego, CA USA 92124

DATE: 28 February 1996

RE: "Earth 2" Convention to be held in Albuquerque, NM

New PacifiCon '96, a fan-organized convention devoted to the science-fiction program "Earth 2" will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 19-21, 1996. The convention will be held at the Pinnacle Hotel Four Seasons in Albuquerque, which is near several of the filming sites for the series.

Media Guests appearing at the convention include:

Clancy Brown [John Danziger]
John Gegenhuber [Morgan Martin]
Jessica Steen [Dr. Julia Hellar]
Kirk Trutner [Cameron]
Rockmond Dunbar [Baines]
J. Madison Wright [True Danziger]
Joey Zimmerman [Ulysses Adair].

Other Guests: Chris Chrissinger, Starlog Correspondant Activities include celebrity guests, two tours to local filming sites, a blood drive and charity auction, a guests of honor banquet, various panels, fan fiction workshop, programming in honor of Earth Day and more. Hard to find Earth 2 merchandise will also be available.

Memberships to the convention are: - $50 for adults for a 3-day pass (reg postmarked before March 5) - $55 after March 6 - $60 at the door - $20 Saturday only - $25 for children under 18

Registration for the banquet is $20. Trips to the Zia Pueblo and Tent Rocks filming sites are $15/each, first come, first served. FIELD TRIPS ARE NOW SOLD OUT

"Earth 2" is an Amblin Entertainment production, formerly televized on NBC (Sunday, 7 PM). The science fiction/drama series takes place almost 200 years in the future on a planet 22 light years from Earth. The series focuses on the odyssey of a small band of humans who are attempting to colonize an alien world and discovering more about their own humanity in the process. Although this program was cancelled after one year, it maintains a loyal following throughout the U.S. and Canada. "Earth 2" has recently completed a successful run in Australia, and is currently playing on Skynet in the U.K., and is one of the highest rated programs on German television.

If you would like more information about New PacifiCon '96, or the series, please contact us at the above addresses.


The current Soap Opera Digest has an interview with Rebecca Gayheart:

Her first post-LOVING gigs were a Noxzema commercial and three episodes of the syndicated series VANISHING SON. But it was her role as Bess Martin on the sci-fi cult hit EARTH 2 that really sent her into orbit. EARTH 2 lasted only one season, but it was long enough for Gayheart to discover that sci-fi fans are as passionate as daytime devotees.

After the show was axed, EARTH 2 groupies took out an ad in "Variety" to show their thanks for a job well done. Gayheart was so touched that she wrote back to the show's supporters. "Sometimes, I don't have time to do that," Gayheart admits. "But the EARTH 2 fans were loyal and very intelligent. They want to bring the show back [which], isn't going to happen. But it's sweet of them to try."

Well, at least the efforts to save E2 are getting noticed! Don't be discouraged by her "downer" comment...just remember that speedy rabbit story :)

This months Sci Fi Universe ranked "all" the SF shows and movies of last year. Earth2 was not mentioned! If you'd like to remind them that they "forgot" about an emmy winning show, let them know at and

For those that aren't sure who to write to, here is the best bet at Universal:
The contact name we have been advised to write to (by Michael Duggan) at Universal is Ron Meyer. (Don't put E2 on the envelope)

Ron Meyer
President, MCA/Universal
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Note: remember not to write to Michael Duggan at the Universal City address since he has left. New info will be posted ASAP.

Tim Curry (Gaal) is getting lots of work lately. To name just a few - he is starring in the new Muppet movie opening this weekend and was in an episode of the Naked Truth on Wed. Feb. 14 on ABC.

For those speak German, I found an E2 page that is purely in that fine language of my origin. It's at

The Movie Madness people are thinking of setting up a table at the con to sell great E2 merchandise (along with other sci-fi stuff). If you feel up to it, let them know you're eager to buy all their neat stuff by sending them an e-mail message at


The New PacifiCon '96 web site has a new URL. The old home page has a link to the new one which will be up for a while. Adjust your bookmarks page accordingly:

Also, the NP Web site now contains more information about the fieldtrips with good PICTURES! More to be added soon.

Preston Beckman (Mr. NBC) says that they are continuing to develop si-fi/fantasy hour dramas. They have a two hour pilot called Dark Skies that has finished filming and he has read a script called The Pretender which may be made as a pilot. NBC also have several sci fi/fantasy mini-series in development that will air over the next two years.

If you feel like it, suggest to Mr. Beckman that an E2 movie/miniseries would go over quite well to wrap up the storyline - that is the least a human being could expect from a "big business, non-people oriented establishment" least in my opinion.

There is a new site at that offers a large selection of merchandise from popular Movies & TV Shows. They have the E2 shirt/sweatshirts listed on their site. Perhaps they might try to persuade someone to get those E2 videos onto the market!

I've added many sounds to the site here...if someone has lots of free time and energy, feel free to download them all and write a short description...I would but time is just a tad short lately :(


For those that aren't on the web, the Feb 2, issue of Entertainment Weekly (Seinfeld Cast), has an ad for the Studio Store and displays the Earth 2 Cast Sweat Shirt. It doesn't have the other two shirts listed, but has several other Sci-Fi items.

This coming March two brand new Alien Nation movies are set to begin filming. Keep this in mind when people say there is no hope for E2!

For those of you that feel like writing to cast/crew members, there have been several updates to their addresses recently (thanks Nicole).