News from 6/14

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All right!

You have all heard about the Variety Ad proposal, a simple ad from the Earth 2 fans, thanking the producers, cast and crew for giving us Earth 2---to be placed in Variety, the entertainment industry's most important news source. And many of you have wondered---will it ever really happen? Yes, it will! And you have asked---where do I send the money anyway?

Let the confusion, worries and grumblings cease! All is in place!!!

The ad hoc ad committee has firmed up the arrangements so that---finally!--you can send in your pledged money for the Variety Ad without trepidation and without any further delay! There two---count 'em---two ways to do this, and both of them are as safe as we could make them!

ONE: The Bank Donation Account (anything made out to Earth 2 Eden Advance Fund).
TWO: The Money Order Place (money orders made out to Variety).

Choose whichever one you feel best about sending your hard-earned money to. Whichever way your money is sent, it *will* get to Variety with the ad! (Sorry for the wordiness, but I wanted you all to be very clear on the particulars. If you just want to cut to the chase, scan down for addresses!)

CHOICE ONE:  The Donation Bank Account.
             The Address: 
              U.S. Bank--Shadle Branch
              Earth 2 Eden Advance Fund
              227 Shadle Center
              Spokane, Wa  99212
              Account # 1062 029150

Any form of money is fine with this account---personal checks, money orders, cashier's check, Canadian checks or money orders, traveller's checks. (The usual caveat concerning cash through the mail applies, of course---it's never a good idea.) Felicia (FLECOU) assures us that, even if all the checks have not cleared, there will be no problem getting the money released for the ad. (Although she could be in major trouble, personally, if checks bounce.)

Remember to include a note or card with your name, address, e-mail (if you have one) and how much you are depositing. You can even write: Att: Felicia (that's FLECOU online only) but that isn't really necessary because everyone at the Shadle Branch will know what to do :) Checks/money orders/whatever should be made out to: Earth 2 Eden Advance Fund.

This donation bank account has been set up with the following safeguards: Felicia is one signatory on the account, but she cannot authorize withdrawals without two additional OK's from the two other signatories---Barbara407 and AniMaAmin (Shoshana). The withdrawal---and subsequent purchase at the bak of a cashier's check to Variety--can be accomplished with permissions by fax. Both Barbara and Shoshana have fax capabilities, so there will be no delay on their part when the deadline arrives. The bank will keep track of all deposits and withdrawals, and these will be available to be checked by other committee members who are not signatories.

Mailed in money can start to be deposited immediately. If you live in that area and want to drop your pledge money off, it will be OK to deposit in person. If you do decide to walk your pledge in, you will need the account number!!! And ask the teller to forward personal information at WS106 to Felicia. It should be possible to drop deposits off, in a couple of days, with other U.S. Bank offices in the state of Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Idaho. There will be a further update on that if anyone e-mails me or Felicia asking for it.

You can mail your pledge money to the Shadle branch, now--- no problem.

Canadian funds can just be sent...we don't need any special u.s. vouchers that many businesses require, just be aware that the bank will calculate the current exchange rate for the day.

This account may---although this is by no means clear at this point---provide a base for the proposed fan club. One thing at a time, OK?

CHOICE TWO: The Money Order Place

Send money orders or cashier's checks or certified checks ONLY (no personal checks) *made out to Variety* to:

             Vivien Latham
             c/o RFX, Inc.
             710 Seward St.
             Hollywood, CA   90038

If you feel more comfortable sending your pledge in a form made out directly to Variety, this is the choice to make. The obvious safeguard here is that nobody but Variety can touch this money. No personal checks this way, though---we want to insulate Variety as completely as possible from bounced checks (not that anyone would) and we also do not want Earth 2 fans in general to be in trouble due to such nasty things. So, for money made out to Variety----money orders and certified checks and cashier's checks. No Canadian money---we have no way of computing it and want to inconvenience Variety as little as possible.

On these donations also, put your real name, online name (if any), and address. If you want a receipt, send an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and ask for the receipt. (If your pledge money comes in too late to use, due to mail vagaries or whatever, the SASE will be used to send it back to you.)


The pledged money will arrive at the two locations. On a particular cut-off date, the amounts in the bank account and in Vivien's hands will be totalled up. That amount will determine how large an ad we fans can place. The bank account will be turned in to a cashier's check to Variety and rushed to Vivien in Hollywood by the next business day, who will have already received or will receive that day film from Stacy for our ad. Obviously, if the account & money order total is hovering somewhere between two possible sizes, we will have to go for what we can afford. Vivien will go to Variety with both money and ad in hand and place the ad.


Send it now! Only the amount we have available on the cutoff date can be used towards the ad---obviously. Given the usual problems with snail mail---which are even greater than majordomo mail---your money may take longer than anyone could reasonably expect to arrive. So the sooner, the better.


Don't know yet---that date will be determined by whether we are going with the Weekly or the Daily Variety. And *that* will be determined by your vote. (Tentatively, the cutoff date will be 6/19 or 6/20, so it might be best to get your checks/money orders/what have you in the mail by 6/16.) Watch for DesiJ's post which will have rate and deadline information and closest possible publication date---which are quite different and which will help you make your decision--and how to vote! That decision is up to everyone out there!


Good question. First thing is that out of pocket costs/expenses for the ad will be reimbursed, if possible. This won't be a lot---1) the cost of turning the display ad into the film required by the publication --anticipatec cost: about $100. Federal Express expenses to get the ad to Vivien in Hollywood from New York City and the bank cashier's check to Vivien from Washington.

Nobody is getting reimbursed for long distance phone calls concerning the ad nor for online time or any other such expense. (Too bad I can't pledge my online bill from this!) Only for the absolutely necessary costs.

For obvious reasons, any late money orders to Vivien will be sent back (if and only if there is an SASE.)


I sure hope not! Feel free to post this and other notices from the ad hoc ad committee anywhere there is an Earth 2 bulletin board. I'll be putting this post on the AOL boards, so if any of you want to help, you can by putting it on Compuserve or Prodigy or Genie or any other place that has an Earth 2 board. Please let the rest of the committee know the particulars so efforts do not overlap (we all know the confusion that overlap causes!) and we can *all* keep track of where all this info is going and who is taking the responsibility of getting it there in good shape---yes, that's how you, too, can join the committee!II It's as easy as volunteering to do something! Of course, if you post elsewhere, I really hope you will keep this fully intact to reduce confusion and that you will also post the information on the ad itself and the vote and Klaatu's new Ad Pledge Challenge there, too, so that that group would have the full story, too.


If you haven't pledged yet, or if you want to up your pledge, is still tabulating the pledgers and still posting on his web pages. With Klaatu's $500 Ad Pledge Challenge, the pledge itself is important to ---make him pay!!! If you don't want to make such a big deal, it's OK just to send your money to whichever choice you feel best about. The only thing that really matters is how much money we have in hand when it's needed to place the ad. If there we have $2000 in pledges but only $500 in hand---that $500 will determine the ad size..


For your information, the ad hoc ad committee currently consists of: (Barbara), (John), (Stacy), (Vivien),, (Felicia), (Donni), (Shoshana), (Alicia), (Gina), (Clay).

There is still stuff to do!---and I expect that the others, like myself, have run up their online bills close to the max trying to get this thing together. So, if you want to help, write us. Please!!