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Here is a good letter that can be quickly used for any network:

To whom it may concern:

I am a television viewer in the Adult 18-49 demographic group. It was with great disappointment that I learned of NBC's decision to cancel Earth 2. For whatever reason, NBC chose not to promote or support this program - or to listen to its viewers. It is my hope that you might at least consider what we, the viewers, have to say.

Earth 2 is a quality program. Despite numerous pre-emptions, a "show killer" time slot and virtually no promotion or advertising, this program was able to develop and maintain a loyal viewing audience. It has a solid storyline that still allows for diversity of plot from episode to episode.

Earth 2 is a program about people thrust into an unfamiliar and sometimes hostile environment. It is about how they react to each other, how they react to their situation and how those experiences change them.

Earth 2 has strong male and female characters who operate on equal footing exhibiting strengths and weaknesses. This talented cast provides a depth of character that is totally believable. Their appearance and demeanor reflect their experiences as well as the progression of time.

It is our belief that this quality program deserves a chance. That with the right time slot, support and promotion, this program has the ability to achieve mainstream appeal - across all demographics - adults and children. It is afterall, a story of hope -- "A journey of second chances..."


Here is a letter geared specifically to UPN:

Mr. Sullivan,

I am writing on behalf of Earth 2 which I understand you are considering for next year. This is a wonderful show that has been treated very poorly. A difficult time slot and starting the show after the regular season had begun were compounded by several pre-emptions during the first seven weeks. After this cancellations became the rule rather than the exception. Periods as long as three weeks were allowed between episodes. In short NBC gave the show short thrift and little time to prove itself. They were looking for an "instant hit" and behaved like disappointed children when they didn't get it after seven episodes despite the fact that many of Earth 2's problems were of their own making.

I am a 31 year old male in the midwest. Many of my friends and I are big fans of Voyager and feel that a Voyager/Earth2 combination would be an excellent addition for your network.

Earth 2 is a quality program with much to offer and an active and loyal fan base.

I look forward to seeing it on UPN next year.
Thank you,

And here is a quick post-card sort of paragraph:

I am a loyal viewer of the Amblin Entertainment Production Earth 2. I am writing to strongly urge UPN to pick Earth 2 up and add this excellent series to UPN's fall programming line-up.

These letters have been posted to various sources by other E2 Foundations members and I am just hoping to pass them along to others who with to show their support.

Yet another sample letter to UPN:

Mr. Michael Sullivan
UPN Broadcasting
5555 Melrose Avenue
Marathon 12000
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

I am a fan of the Amblin Entertainment drama, Earth 2. I think it will make a fine addition to your network, and urge you to add it to your programming schedule.

(Name) ______________________________
(Address) ______________________________

A bit about myself: (Age, Sex, Marital Status, Occupation, etc):

Comments about Earth 2:

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