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News from 7/12

The 1st edition of the Dream Plane is complete! If you would like a copy, state you are interested in a copy and send a SASE (preferable a 6x9 envelope with $0.55 postage on it) to

Earth2: Eden Advance
P.O. Box 733
Westminster, CA 92684-0733

The first one is complimentary, but from now on it will be a subscription thing. I believe you can also get more info about Eden Advance by writing to the above address. Soon there may be a 800 number (E2 phone home :)

The official E2:EA home page has been set up. It's still "under contruction" as the saying goes, but it's shaping up. It's at

If you'd like to order official Earth2 logo t-shirts and sweatshirts you can call the Universal product store at1-800-447-0373.

The E2 CD soundtrack will be released soon. I'll let you know who the artist is as soon as it is released.

TNT has sent a letter stating they are more interested in movies at this time. ABC has fashioned a lovely form letter just for us E2'ers stating that they are not interested in using E2 as a mid-season replacement at this time...