The news from 6/9

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The short term look is currently not that bright but I guess I'll try not to give up hope quite yet. Some shows (such as Alien Nation) managed to come back after a long hiatus. For those that did not hear the news, Alonzo (character name...of the top of my head I can't think of his real name) has announced that he has sign on with a new show for the fall. Clancy Brown posted this message on AOL.


Subj: How do I say this?
Date: 95-06-08 22:44:50 EDT

I have just received a call from Tom Thayer, the president of Universal Television and the man who has been spearheading the studio effort to keep the show on the air. His words were, ". . . we are dead in the water. . . " He did acknowledge E2 Foundations and every fan's enormous effort. It was remarkable.

But the best chance was UPN and they were concerned about the image problem of picking up a show a rival network had dumped and so on, not to mention the cost. Hollywood is exasperating.

I have been officially released from my obligation to Universal to participate in this show. I am very disappointed. Especially in the face of the obvious and proud support all of you have demonstrated over the months. It is beyond my understanding why a network would not exploit such a passionate, articulate, and loyal audience.

There may yet be more life for Earth 2. Stranger things have happened in TVland. But for now, the efforts have not paid off in any hoped for conventional way.

I thank all of you with the deepest sincerity. I enjoyed doing the show immensely and will miss it. For some people it was "just a job" but this was my first series and it was a singular experience, an astonishing effort. Forward.

- CB