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News from 7/21

Earth2 was nominated for an Emmy award for makeup used during one episode.

In Austrailia, Earth 2 is a big hit and the commercials for it state that 2 million people are watching the show (out of the ~ 18 million or so population - correct me if I'm wrong on that fact). Maybe an Austrailian network will pick-up the show and then us Americans would have to buy satellite dishes just to watch E2 :)


Clancy Brown had this to say (to a member of Earth2:Eden Advance) about the Variety Ad that appeared on the back cover of the daily edition on July 10th

The ad looked GREAT. Thanks so much. It's nice to be appreciated and thanked publicly. And it's definitely going to make some waves. You all are now part of Hollywood legend. Let's see what happens.

All the best - CB

Entertainment Tonight reported that Antonio Sabato will be on Melrose Place next fall.

It looks as though the woman who played "Bess" will be joining the cast of 90210. It looks as though actors are all jumping over to FOX. If only FOX had just taken the whole bundle and picked-up E2.
Their is yet another Earth2:Eden Advance web page. Hopefully there will soon be so many E2 pages that someone will pick up the show and then I will no longer have this page :)

A page with many Earth 2 pictures has also been set up.